Mandatory vaccines

And now this


Me again . If you couldn’t get this site regarding mandatory vaccines it was on
Front Page patriot News . Maybe you could Google it .

Even the CLU doesn’t think it is a good idea or do they think it will work , which is surprising !

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Ok thank you !!

Yeah I heard about this ! Unreal !

Yes. I never thought I’d be living in a country whose major product and export was LIES.


RMCerroll you are being lifted up in prayer taday . Keep your eyes on the vaccine . I think we are going to get more breakouts caused by the vaccine itself .

Enjoy your day God is watching over us !


Thanks so much for the prayers !!! God bless you !!!:purple_heart::innocent::pray:

My job as an RN at a small hospital does not yet require I get the vaccine… but I know it’s coming. My 17 yr old nephew was supposed to go to IU this Fall, but isn’t going to go now because they just made the jab mandatory. He’s going to a small community college instead. He is convicted to not get the jab and I pray He stays strong.


Hi, Thanks for sharing !!! Praise God and Good for him!!! I’m still praying it’s retracted for the sake of so many. Maybe if it’s retracted he can go there if he still wanted too. I pray he stays strong as well !! God bless you both !!

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Welcome to the prayer community, Cynthia. :handshake:
Very encouraging post.


America’s Frontline Doctors webpage has legal advice/lawyers who can help you. Just go to their page and enter your information. I hope this helps!


I don’t understand how others knowing whether or not we get the experimental shot isn’t breaking HIPPA laws? Praying for you!


What Pastor JD said in Decision Time 1.0 comes true…


I am in the same boat. My employer hasn’t mandated the experimental drug shots, but the pressure is on. Only non-“vaccinated” are required to wear masks, and I have to temp check in on a machine that has propaganda on it saying, “Give it a shot!” Co-workers who have taken the shot are now pressuring me in various forms, from being nasty to loading up trash barrels to where the bags tear. It’s a religion now, and not about facts. I’ve already been exposed to it, and have been working for a year directly with the public, so my fear factor (about the virus) is gone. I like seeing people come in maskless, and I don’t care whether they took the shots or not. My co-workers are saying that they think they have to keep wearing their masks (despite the shots) because of people like me. Please come soon, Lord Jesus! (Oh, and I get called the “Jesus freak” too.)


Thank you, Rachel. God bless you.

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Don’t give in. I’m not! I’ve already told my friends family I may not have a job in the future and will be traveling and working from house to house. I bought a van and built it out to be off grid so I can live in it in anyone’s driveway. I’m not playing. I absolutely refuse to get that vacc, and I will go broke, poor, and hungry before I ever give in to Satan’s crew, Gates and Fauci. Absolutely will not be part of the world system.


The bottom is this: the world is being groomed to accept the Mark of the Beast. We see through this hot mess of the plandemic. We will not bow. Hopefully we will be raptured soon. I look for that to happen any day!!!


Stay strong In the Lord and In the power of His Might! You may end up being the last man standing so to speak if they all get sick !! Fear of man PROVES to be a snare !!! Thanks for your testimony and I pray things get better not worse for you ! Yeah I don’t care if the whole world pressures us we aren’t doing it either, you aren’t alone !!! Good bless you !!:innocent::pray:


This verse comes to mind concerning this situation : 1 Peter 5:9-10

Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

10 And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.