March 26, 2023: 2 Peter 3:15 -- There’s Hope For Someone Like Me

:bible2: There’s Hope For Someone Like Me

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: offers an encouraging word of hope for those who are struggling with discouragement and hopelessness.

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Father, I want to have the love Peter had for Paul but more importantly I want the Agape Love You have for me. Thank You Lord for loving me and saving my soul. May I always remember that those I tend to look down my nose at are lost people who need a Savior just as I once was. Thank You for Your continued work in humbling me all throughout my life/walk with You. I came to You a very strong-willed & arrogant child. Thank You for loving me so incredibly much I can not even express it. Please continue refining me to be more and more like You Lord Jesus.


Amen & Amen


Oxymoron maybe :woman_shrugging:t4:
But wonderfully convicting

Thank you JD


I’m posting this everywhere before it’s banned.


I felt need to change my word of the year from shenanigans to “ soul”.

Because I’m not very patient and live life much on overdrive ( always in a hurry and anxious) I easily get frustrated. Of course people are a part of life and on numerous occasions I’ve had to submit to God for much help in this gift of the Spirit.

JD has many times pointed out how he changed his mindset to seeing people not as a label but as an eternal soul that needs saved.

So the last couple days when I’m getting irritated, I say “ soul” towards the person or people that I’m getting impatient with.

So far it does seem to redirect my thinking towards a more appropriate Christian response to the situation.

Just wanted to share because it ties in with your post. :pray::pray:


Wow- I just came across this Letter From John Rockefeller in the 1800’s that describes exactly what JD has been saying in these updates for the last year, about poisoning us… its from the wayback machine and describes some kind of covenant Being made among a secret society.

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WOW :flushed:
That , Rob is the exactly what is playing out. This is their agenda that is now in full speed mode.

Everything going on reeks of this
J Rockefeller “ manifesto “.

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