March 23, 2023: Lamentations 5 -- The Way to Pray

:bible2: Lamentations 5 – The Way to Pray

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_3: finishes the book of Lamentations with Jeremiah breaking down and crying out to the Lord, and in so doing provides us with the way to pray when in pain and suffering.

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If only my walk was as straight as my driving…

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Wow, Pastor JD nailed it again! Rightoutadabox! When he explained that Jeremiah was asking for mercy and not deliverance, it reminded me of the discussion about the Great Awakening tour on the Two Sides of the Coin update thread. The speakers are advocating for deliverance— even if it is a human one. They should all of us should really be crying for mercy, as the time for judgement is clearly upon us. Now to finish listening…


:notes:Lord, Remember Me


**Return us to You, O LORD, so that we may be restored…
Lam 5:21

Indeed I have been at this point where I couldn’t do anything. But God returned me back to Him!




Thank you Pastor! My dog woke me during the night and I decided to watch the study as long as I was wide awake at 3am. After I woke this morning, I re-read Lamentations 5 and Psalm 27. (Oh how I love Psalm 27:13-14!) After reading I was meditating on the feeling of being forsaken expressed by David and Jeremiah, and I realized how our Lord must have felt that same way while hanging on the cross. I spent most of 2022 in that condition. The lowest of low, thinking God may have forsaken us, is one of the worst places to be. Jesus being fully human while fully God experienced this same human emotion and did what we need to do when that feeling overcomes us, as I learned. Cry out to God. As Jeremiah wrote, “Turn us back to You, O Lord, and we will be restored!” He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Maranatha Lord Jesus!


I haven’t watch yet but , this is my next teaching to tune in to.

You hit the bullseye :dart: of what I think summarizes why we are so concerned with the church/ politics merge we’re seeing…… there is a seeking of deliverance via man’s rescue but what we need is God’s mercy.
We know as Christians, we will receive mercy from the ultimate judgment of the Tribulation. But, the unsaved will experience that judgment and try as they might to “ MAGA” their way out of God’s coming judgment, no man in any governmental position will hold off this judgment forever.

Nothing will ultimately prevent what scripture says must prophetically occur as this age of grace wraps up.


Not knowing where to put this, I chose here as it’s for prayer.

Most have probably seen the news about the Nashville school private Christian school shooting that killed 3 nine year olds and 3 staff.

The shooter was later identified as a transgender and the media was subsequently later apologized for using the wrong pronouns. They then kept pointing out how rare it was for a female to be a mass shooter ( it was not a female) as they made sure they called this person her/ she.
To turn the focus on misgendering this monster from what HE did and to whom is so very telling of the state of this country.

I’m somewhat overwhelmed as it is extremely difficult to have worked many years with children and comprehend that 3 of the victims were only 9.

It’s also difficult as a Christian who attended Christian schools all my education to process this can happen even there. ( I know it’s kind of naïve of me ).

Anyway, I’m both so angry at this situation, the catering to the lgbtq/ trans ideology and the focus on how it’s about guns.

Please pray for the victims families, the surviving children and their families and yes, even the shooter ‘s family as hard as that is.

I’m very grieved and I thank you all for allowing me to be raw here.


** correction -if I’m understanding correctly now, the shooter was a biological girl identifying as a male. Sorry for my confusion.


In follow up to the post for prayer for the Nashville shooting, I’m posting this video from aminutetomidnite.
Tony is interviewing his wife who used to practice new age / occult things.
She is discussing a DISNEY book based if a popular show called The Descendants.
Many of the kids in the daycare I used to work at would mention this show , akin to Harry Potter, and some girls came in Halloween costumes from characters in the show.

It is applicable to the new age / mysticism/ witchcraft infiltrating society, churches, and their target is the children as well.

Given the recent school shooting and previous ones, it’s sickening books like this about embracing evil, casting spells on your enemies and how the infamous “ do what thou wilt” is being pummeled into young people’s minds.

This ties into the all about me/ selfish generation of these end days…. Nothing matters except what I want/ need and don’t dare offend me.