Loretta Glaves - Prayer Request

Prayer request urgently for Loretta Glaves - (my close friend’s mother inlaw)

Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts. She isn’t doing well.

We would ask the Lord to give her comfort and wholeness. Lord we don’t know what each individual’s walk is with You Jesus. We ask what is needed to be completed in you that it will be done. We ask you would be lifted up and magnified in all things pertaining to Loretta. Healing, wholeness, salvation, all of it. You know Father what her immediate needs are. You know what intricately needs to be done. I ask you would cover her with peace that passes all understanding. I would ask that her family would come to know you deeper and experience your incredible love. Holy Spirit you are a guidance and comforter we ask you would contiune to do such in each family member’s life. Make new, make whole and redeem them through you Jesus. There is no other name that can save. No other name that offers salvation. Only one way through Jesus Christ. I ask if she is called home that there would be no strings left undone. There would be perfect order and closure. It is hard to know the mind of God because Lord your ways are not our ways nor your thoughts our thoughts. I ask that you would forgive all their sins, I ask Lord that repentance would be felt and experienced. Lord that eternity awaits for us that believe in you Lord Jesus. Father, we lay Loretta on the alter. Trusting you that your plans in all things which were made for evil in this fallen state we live as sinners would turn around and be used for the glory of God. Thank you Lord that we can come before your throne, intercede and offer prayers to you by way of Jesus Christ. Father let your will be done, make all things work according to your will and way. We hold nothing but sweet surrender to you. Touch hearts, heal wounds, set all free and may they truly understand your eternal love that will never seperate them from you. Have mercy and grace Lord, we release this situation to you Father. In Jesus Precious and Holy Name. Amen.

This family is heavily Mormons. I am asking the Lord to make a way for saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Time is short from what we have been told. The entire family including my close friend and her husband isn’t saved. This grieves me. O pray this will be the catalyst to repentance and accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Please pray. Please.


Father God, thank You for Kate and her faithfulness. Thank You that we can come to You in prayer, confident that You will listen and give us what is good. Thank You for Kate’s invitation to join her in lifting up her friend Loretta and Loretta’s family and friends who have been deceived by their religion. Please place a longing for Your Truth in their hearts and minds Father. If it be Your will, put a desire for true salvation in them. We ask that You save these lost people that Your Son has already ransomed. You are a God of goodness and miracles! We praise You for that and we come to You asking for one in the lives of these people. Thank You Father for the work You will do in their lives. In the Name of Yeshua, our beloved Kinsman-Redeemer, amen.


Amen thank you for agreeing and uplifting them.


Hey Kate,
Sorry I took so long to write prayer. Hope you’re feeling better. I’ve begun asking our Father for miracles and you are at top of list. He made a way for you to get your bed so I’m believing in a health miracle too!

Thanks for all you do Kate. I wish I could convey what a source of inspiration and strength you are to me. Looking forward to a big ol’ reunion after we get home!


I appreciate the prayers. Some days are tough. BUT God strengthens me daily. Moment by moment. Just when I think I can’t possibly go any further I have passed the threshold. I cannot wait for our reunion together. Every day I am so excited. When people say oh Christians have been saying that for a long time, lots of things have to happen before Jesus comes. I don’t won’t believe it. My heart, my soul and is expected and waiting. I feel in my spirit. The drawning, the excitement, although I am weary - I am in Jesus and we are more than conquerors.


Father God, our only true Lord and Savior is Your Son Jesus Christ. I pray for this family’s salvation, for their healing, and wholeness. Nothing is impossible with You. You hear the prayers of the righteous. Surround this family with Your love. I speak salvation, healing and wholeness!

They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.” Acts 16:31