March 28 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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PROPHECY UPDATE: In times like these where people struggle with who or what to believe in, Pastor JD talks about the difference between ‘Seeing is Believing’ and ‘Believing is Seeing.’


“As we have stated recently, expect more stories about teachers and educators dying and becoming injured following these experimental COVID injections, since they are the main target group in the population now to be injected.”


@dlcv Wow, yes, this is a classic tactic of evil, to pit people against each other. So obvious to me. But it’s like the sermon points out, they are blind. They cannot see, because they do not believe. So, they can’t see what is really going on…

Remember Cain and Abel?

Wow, the devil really doesn’t have anything “new”, but I guess if it works…like JD reminds us, our hope is NOT in this world. How sad for me it would be if I didn’t have Jesus right now! I pray that I can reach more people in these last days. :heart:


Kind of felt like a big recap but then again I was not 100% focused this time. I’ve been watching JD’s updates for four years or more.

So here’s what I’m thinking, and tell me it doesn’t ring true: Christ fulfilled the first four Feast Days (Feast is just an unfortunate translation of the Hebrew word) to the day. And the HS was manifest on Pentecost, right on the day. Does it not make complete sense that Christ will fulfill the last three Feast days to the day? Of course it does. That would imply that Christ’s second coming will be in the fall.

Okay, so then go here: the parable of the fig tree. I’m sure we are all familiar with this but once more, let’s assume a generation is 80 years. Israel will be 80 years old all the way up to May 13th, 2029. It is not until May 14th, 2029 that they turn 81. So IF we can conclude that “all these things” that Jesus says will occur during this generation includes everything from the birth of Israel until his second coming then we could say that the second coming has to be before May 14th, 2029. But… we already concluded that his second coming would be in the fall so we can now theorize a second coming date of fall, 2028. Subtract the 7 year tribulation from that and that gets us to fall, 2021 as a possible rapture window. But… it gets better… There are passages that would strongly suggest that the rapture is in the spring so that would be this spring!!!

Anyway, just thinking out loud.


Pastor JD, I just wanted to make you aware that my employer sends out official emails using a state government email system including pro vaccine propaganda. I have done my own research and i dont believe what they say. However this is what we are dealing with.


Bro Chooch has released a video on this fig tree generation. Others like Beersheet Prophecy author does the same about the timeline of rapture. Also read Rev 22:20-21, the last 2 verses of the Bible to get “coincidental” link.


Pregnant mother escorted from Texas church for not wearing mask and issued trespass warning from police…Pastor turned her into authorities…


I am so ready to be with the Lord! Every day now I pray and just ask him to come for His bride. I am grateful to Pastor J.D. and his bible prophecy updates. I have learned so much through his teachings and every day I read my along in my bible and take notes. I hope to start a bible study soon to bring my lost friends to Christ before it is too late. As J.D. says we are in the last hour of human history.
Come Lord Jesus.
Thank you for your post it has encouraged me greatly.


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Refuseniks beware!

“YHVH” in ancient Hebrew!


@dlcv , I keep noticing they keep saying “white evangelicals” …wonder why. I noticed this a lot recently. It’s like they are trying to divide and conquer, using race, religion, AND the vaccine. Ay, yi, yi.

Ready for the rapture…I’m so tired of this craziness.

I’m also very tired of all the lying by our government. This vaccine is bad. We know it is. People need to trust the Lord, not vaccines.

I can think of a TON of reasons not to get a vaccine. I can’t think of even ONE reason to get one.

The risk is ridiculously high even for the older more “tested” vaccines, which I also think are awful.

I can’t stand how so many people are being lied to. It’s very sad. I hate lies. Ugh.

I’m with JD, and I would add, I hate this world. It’s so twisted.

Don’t get me wrong, I love people…but evil…I hate. I can’t wait to be with the Lord where there are no more lies, no more murders…no more tears. Just saying.

EDIT: I will add that I’m also sad that people are being coerced into getting the vaccine, that is not cool either. :frowning:


I love Chooch. I have to watch him at 2x speed though. How sad is it that most of the “church” is completely apathetic concerning the rapture. Some very famous preacher once said he doesn’t think half of those in church attendance are saved. I don’t doubt it.


Seems it’s going to be on your smartphone. I’ve been computing since I was a kid and there’s not one thing that can’t get hacked or cracked. This is actually encouraging because it means faking a passport will be just one crack away. But then again I don’t care because I give up on this world.


So here’s another interesting angle. If a person needs expensive medical treatment due to a reaction to an experimental drug, will their healthcare insurance pay up? Someone dig into your plan’s terms of coverage and please report back.


I just thought I would mention that I appreciate how Pastor JD makes the Word come alive when he preaches. He makes it interesting and easy to understand. It is also always very accurate.


Amen! Same here.


@Ready2Fly444, please read this expose!

Santa Klaus mentioned about Rapture last year! Thanks to Bro Chooch pointing this out!
From minute 33:00 to 34:00 of his interview:


Yes, I’m beyond ready for the Rapture! I also hate this world, not people but all the sin and evil that has totally corrupted the planet. VERY few things bring me any pleasure or enjoyment. Except for the Word of God, solid Biblical preaching and worship music it’s all just noise. Getting through each day is truly a struggle because we are honestly strangers in a strange land. I cry often, just such incredibly sad and very challenging times. This vaccine is poison yet people are increasingly buying into the lie! New, more deadly varients are reportedly coming, it’s just a seemingly endless, horrible cycle. The divide is getting sharper between those who want it and those who refuse it. Family and friends are being torn apart over it. The government and media clearly can’t be trusted at all to tell the truth. Folks refusing the vaccine will be prohibited from traveling and we know what comes following that. The prohibition of buying food and other essential items. Please, come quickly Lord Jesus! Maranatha! If you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, PLEASE do so NOW before it’s too late! God bless you all and please continue to lift up Pastor JD, his family and congregation in prayer. Brothers and sisters, stay focused on the promises of Almighty God and our one Blessed hope!


My wife says that 49 people were lined up at our local pharmacy today to get the big JAB.
For a virus that is now 99.98 percent survivable per today’s news cast.
The media Mob has done their job. You can’t tell me these people are making an informed decision, they are panicking and going along with the crowd.
Our president wants all states to reinstitute face masks (As he reads his teleprompter) and he wants to shut all the states down again. With no scientific evidence to support the shut down.
What does that tell you?
Create FEAR to get the JAB so that (private industry) can issue a Covid-Vac card and track you.
All while good Joe travels all over ignoring his own restrictions. He also called the new law in Georgia requiring photo ID to vote (Racist)


Are you the Rachel on SiriusXM radio?

So here’s something else to add to your adept insight: Pastor JD has often times said that the word for confirm in Daniel 9:27 means to make something that already exists stronger. Hello…Bueller? Bueller?.. We have the Abraham Accord already existing already thanks to Trump, the man we KNOW was put into office because of God’s hand. Easy to see how the AC can/will come on the scene and make it stronger after the rapture and/or the Ez. 38 invasion.

We see that Rev 13’s mark in order to buy or sell does not necessarily mean a global currency. It probably is referring to a vaccine that is administered to the hand or forehead via a microneedle patch that emits a bioluminescent marker. The technology is in the works and heck, when the mark is revealed it’s 3.5 years into the Trib. Not a stretch at all to see this happening. It will be the AC’s version of the vaccine passport. Also, in Rev 16 all who receive this mark get terrible sores on their bodies - sure sounds like a bad reaction to a medication to me.

In Rev 13, you may as well replace the word “mark” with “vaccine passport”.