March 5, 2023: 2 Peter 3:5 -- Judgment is Coming!

:bible2: 2 Peter 3:3 – Judgment is Coming!

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about those who mock the Lord’s return, specifically as it relates to why they mock, and how they mock the rapture of the church.

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Very impressive! God bless you Pastor JD!


Thank you Pastor JD…you are our Jeremiah during these last moments.

PS Mike and I assumed you died a 1000 deaths every week. Your crown will be so brilliant, no doubt.
We appreciate and love you so much :heart:

Come Lord Jesus, today, right this hour!


Oh how I long for pastors everywhere to have a more balanced teaching! ( like Ps JD)
What damage has been done because judgment hasn’t been taught!( even with good intentions)
I believe some otherwise sound teachers have pushed the pendulum in the other direction bc they grew up in a church that only preached judgment.
It hurts so badly bc it could have been different.

I am so thankful for Pastor JD!


What a Blessing these Prophecy Updates are, It baffles me how anyone could take issue with the rapture of the church. I Wish So much I could visit there in Hawaii- would love to have a get together with Kapono and share a few of the songs I have written with him!
I look forward to the day when we can all meet in Heaven and worship the lord as one Body!


I love listening to Kapono as i worship the Lord from my heart. :yellow_heart:
He has the anointing of God on his life.


Great update. I never considered that the first sin was in heaven…hence why the heavens have to be destroyed and made new also.

Almost finished with this one I’m at 54 min.

Thank you for teaching JD. Also, I always love the songs you guys sing.



Stunning! I believe the same thing happened here. We just haven’t seen the messages leaked.

The U.K. must be reeling. Matt Hancock was the Sec of Health and in the messages he admits to stirring up fear to force people to get the jab, and he’s bragging about quarantining people. A lot more inflammatory, horrible comments. What a sick person.

Good for this journalist for leaking this story.

The Lockdown Files (


There is a link between 2Peter and the epistle of Jude.