Mandatory vaccines

Hello, my husband and I live in Bloomington Indiana and he just got an email from his employer Indiana University that now all students and staff must get the Covid vaccine. It’s mandatory and if you don’t comply you will lose your job ! We’re praying for a way out as he is the sole provider and we know God will provide but don’t know what to do. My husband won’t get the vaccine so please pray he is able to opt out or that a bill is passed where employers can’t make employees take the Covid vaccine for a job. Things are really going down hill fast ! Please pray for wisdom and discernment for my husband Kevin. Thank you and God bless anyone who’s reading this !


Praying for you. I have read a few things regarding making the employer/institution sign a legally binding form that would make them liable for any medical injuries. Sadly, these days, that is probably very difficult to prove. :pray:


Thanks for the prayers !!



Praying for you and your husband, Rachel. :hugs: I’m praying that God gives you direction as to the next step, faith in the moving of His very mighty hand :heart:, comfort for the discomfort of being discomforted :wink: and wisdom.

I know that news like this makes you feel like your stomach has dropped down to your feet.


Thank you very much ! I’m at peace about it but I know this is very distressing to Kevin. He lost both parents to cancer a month apart when he was 13-14 years old and didn’t know what would happen to him so I know this kind of stirs up old stuff with him. I’m just praying this helps expose and refines what Kevin needs healed from with re to past so he can fully Trust Christ moving forward in these last last days!!! Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement !!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:


Oh, Rachel. Many, many hugs to you and Kevin.

I was just thinking about grief. The grief of possibly losing one’s job and the “why??” and “what now?” feelings and thoughts that accompany it. I’m grieved for Kevin and praying with you for that healing that God desires to give him. :heart: Dealing with things dredged up from the past is difficult but necessary…and in the midst of doing that myself right now. :wink: Praise God! He has promised to complete the work He has started in us. :heart:


Yes the deep grief ! Thanks for your tender warm compassion and love it’s refreshing !!!:blush:I’ve been praying for that deep grief to be healed for years !!! Regrettably, I can’t help but feel had I laid my life down for him sooner maybe he would have had this breakthrough sooner. I’ve prayed for God to redeem the time and repented for not doing it sooner. Yes it’s def necessary and the sooner the better as things will
Only wax worse!!! Yes amen ! He who begun a good work will complete it IN Kevin. I pray for your complete healing in EVERY area of your heart and mind and declare to you Isaiah 61 !! This IS the year of the Lords favor to comfort ALL who mourn in Zion ! Isaiah 61 is your inheritance IN Christ Jesus and it will all be for His glory !!! Maranatha!! Many blessings to you ! I pray the Holy Spirit would comfort you as He heals you ! He is so tender and merciful and full of compassion ! Praise Jesus He comforts the broken hearted and binds every single would ! Love , Rachel


This is coming to all of us shortly.

July 1st was the day they said no masks for fully vaccinated. Don’t think for a moment that they have forgotten about the rest of us.

Put away some provisions in case you aren’t allowed out without your documentation.

If it doesn’t happen then good for you, you don’t have to go shopping as soon.

If it does, might be glad you have something to eat.


Thank you :blush:


@RMCarroll Thank you for your kindness, Rachel. :hugs: Different life experiences have given me a different perspective. I carry some scars…they can both inform me on how a person might feel and sometimes their lingering pain causes hurt to others. I’m glad in this case they can help me to encourage you. :blush:

When I was much younger I made a decision that caused me deep regret over the years. I understand the feeling of wanting to redeem that time. What I’ve realized since is that Jesus died for me knowing what I would do before He gave His life. He knew precisely how I would fail Him, disappoint Him, sin against Him. And He went to the cross anyway. God delights in redemption. His glory is shown beautifully in His redeeming power. :heart: God knows your heart precisely and will do what is exactly necessary for Kevin’s healing. Keep praying on this. I’ll be praying with you. There is no limit to what God can do.

Thank you so much for your encouragement. Please pray that others around me would be comforted and healed as well. Love from your sister,



Such encouraging words for me too, Sigrid.
Yes, that is a wonderful perspective for those of us who have regrets about bad decisions and wasted time in the past You mentioned God’s redeeming power.

That reminded me of the verses in Ephesians 5,

See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise,
redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
So having been redeemed by Christ , we can now make the most of every opportunity for Jesus Christ.

{EDIT - Just listened to a sermon by Pastor Farag on 1 Timothy 3.
Need to add this: Whatever “we” do “for” the advance of the gospel message is really accomplished by Christ working through the Holy Spirit in us.}

This is what is so special about this forum - daily encouragement to use the time before the Rapture in prayer and in witness, through whatever work or activities we are engaged in, according to God’s will.

I will pray for you and for others around you. You have already been such a blessing on this forum. Thank you so much. :sunflower:


Praying in agreement with you, Rachel @RMCarroll and with @Gracings & @hopesprings.11 We have imagined a similar scenario might happen to us one day in Australia.

The following quote helps me as I pray for various needs such as yours & Kevin’s.


For every difficulty in our lives, the way to receive help is to give thanks. There is tremendous power in thanking the Lord. When we give thanks something happens… When we say, “Lord, You always have a way,” we praise the love of God which finds a way and carries us through.

Every blessing, :pray: :hugs:


THIS IS IT¡ ##THIS## IS HOW WE SAVE OURSELVES Crrow777 and Alphonse Faggiolo join me to expose this corrupt system which has taught us to forget who we really are – and how to defeat it and save ourselves.

How to threaten a lawsuit in the event they try to force you to take the JAB:

The mask mandate was lifted first in Texas and then 20 other states followed because of a fella that wrote a criminal complaint against the Governor. It had absolutely nothing to do with being Republican, but that’s not in the news, according to this fella. At about the 20 minute mark, the guest explains how the owner of a juice truck stand was able to get the city from harassing him about making his employees wear a mask. I believe what you need to do is have someone write a criminal complaint against the school board and perhaps each individual on the school board asking if they have liability, because, God forbid, if a someone should die from wearing a mask, then they’ll get sued MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars. Since this isn’t your business, but the school I would …

I need to look some stuff up and I’m too brain dead to think this out. I think you understand. Listen to the podcast. I haven’t finished yet. I just wanted to shoot this off while I’m thinking about it.

Somewhere around the 23:12 mark for the school board meeting.

A plethora of information on Bill Gates, masks, VAXs, everything PLANDEMIC in a grid:

I have just randomly remembered something that is probably in one of the videos. When you file a complaint against an attorney, if you go that route … the lawsuit will not be won. That’s not the point. What is damaging to him or someone in public office is that just by filing a complaint, they have to report that to the insurance company and THAT is what hurts them. Doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Their insurance rates will go up and therefore they will want to handle it before it goes too far for that to happen.

I am not an attorney.

Free documents to download free.


“Statement of Declination” When this is submitted the person responding will be an attorney. Now the attorney will be making the medical decision for this person. That is when you bring the attorney up on FEDERAL TITLE 42 SECTION 1983 for DEPRAVATION OF RIGHTS UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW.

Depravation of Rights Under Color of Law Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under Color of Law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution of Laws of the US.

30:31 mark
A traveling registered nurse, under contract, had moved to another state. They told her she had to have a VAX by Mon. She filed the “Statement of Declination”. They came back (about a week later, I believe)and said she didn’t have to wear a mask or get the VAX. They signed her up for another contract and gave her a raise.

I am not an attorney. I am repeating what I have heard from this post and others.



  1. YOUR NAME, a living woman retain and reserve all of my God given rights including sole possession and sole use of all my biological materials which are granted to me by my Creator.

My employer and location of employment have offered an influenza vaccination product to me pursuant to and satisfying the requirements of YOUR STATE Health and Safety Code COPY AND PASTE INFLUENZA HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE HERE.

I retain the right to decline all attempts to access., influence and or otherwise alter any and all of my God-given biological material and or biological systems which are unique, flawless and original design and craftsmanship of my Creator and of which my Creator has granted me sole possession, proprietorship, and use of.

I require that any and all product offered to me by my employer or workplace be both entirely retrievable from and also removable in its entirety from my body, person, and womanhood at the conclusion of each and every work period and or work shift and also and again at eh completion of my contractual obligations with my location or employment, and or employer.

Pursuant to my above statement, I decline the offer for influenza vaccination product.

All Rights Reserved


Another VAX Declination Statement, but not the specific one used in the case of the nurse. Your choice.

I am not an attorney.

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Fouci just said on News 6 out of Orlando that there will need to be ongoing booster shots since the protection from the vaccine starts to “dwindle”. They are saying those who received the vaccine will need booster shots about every 6 months.

They have finally admitted this is NOT a vaccine, once you are in the vaxx system you are in for life.


Reminds me of the Matrix. :smirk: In order to participate in “reality”, one must be in the system. In this case, it’s via injections. Interesting…


The truth will be revealed, unfortunately for millions it is already too late.


I believe that millions will pay the price in physical consequences. It’s grievous. Spiritually, hope remains while breath is yet in the body. Keep praying for those who are not yet awake. :heart: