Mandatory vaccines

Fear of getting it is a powerful influence. I know many Christians who stood in line to take it out of fear! One of neighbors was terrified of getting the virus and told me she could not take the HCQ due to a blood pressure pill. If people are diagnosed early, then Z-pak antibiotic, 6-day steroids and vitamin D3 were used to fight the virus. HCQ was banned in 2020 by the FDA. Now Ivermectin is used. Fear is SO powerful even in the Christian. Crazy!


Just a follow up thought:
You might want to talk to your lawyer about covering your bases by doing both a religious AND medical exemption. I suspect lots of weird things will be happening in the courts over the next few months. Our Constitutional rights seem to be disappearing before our eyes. If one exemption is struck down by the courts, then it might be helpful for your husband to still have the other. You might want to get that now before doctors start getting scared to give their true opinions. Doctors might keep silent if they fear for their licenses or fear getting “cancelled.” It wouldn’t hurt to get your ducks in a row now, while you still can. And don’t let the school’s refusal to allow a “philosophical” exemption stop you from filing for a “religious” one. The First Amendment specifically protects the “free exercise of religion,” but has no such language for “philosophies.” During the last few measles outbreaks, states that had previously treated philosophical/religious as the same started making the distinction - disallowing “philosophical” exemptions, but still allowing “religious” ones to avoid getting in trouble under the First Amendment. Praying for your family that it all works out. Hopefully this will buy your family some time until the Lord comes.


Scary scenario. Store up your money to pay your taxes. Enlist some vaccinated friends to do your shopping.

This is rich – I had to share


That’s good ! Thanks for sharing !! God bless !!! :innocent::pray:

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If an employer makes taking the CV Jab a condition of employment. Then taking it becomes an act of employment. This means they must put it in writing that they take full legal liability for any injury or death that occurs as a result of the shot.

It becomes a work-place injury and they are legally liable.

If they are not willing to be legally liable for their demand, they cannot demand the shot be taken.

Your husband could write to his employer and ask if they are taking legal liability for injury or death that occurs as a result of the jab. If they are not willing to be liable, they cannot legally order him to take it.

I will keep your husband and this situation in prayer. The Lord will most certainly work all things for the Good :pray: :purple_heart:


It’s happening. Totalitarianism in Italy. It already exists in China. I will pray for the Italian people. They deserve to have prayers. Civil war? I suppose that response will occur in nations when forced vaccination/incarceration becomes the order of the day.

I’m thankful every day for the peace and quiet that we still have the privilege to enjoy.

Looks like the rapture is close, as the tribulation is at our doorstep. Looking for Jesus and praying for courage if/when I need it.


WOW!!! Its all happening so very fast !!! Maranatha!!!


Yes amen and Yes He will !!! Thank you very much !! God bless you !!:innocent::pray::purple_heart:

Bless you sister :purple_heart:

Always keep in mind we are Living Souls Gen 2:7 we are not “persons” as legally defined, which are the creation of man.
The way these evil creatures get souls, is that they have them thinking they are “persons”, but the legal term for a person, hasn’t the same meaning as we understand it.

When we consent to being one and the same entity, as the name that appears on the man-made Birth certificate, we are consenting to be Governed by them.

When a Child of God, stands on the Word of God, and states who they are. These entities in all my 9 years of experience with this, completely back -off, because they only have authority to govern over what is in their legal matrix. We are outside of it.

Truth be told, All living souls are outside of it, but they don’t know. We are the only ones who can stand on the Word of God, which has ultimate authority.

I pulled my Son out of the Public School system 9 yeas ago. When I did this, I received a letter in the mail from the School Board telling me what I would have to do, in compliance with them.

I wrote them back and told them who I am, and who has the authority. I included scriptures’ which prove who I am.
Bottom line, they have no authority over someone who does not consent to being the “contents” of the Birth Certificate, and not a person as legally defined.

I have never heard back from them, they leave me alone. This has been the case in every situation I have come up against. The Word of God is Powerful :purple_heart:


Hebrews 2:18

18 Because He Himself [in His humanity] has suffered in being tempted, He is able to help and provide immediate assistance to those who are being tempted and exposed to suffering.


PRAISE REPORT: Glory to God my husbands religious exempt was officially APPROVED!!! Hallelujah!! Thank you to each person who has prayed for us, encouraged us with the Word and in general as well as provided us with many resources!!! Those resources have been shared with many others in hopes they wouldn’t get the shot out of fear after watching or reading the truth about the so called vaccine ! Everyone please Stay strong in the Lord, TRUST HIM and WAIT for Him, and don’t forget to resist the enemy and all the ridiculous fear tactics and he will flee !!! God bless everyone, Maranatha and see you in the clouds !!!:innocent::pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::purple_heart::nerd_face:


I hear you I got a text message after I had prayed twice for an answer about what to do about work. I am having shedding symptoms because I am around so many vaccinated people. I prayed the day before please Father God make it clear when I have to leave. Your time not mine. Please make it as clear as that stop sign in front of me. The next morning I got a text message. Show proof of Covid-19 vaccination by and of June or you don’t have a job. Great sign :pray: in Australia


Welcome here, Melsa! God is so faithful. I am glad He provided you an answer. May He continue to lead you.:cherry_blossom:


Praise God for answers and direction !!He must have something better for you planned !! He will always provide for His children!!! God bless you in Australia! Maranatha !! :pray::innocent::purple_heart:


I am a travel nurse too, an the home care office Im working from is going to reinstate case conference in the office every week and they want everyone who has not been vaccinated to wear an N95 mask each time we come into the office, the ones who have had the jab do not have to wear a mask. This feels like flaunting punishment and discrimination and HIPPA violation. I was thinking of attaching a yellow star to my N95 for the meeting. What do others here think of my idea to put a yellow star on the mask for the meeting? My son who works from home in IT says his office is saying the same thing come in for staff meetings and wear a mask if you are not vaccinated. Also when I visit patients in their home I am required to wear a mask, I dont mind that as much, but it still feels discriminatory, some of my patients tell me they have been fully vaccinated, and they are all so proud of it, so take the mask off if you wish, I tell them I have to wear it as it is required by my employer. Some of my patients ask me if I have been vaxxed and I answer, that is my question for you, Im the nurse and you are the patient, and we laugh, but I feel like if Im not proud to say oh yes I got it, no matter how you answer it will be known that you didnt take it.


They will just fire you for another reason. One place I worked was upset because I said China Virus, they let me go because they had enough full time nurses of their own, they didnt need a contract nurse.


I am hearing some say that the mark is not introduced until after rapture. I’m new to learning about end times so I can’t personally speak on it without getting out the Bible to see the timeline it shows. but plenty of people on this forum speak on this, so I’m mentioning it just in case it affects your thoughts. as for me I’m okay with not knowing for sure. but as for what you are thinking to anticipate in general, I see all those things being totally possible!! FEMA camps namely. I want to think I can be mentally strong but I realize they will be experts in breaking people’s spirits simply by means of restricting food, etc… I don’t know how I’ll end up acting. praying that I will stand firmly in His grace whatever happens.



The Lord Jesus created DNA and He can restore DNA!

Is there anything too hard for Him?

True repentance and prayer from the bottom of the heart are the keys.



I hope for the best (pre-trib) rapture and prepare for the worst. Trust in God always!