March 24, 2024: Bible Prophecy Update – Do They Know Something We Don’t?

That funny commercial was a lonnngggg time ago. Everyone quoted it for years after :laughing:.
I forgot all about it! What a hoot she was on the tv!

I’m sort of stuck somewhere between the events of today ie eclipse, CERN and (let’s not forget) the strange shift of the conflict in Israel all not meaning much and meaning something but with delayed results/response. I read in one of JD’s resources that the last ginormous Madrid Fault quake happened 3 months after the two consecutive eclipses that criss crossed America. Just not going to call all this “nothing” quite yet. Although the eclipse here was defective because we couldn’t see it. I’m sure someone around here will call and complain to the manager. :nerd_face:


Did you take this picture, Jack? I posted mine from my ancient phone during totality on another thread. Your’s shows the brilliant white light. Mine photographed as a golden yellow ring, but it was white. Nice!

I was looking for the Devil Comet, but I couldn’t see anything streaking across the moon. No ET on a bicycle either. I was annoyed at a satellite, I’m guessing that was what it was, very close in view that kept flashing straight at me. I thought it was a solar flare at first.


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Oh but they do mean something, something very important. They all point to the soon return of Jesus for the church. What they most likely do not mean is look on this day or that of the events for the rapture. That would be to obvious and Satan would figure that out and have a field day with it more than he is having now with people predicting dates for the last dozen or so years almost every year and much longer than that spaced out more. All that does is play into Satan’s hands to conviced the unsaved to mock the Rapture all together.

The rapture is very real and will come to pass at some point. It just not appear that it will coincide with a specific sign or special time.


I think national emergencies was precautionary because of the influx of visitors being very large. So just for precaution. The good news is no large terror attack. Possibly because of such measures.

Lets look back at part 1 of the eclipse. So has there been any unusual activity since 2017? There is a lot of hype put on the eclipse so of course if nothing major happens it looks like a dud.

Since 2017 Aughust:

  • Jerusalem affirmed for Israel
  • Golan Hieghts (Ez 38 related) affirmed for Israel
  • American news goes outright propoganda on us
  • Brexit
  • COVID Hoax
  • Election laws changed dramatically
  • Abraham Accords in place
  • Twitter repurposed
  • Rumble expands greatly as YT social media contendor
  • Saudi Arabia near normalization with Israel (pending)
  • Trump return against insane odds
  • Truth Social goes puplic (major big tech contendor now globally)

I tend to look at these things as timed released. Either they mean nothing or little and all these anomalies just keep happening, or a stage is slowly unfolding before our very eyes. I tend to lean toward 9-23-17 as the Rev 12 sign (marker for soon coming seal stage). Scotty Clark (who made Rev 12 sign popular on YT) now believes Rev 12 = Christ ascension, woman as Israel going through the tribulation. And a late rapture, so the church goes through the tribulation.

Can God use very mixed up and confused people darting here and there? Maybe especially in a time like ours. Looking for the prime character of God and His heart toward Providence at this time is kind of how I would look at things. Not who is correct or incorrect. From my view the entire watcher blueprint is off. So in that sense I would say we are all incorrect. But it makes sense during a time when we enlarge this, overvalue that, that in those days some actual relevance might just leak through. But I don’t think it would be upon the wings of this person or that person. I believe it would be based on our faith and trust in Him to show us individually. Because that kind of is the way it is anyway…isn’t it? Blessings.

PS – so if 2024 Eclipse part 2 means anything…we would see it later in the year…or over the course of more years like before is my guess.


Just like any good novel, we eventually see a development of the main characters over the course of the story. Well the story we are living is the end times story and aspects of it need to be developed which eventually brings clarity to the whole story.

I would not say “maybe” here at all. Of course God can use what ever he chooses good or bad to bring about Truth and prophetic fulfillment. We are living in a time when keeping the popcorn bucket constantly full is a good idea because the show before us is keeping us on the edge of our seats.

I kind of think of it as those things they call easter eggs that are often put in movie scenes that reference another movie, maybe a person, or even an event. That is what the many signs we are seeing now look like to me. None of them are a specific piece of the puzzle but the puzzle will never be complete without them all.


Very well said Jack :slight_smile:

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I kinda like to see that.



You’ll regret it now. lol


Thanks for indulging me. No regrets. In fact, I’m completely under-reacting because I’m at a loss for words.

I want to say something like I love it but that still doesn’t suffice. Actually, I want it. That’s how much I like it.


And JD would want his hair, lol.


Well the images shown here is a fake. I ran it through several image forensics programs as well as researching the actual movie for a bridge collapse. Turns out the movie has only a tanker running aground on a beach not hitting a bridge like what happened in Baltimore.

Sadly people are jumping all over sensational junk that some kid in his room cooked up and dumped on the internet. Now it has spread like wild fire and is taken as factual when it is anything but.

Additionally another ship coming out of NYC had not a power failure but a propulsion failure. That is it lost the ability to move under its own power. It never lost electrical power and it was several nautical miles from the bridge it was heading to and going at slower speeds and still running with tug assists so it was able to get fully stopped well in advance of hitting anything.

Now the news is not forthcoming with the cause of the second event other than it lost propulsion. That could mean an engine died or a gear box malfunctioned. What ever was the case it was fixed in short order and the ship resumed its travels without further incident.

So much like the much hyped fake image, a lot more is being made out of two ships with similar but not exact same problems in a short period of time. Problem is ships and boats commonly run into engine problems. What few know is that the engines used on most ships and boats are the same used on train engines. Their design is such that when a cylinder is failing, they don’t tear the engine down fully but do a swap of a cylinder pack which is then inserted in place when the failing one is removed. This is an extremely common practice where about 60% of the time the swap comes before full failure. Even so the 40% is spread out across the entire shipping industry such that on any given week no less than 10-15% of all ships and boats have engine problems while underway. Often times at sea the fix is as simple as disconnect that one cylinder pack and run on one less cylinder till a port call can be made to replace it. if they are close to a port say out bound they are likely to return and get it taken care of.

So again we have folks on the internet making mountains our of mole hills. Sometimes it is honest misunderstanding of the situation or problem but many times it is just people make stuff up because they think it is cool.

Whether there is a connection to Baltimore directly with prophecy or it is a general symptom of those many listed, making it a focal point does no service to anyone if they believe all the fakery that spreads so rapidly like this time. Discernment is not just about doctrine. It also spreads across so much more that we see daily.

Two ships passing fake memes in the night? :smiley:

I know what you mean… Disinformation is getting prolific. In fact anymore (in news and social media) I don’t believe anything until it’s proven true…

And how many gleefully propagate it all around…

How many times have I shared something only for it to bite me in the rear end as fake… I rarely share anything anymore except the Word and some things in the news that don’t appear to be anything but a factual incident or event.

This does not stop me from some speculation, but even that is measured, and I try to make a point that it is “Speculation”.

What a sad state…

Isaiah 5:20

Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,

who turn darkness to light
and light to darkness,

who replace bitter with sweet
and sweet with bitter.


I would say this kind of thing will of course increase over time. The public conscience is pretty primed to be overly sensitive or under sensitive depending on the situation.

In my post to this photo i mentioned the ship went “around,” lol. That should have been as the word you used, “aground.” I rememer that scene well. Its one of the edgy scenes in the movie. I knew there was no bridge in the movie. Just like I knew there were likely no bombs that went off on the bridge (such as JD has claimed). In this event i don’t point them out so much because regardless of the hype, the level at which our government is infiltrated by a criminal syndacate, its likely more a matter of how things might relate more than how they probably don’t. But even so, its good to aslo consider how events can unfold naturally too (like i would see a large portion of Christian Nationalism to be more of a push back on American government gone rogue phenomenon than NAR false doctrine).

I believe there will obviously be some general susceptibility in our culture to fake claims, such as JD being certain bombs were used on the bridge. Its endemic to our culture. To me its kind of baked in. I believe its good to call it out, but not necessarily for its own sake. Which is why i did not with JD.

I believe the conditions we are likely under this year involve circumnavigation of a host of bizare fakeries likely to come. In viewing things this way its not so much for me (from where i am looking at things) to disprove false assumptions. Like with those that hold the view that Psalm 83 war is pending. I believe that is the exact wrong direction to interpret things. But even in error, people might come to discover over those perhaps false things some things we might not otherwise notice. So i guess in a way, people will go along with what i would percieve as false things in the culture. LIke i would see the majority of watcher views to be off in general. But I think there could be some helpful details to come out of that which I would see as not accurate to begin with kind of thing, if that makes sense? This is why I would be open to those that see a Psalm 83 war potential as reaosonable discussion to some extent. Because I am more interested in what God might do with conversation we are willing to have with one another more than what is percieved as real or fake perhaps more dogmatically.

So yeah i have a certain immunity to things to a degree that are somewhat false in the culture perhaps. Whereas I would more so lean toward encouraging where things might be more true…like with Stacey in that even though I knew there was no bridge in the movie, I would still see a lot fishy about the bridge incident, amen. Or like even though I would see JD’s bombs on the bridge take a bridge too far, I would ask you your thoughts on if that seemed reasonable without bringing up where assumptions could spread on the internet. In general my perspective would be on hopeful trajectories that evolve out of discussion. I’m not exactly a fan of seeing too much as deception for this reason. Blessings.

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Priceless. Now if I can just member it when da time is right and the moon is big and bright, and er a hitting me in the like a pizza pie.

There in lies the problems. Those that don’t know think it is insider info then there are those that do know and pass it anyway because it is funnly to laugh at how gullible folks really are.

And that is the way it should be until all the data is in. Otherwise you don’t have a clue as whether to be cautious or just mosey on with you own business. I mean you smell smoke but don’t see a fire don’t mean there ain’t no fire. So you go and gather information as best as you can to try and make the best possible informed decision. If not you get burnt.

cool view of the eclipse.


@Jon Ok you can have it back now. I really enjoyed having it for a few days. It’s a cartoon masterpiece. I’ve been so tempted to use it but I have not. (Plus I never really asked :grimacing:)But the temptation is still there. Therefore to be safe, I’m returning it to you. Thank you!

Ps. None of this post is serious (except the masterpiece part). I just wanted to say hey.


Mind control :face_with_spiral_eyes:
This is how I will see Pastor JD tomorrow.
A great job @Jon.



It kind of grows on you. You know? Like, i want that for some reason. Or “that should be in my life in some way.” Like it just belongs. Dont it?

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Thought this would be the best place to put this. As Pastor JD has alluded, Covid was just a first run and such events will likely be the lead in to the MoB in the Tribulation period. With that being said we may be looking at Lock Down part 2.