March 28 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

The late Jack Van Impe had been warning about this for years. Even put out a video with that exact name.


I always thought that the last 7 years are actually called “the time of jacobs trouble” with the last 3,5 years are called the great tribulation. This great tribulation starts at the midpoint of the seven at the abomination of desolation spoken of in Daniel 9:27, so i think after our raputure, the little horn anti-christ, the beast, comes up and will be hailed as the so called savior of the world even by the israelites. And after 3.5 years the mask comes off, and it will mean worship or death by guilotine.
The israelites will flee and finally cry out for the true savior to come back.


@JDForumTeam Thank you for all that you do.

For the 3/21 update, someone provided a wonderful service of typing up a transcript of the update. Please tell whoever did that how valuable that is and how much we appreciate it.

Is that something that might be available for the 3/28 update and going forward? I, for one, would be most grateful.

The resource list for that 3/21 update was also such a blessing.

Thanks again for all you do!


Hi @Cornpop5050

I can currently see a ‘Resources (Transcript)’ link/button under the Prophecy Update 2021-03-28 - Sitting On The Fence video page.

My understanding is that it takes a few days for the team to add the transcript/resources link for each update.

Let me know if you’re able to see it.

In Christ

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Cartoon on this morning.
Check out the caption!


Thank you for that link Jason. I thought I’d accessed the transcript via the forum, but I guess not.

I sure appreciate them making it available.


I love the updates JD gives but also just his pastoring in general. He is a good man.
The only thing I can add to this conversation is my pure hope and thankfulness in Jesus.
I was getting so caught up in the evil and the weather in this world that I began to feel defeated and the hate for this world was taking over.
Jesus wants us to feel comfort and be hopeful, not down, scared and depressed.
I think many are losing sight of what Jesus expects of his true believers at this point in time.
There is so much evil swirling around us and that’s where I see all the focus.
What about the good things Jesus is doing? Shouldn’t the focus be on those things?
I need some positive and Jesus gives plenty but it isn’t being noticed, only what Satan is up to.
Jesus let us know what we would see so that it wouldn’t steal our joy because we would be prepared…and know to keep our eyes on him.
Does anyone have something to share about how Jesus is working in their lives?
I have something to share.
The last two weeks, Satan has really gone after my daughter Kortee, and I believe literally tried to kill her…but God!
God rescued her from each trial and saved her life. The medical staff couldn’t understand how she did not bleed to death within minutes. She got stitches and left the hospital within two hours.
God is so good and I have seen literal miracles. These are the things I want to focus on.
Satan is big but God is bigger!
I would love to hear from anyone else who has a story because seeing God at work brings me joy and we need Godly joy these days.
God bless.


I have to agree. That means the Rapture is very close. It would have to be in order for the AC to assume control and get a peace deal done with Israel by Fall 2021.


When God says it’s time to take us home is when God will take us home. It could be in 5 seconds, it could be in 5 years. Since his timing is perfect, I don’t need to worry about it. I do need to worry about my prayer life, worship and his word. I’ll let him worry about things that are out of my control.


Yes and amen! You are singing my song with this post!

I had to stop watching the news and stop reading this forum (no offense meant) last month, because a steady diet of the negative happenings on this planet was taking its toll on me.

Philippians 4:8 tells us what things we are supposed to be thinking about.

After a while I thought I could start reading and listening again, but I find that I cannot without it affecting my mental state and then ultimately my physical body. It is so very easy to get into the depths of despair and have no hope at all if we only look at the world and what’s going on.

I’ve got to strike a happy balance between not knowing what’s going on at all and knowing every single thing that’s going on.

I’m the type of person who needs to remind myself every time I read something that’s “not so good news” of what the Word says about God, His goodness, and His protection.

In another post you mentioned how it could be 5 years before the rapture. My personal opinion is that we need to draw close to God and listen to some good teaching from the Bible that equips us…as much as possible… to handle extreme difficulties.

It could get a lot worse before Jesus returns, and we need to be as Spiritually prepared as possible for it!


Thank you for your response. I agree that we need to know his word because we need to be prepared but also to be reminded of our true hope.
I am so so ready for Jesus to come and in the meantime, I want to be faithful and be who he wants me to be. He is so good, merciful, gracious and full of love and he is where I want my eyes to be focused.


Beautifully said Christa.


I love your comments in part because of the smiling baby… lol it just automatically makes you seem extra nice. but other than that your comments are just great in general!! <3


Sky News Australia is on to something. Watch here:


Ok, I have always been curious of this. You state that all kids under 12/13 (even unborn babies) will be taken in the rapture. What is your biblical evidence of this? I am not saying that if they are not taken in the rapture that they are doomed to hell, but what evidence in the bible says that the unrighteous children will be taken? I never understood that and also the fact that our clothes will be left behind (along with anything else that isn’t natural like false teeth etc.) Yes, Jesus’ wrapping were left for us to believe he had risen, but that doesn’t mean our clothes will be left. Just curious.


Knowing our true hope is the reason we’ll be prepared! :blush:

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There is no Bible verse to declare that children under a certain age will go in the Rapture. However, King David in 2nd Samuel states “he cannot come to me, but I can go to him…”(paraphrased) he was speaking of his 2 yr old Son that died. He was confident that his son went to be with God when he died.

God gave everyone a free will to choose or reject Him. It’s my firm belief that any child who has no knowledge of whom or what they are rejecting is not held accountable, just as those mentally handicapped who can’t distinguish what sin truly is are not.

God also tells us that it’s better a millstone be hung around your neck than to offend one of these little children. (Again, my paraphrase) Jesus specifically called the little children to Him.

I’m sure there are many other opinions on this, just throwing my 2 cents worth in, :blush:

As to the leaving of clothes, we’d have no need of them, we won’t be back to wear them. I believe Jesus left His burial linen here to show He was coming back!


I hope that very soon we will see vast amounts of Christians waking up and realising what’s really going on in the world. So many of my dear family members are in this camp: Christians who are denying that the end is coming and do not believe that there is an another motive behind the pandemic and vaccine. They do not believe that biblical prophecy is unfolding before our eyes but to me it’s so obvious! I am grateful to God that he has given me such discernment at a time where so many devoted passionate Christians are totally deceived


Thank you! The smiling baby is Zeke, my grandson…love him so much. I think I am nice but your compliment means a lot to me.


I was talking to a friend from USA. I am in the UK