Magnetic and not jabbed also prayer request

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

A few weeks ago I realized that scissors stuck to my chest around my heart area. I know God will take care of me.

For years (since birth), I’ve struggled with diarrhea. When I was 20 years old, I had my colon removed and a j-pouch made. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. However, things didn’t get better. I’ve had over 14 major surgeries. I was rediagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I had a permanent ileostomy made. The doctor left a void. It has created abscesses. I’ve had two muscle flaps. The one taken from my leg died BJ inside me. In May 2020, I had an abdominal muscle flap. I’m still having abscesses. It was supposed to stop. I’m even struggling getting medical help to get it drained. I also need both hips replaced. The hip replacements cannot be done without the fluid/abscesses gone or it would threaten my life. I struggling with a lot of pain. I can’t sit because of where the fluid/abscesses are. They are near my sacrum and bladder. I’m asking for prayer because I know God can do this. He can choose to heal me but He can also choose not to. God is so good. He amazes me every day.

I would love for the rapture to take place now but I don’t want to be selfish. Others still need to come to Christ.

Please pray that God helps me with this pain or heal me. The world is getting darker by the second. I would be excited if I could just walk as I have been trying sharing the good news of the Gospel to everyone I come in contact with. Pastor JD always says we need to get people to Christ and I fully believe this. I’m disabled but I do what the Lord allows me to do. The last couple of weeks have been increasingly worse. I also do not want to take the gene therapy.

Thanks in advance for the prayers


Dear Father, I lift Chessy up in prayer to you our Rock, Redeemer and Refuge. Dear Lord, please heal our brother Chessy. Lord, I thank you for his heart and his desire for your ways. Father I pray that you will heal him, uplift him, minister and encourage him. As you do this Lord please help me to be his hands and feet in my community because of his encouragement to me. Lord its in Jesus’ powerful name I pray for Chessy to be completely healed . Amen.

Chessy, please keep us updated on the Lord’s response. Blessings to you💕


May this teaching be a blessing to you - God wants you well!!! You’ll be in my prayers :pray:

@Chessy, lifting you in prayer to the Father. I think of Paul who had a “thorn” in his side and still pressed on—for all you are going through and you are still asking what you can do to lead others to Christ. What a servant!

Lord, please heal Chessy, relieve the terrible pain and immobility so your servant can give all glory and an incredible testimony.

We ask this in Jesus’ name,




Sister Chessy :wink: Thank you.


Amen. Thank you


I pray for you, I pray God heals you (And comes quickly)


Amen. Thank you. :pray:


Lord God, it hurts me to hear of Chessy and her severe need of your healing, I feel selfish for the things I may feel are unfair but I see how much I should praise you for my health.

Lord please heal Chessy, please hear her cries, she needs you Father, heal her Jesus, heal her now amen.

Praying for you Chessy. Your faith is amazing.


I will definitely pray.
My son who is now 22 was diagnosed in 11 th grade with crohns. I will not go into the horrible times he had nor my family during all that he went through.
He ended up with his colon removed and will always have an ileostomy bag.
I’d really just like to encourage you that you’re not alone. And although I can’t directly relate as I do not have Crohn’s disease, immersing yourself in scripture may bring some mental comfort. The book of psalms is wonderful. Job also is a great book on trials.
Also the crohns and colitis foundation has great resources and I wonder if there are any support groups you could involve yourself in.
( my son had many of the problems you’re experiencing and as his mother I tend to worry about his health quite often)
I hope this brings a little comfort. Stay strong and press on.


Dear @Chessy, I am praying for you and your health needs. I love your incredible spirit. May God bless you for it, as you continue to shine for Him.



Oh my, please forgive me- your picture is posted so I must not have looked at it dear Sister!

Your story brings tears to my eyes. You will be in my prayers. May God help you through your pain and may others see Christ in you through your current suffering. You are loved.