March 16, 2023: Lamentations 4 -- Thinking We’re Indestructible Is Delusional

:bible2: Lamentations 4 – Thinking We’re Indestructible Is Delusional

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about the parallels between Judah then and the world now being delusional in thinking that destruction will not happen.

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I am glad I have been able to grasp some of the horrors of the misery, suffering, sorrow and pain of Judah. Why did you ignore Jeremiah’s warnings? Delusional thinking.
In our reality, a much worse period of time of God’s wrath is coming here to this earth. It will be so horrible, this world has never known a time as this. Woe to those who are living on this earth during this period of the 7 year Tribulation.
Oh my, our people today are under this delusional thinking as well. Family members, former friends, government all say the same thing, ‘nah, that can’t happen here’. And so atleast for now, they reject God’s love and mercy (sigh)


OK, I was reviewing this new to me 911 video.

I just took a picture couldn’t get it to snippet.

I have no idea if its part of a halogen manipulation after seeing the image afterwards I wonder. I can see how it can be staged but who really knows I believe they will see something similar with UFO’s.

911 I see something from time stamp 2:16 to 2:19 to stop the video.


Sadly it is happening right now. Family, friends, … strangers - their delusional thinking is mind blowing :exploding_head: Still praying for those who are close to me and trying to remain calm in the midst of it all.


I’ve said it for years, USA is going to fall and it’s going to fall hard because no one believes it will happen. They don’t believe that anyone would dare put boots on ground here. God has taken His hand off USA just as he did Judah. I just pray the Lord comes soon.


This video strikes me as a staged event with crisis actors.


:cry: I agree Gayla

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Good thought, very possible I forgot about that aspect of it. Seems like it would be hard to keep that secret with so many people but we have a good idea they are doing that many times in Ukraine now.

I am not even sure how I saw the face If I had not been looking to see if it was a hologram I would not have noticed the face.

Anyway it was kind of a shock to see.



Yes, its a heart breaker, am I ready to go, oh yes, but am I ready to leave others not some much. Great Joy and maybe greater sorrow for other but He will wipe away the tears and he will have to if we are to move forward.

I believe my heart is saying get your house in order, and my mind says I have been doing that for 3 years.

But now if the interim is longer than expected until the rapture, then we need to stand a lot closer to Yeshua/Jesus. This shaking is now escalating around us we will need to be calling more to the Rock that can’t be shaken.

We will need to be calling folks to the Rock as the shaking gets worse, our time to stand has come, we will not stand for ourselves. We are to stand with Christ to lead others to safety.

People sitting on the fence of decision will have to choose as that fence will come falling down soon.



I see the face you see, Dan @DEC. Bizarre. Makes me wonder if there was some manipulation or it’s an optical illusion— like seeing shapes and images in clouds. IF it is an illusion, the colors that contribute to what we see, are probably from whatever was in the explosion. BUT, who knows what tricks our enemy has up his sleeve.

I read a few articles about large-scale holograms after Pastor JD’s sermon a couple month’s ago when he stated that the planes on 911 were an illusion. At first I thought our good pastor was wrong; seems that not only was such an illusion entirely possible— it was quite successful.

So, is that face in the explosion imagination or illusion? Not sure, but I do see it. And that makes me wonder just what technology is available that will trick the masses…. Glad I won’t be here for most of it!

I thought Pastor’s approach to Lamentations 4 — having us “see” it as it was being filmed was brilliant. He really had me seeing the verses through the camera’s eye— and that view brought the dirge to life. I feel so terrible for the people who lived then and for those who will live those scenes in the future. Such horrors.



lying signs and wonders, hate to see how far that goes now

I had read somewhere awhile back that some said it was a fire demon
that they themselves had seen before I think they were into stuff one shouldn’t
I had not see this pic but seen others of faces in the smoke

thats just down right creepy.


OK, Not to be weird or anything but just following the dots after the responses.

I wondered yes that’s interesting to say too. Who was flying the plane so here he is.

Of all the terrorist this image looks like the pilot to me. Hey, just following what looks like dots!

I wonder was the other shoe dropping recently Saudi, China and Iran? My enemy of my enemy is my friend.


Warning Harbinger who But God can say.

Hijackers on United Flight 175
Name: Marwan Yousef Muhammed Rashid Lekrab al-Shehhi (pilot of the plane)

Date arrived in the U.S.: May 27, 2000
Arrival city: Newark, New Jersey
Nationality: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Residence: Florida
Age: 23


This is one of my most treasured albums. How beautiful are the words of this song. It is my hearts cry also. Did I do my best for Him? Did I share His love and promises with all who would listen? I strive to do this each day and give Him praise and glory when I am able to accomplish it.


I was a notary public for years and my instructor told me a story about the hijackers and how they got their pilot license. After all their training and tests passed, the final thing to be done was to have it all notarized and sent in. The notary public they used was also a terrorist and falsely notarized their paperwork; not using their fingerprints, using false documentation, etc. That was a scary moment in my professional job and how much power a notary has and what evil they can do.


Praise God! His mercy is so great that he looks beyond our weakness and finds purest gold in mirey clay . . . Makes us sinners into saints. I’m standing in my kitchen, gazing up at the sky after another crying prayer. Wondering if I’d done enough. Wondering if I’d loved enough. Wondering what I’d still to do for Him. Then I read your message and the words of the song broke through. Praise God! And THANK YOU my friend. God’s timing was perfect and my heart is encouraged once again. :pray:t3::two_hearts:


Crying too with you sweet sister. It is good to wonder about our place and job here on earth and to always question. The Lord gathers your tears and keeps them in His care to answer your heart’s desire when it fulfills His purpose. Your tender prayers to Him are a sweet savor and He loves you for them. My best and most fulfilling prayers are in the shower when I pour my heart out and where the tears don’t show. He hears them and give me such a sweet peace in those moments of despair and heartache. Thank you, Lord for seeing me in my weakness and sadness. You are what I hunger for and want more of each and every day.