Mandatory Va😷x to be introduced

Please pray for the carers in care homes in the UK who are opposed to having the jab, as Matt Hancock has called for them to become mandatory. They will lose their jobs or be forced into having this poison.
Our God reigns and knows their needs but prayer is so needed for their courage and provision. Or maybe there will be enough opposition that it is not brought in, please join us in the UK to call out to the Lord.
Many thanks in advance . Maranatha Lord Jesus :pray::pray::pray:


Praying along with you!


Many of us have been praying many months for protection from having to get the vax. Some are facing that very real stress in their lives now. Lord, we call on You to intervene in circumstances, to give boldness and courage, and make a way where there seems to be no way. We praise You for Your mighty power as we trust in You. In Jesus name, Amen.


My heart cries out for these workers and anyone who is in a position were they will be forced to take the jab
I know this is easy for me to say but to all you people in this position make a stand let them take you to court this is fear tactics they are planning on you not knowing your rights hopefully more legal representatives will come forward to represent you all but this is not legal
If you have a contract then the employer must honour that contract never mind the threats stay strong
Ho god please please look after your people
Provide for them lord strengthen them give them the words to say give them knowledge lord to stand against these oppressors and lord bring forward the professional people to guide and represent our brothers and sisters
Lord god let these eval people know that your children are not to be messed with
Praise your name ho lord


NOW is the time that we might get tested more than ever before HOW much faith and trust we truly have in the Lord!
NOW is the time, like never ever before to 100% have faith and trust in the Lord that He will carry us, He WILL provide…
NOT to take that satanic evil jab, but to trust in The Lord Jesus Christ to provide for us all.


In Canada they’re trying hard to get all to take the They’re enticing kids 12 and up with are ice-cream, and adults are being bribed with a million dollar lottery and other perks of the world. The needles offer only the world and its pleasures. I certainly join in prayer for true Christians to not be forced into it. I myself would rather die before taking it. I asked the Lord after I researched both sides of the argument, and He told me with His voice, “The vaccine is part of the enemy in people’s body.” I put the warning in my FB group, but of course peel ignored it—and it’s a Christian group. My prayers go up daily about this issue which I believe to be the Mark. What else can it be? Stores are now saying vaccinated can remove masks. People are having sores as a reaction. People are dying. Lord Jesus, please come quickly. Your Bride is ready to go.


It cannot be the Mark, because the Mark will only be there when the Antichrist is on the stage. And he will force this Mark on everybody, including Bill Gates etc.

Its a foreshadow of the Mark. But you wont loose your salvation if you take it. Of course I will never take it because I know its evil in its core.


I am a nurse in Maryland (USA) who is experiencing similar. The hospitals are all announcing the shot as mandatory. Those of us who will not take it, if we cannot “qualify” for exemption… will be terminated. Lifting prayers, friend.


Let those hospitals and care homes make it mandatory…
in one or max. two years they might beg you to come back (if we are still here), when 90% of the staff died from the venom.
Then you can open your hands and ask for 20,000 Pounds salary a month…
And when he complaints, then increase it to 30,000 or tell straight into his face, only if he will spend the rest of his life behind bars as a mass murder - and he should better repent at least to save his soul.
Be bold.


I am Canada. Trudeau is one evil man. I pray for him as well, because otherwise he is going to be judged big time like the rest of the corrupt peeps. My husband told me he read a news article some where, where a 12 or 13 year old boy got his second (if i am correct) vaccine, and 3 days later… dead.
I am wondering if those parents will be still pro-vaccine after this.
The bribing just shows how desperate “they” are to get us all vaccinated. And with that said… selling us out to Satan!!!
When woman start to bleed and even toddlers as well, people getting major sick with side effects from those who ARE vaccinated, this should wake everyone up even MORE so! I belief that those who are vaccinated are walking “bio- weapons” to make everyone else sick. I am sorry if this offend anyone who took that jab, but truth is truth and i cant shy away from truth. I am NOT judging those who took the jab. But i do want to say that trust should be in ONLY in the Lord Jesus Christ and not in the jab. You don’t think the Lord can and WILL provide if you lost your job?
Many people screaming loud and clear they wont take that nasty jab, well i pray for EVERYONE to stick to that! Because once they start to turn the tab down on us, like "no jab, no job, or no house or money or food etc, many people are going to sway for it. Please stand strong and keep having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through it all! NO MATTER what we might have to endure before His return for us in the clouds! I am 100% prepared to die at this time, i want to be 100% faithful to Him and show
Him i trust Him alone! I think we might even receive a crown for it later on, who knows? I know the Lord will come soon… all the signs are there. The one day that goes by and no rapture, was for the reason that fulfillment of the Gentiles did not come to pass. Meaning not everyone that had to be saved before God the Father could tell his Son to get His bride came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We all know someone around us that is not saved. So we hold on and stand strong. Looking up each and every day and praying for the Lord to come soon. Also they are setting the vaccinated and Unvaccinated apart from each other for reasons. One is that those who are still wearing a mask are like how the Jews worn the Jewish star on there clothing to set them apart. Many people will hate those who are still wearing a mask. Persecution will go ramped. BUT GOD!!! Also those who are wearing a mask wont be able to be part of the society. I don’t even want to say “our” society since it’s not ours anyways. This is NOT our home! I was thinking how pastor JD always says that the S in the word mask be like the R. So “mark” instead of “mask”. I agree. But now i think it might have dual reasons? Like we Christians will be the marked once like the Jews had to wear their Jewish star on them. So all in all i fully agree with what you said sister. God Bless


I think his Aunt (dont know exactly sorry) tweeted, that she is still pro vaccine. So the brainwashing is complete. At least the 13 year old boy cannot get covid anymore. And yes, she knows that he died from this vaccine! She tweeted about this.

oh wow, yes people are so so brainwashed. It’s so sad… we keep praying for them all
Thank you for replying sister :heart:

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Finally, someone who understands taking the vaccine is not trusting the Lord. He told me with his voice, “The vaccine is part of the enemy in people’s body.” I’ve been hearing from Him since age 14. I hear and then I must share. It’s not an easy task. I am ignored a lot, disbelieved even more. It’s sad to warn on social media then see people who saw the post go and trust the so-called vaccine over our sovereign Lord.


I have to correct my posting. It was her son, who died. And she was still pro vaxx after that.


Also it’s not given in your right hand or forehead.
What a witnessing opportunity this could turn into.
Lord, please deliver us from this evil poison. In Jesus name let their sins, their agenda, be exposed and all the world will see it.


I am a Canadian that lives in the US. You are so right about Trudeau. He is a Marxist. His agenda is to completely control Canada with a phony message that he is keeping the borders closed to protect Canadians. And many believe this lie. So sad. The boy who died from the 2nd shot waz 13 years old and lived in Michigan. This is heartbreaking. Yes we must not bend to our evil government and medical maniacs who want every man, woman, child and baby vaxxed! Whatever the persecution we are strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Greater is the power in me than the power that is in this world! I have not seen my elderly Mom or family for almost a year but I will never allow anyone to put a poison DNA altering injection in my arm! May God’s peace fill your heart. We are going home very soon to be with Jesus forever!


I dont wanna be discourage you, but why should God do that? Now the judgement of the world has begun and it will become worse till the rapture happens and the Antichrist will rise. Then the hell will break loose on this world. And the last seven years before Jesus returns, most of the people will mock God and hate him.

We have to accept, that it will get worse and worse every day and try to spread the Gospel to the lost ones as often as we can. That is our purpose for now. Till the Lord will take us home. Which I hope will be soon. God bless you!


Our Faith is sooo precious to the Lord. He has always kept me in a place to trust Him only, and I paid a price for doing just that, but I learned through suffering that He is more than able to see me through all persecution and pain, even physically. I was pressured constantly by my workplace to take disability pensions, but the Lord didn’t want me to, and I didn’t want to either. He enabled me to do my job, although it was physical work to accompllish all tasks with limited use of my legs. This seemed to infuriate my bosses even more, and so more and more work was put upon me. I use to tell my co-workers “they will soon have me clean the schools with no straw in my broom”. I witnessed everyday of the grace and powerof Jesus in my life. I had many enemies, like we all do in these evil times. I will say this, I have seen many miracles, answers to prayer and I’ve endured only with the strength of His might. I know He has prepared me for the times ahead which are upon us. He never once allowed defeat in my life, but has taken me further into Him in learning to trust Him fully. Remember this, they can only kill the body but not the soul, they cannot take Jesus from within us , only if we allow them to. He truly will supply
all our needs, wether it’s food or clothes or rent or any other thing. He blessed me so, that I was even investigated by my work. They called me a liar, they put temptations in front of me daily, they caused me great physical pain but…I was stronger in my faith as the attacks grew more severe. The Lord allowed this for five years. Sad to say, I witnessed my enemies suffering, each one by one as I, only in obedience prayed for them. God’s word is true , every promise that He knows all and is with us through All!


Lord God, please protect your people in the United Kingdom from receiving this poison. Please guide them and protect them and strengthen them with your Holy Spirit. Give them the strength they need to stay strong and to keep focused on YOU, regardless of the penalty. If they lose their jobs, I pray Lord that you will take care of them financially and provide for their needs. We know that you take care of the sparrow, you will take care of your people who love you. I pray that this evil proposal will not come to pass, but if it does, strengthen your people so that they can stand by their convictions. Greater is HE who is in us than he who is in the world. Thank you for being great in your people, Lord. Help them to stand strong and not falter. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Well, Matt is no longer :grin::+1::+1::+1::+1: Maybe things will ease up a little now, we can only hope and pray