March 6, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update

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Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: explains why not knowing what, or even who, to believe anymore is actually prophetically significant.

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Sermon starts minute 18:00 roughly.




Thank you, Pastor JD. As I listened to your Message today, I also began to think about my posts here on the Forum. I have to say, there are times when I was not a “we” and I had to repent and pray my words did not harm anyone. In the last few days, I stopped watching any news about Russia and Ukraine - instead, whenever I thought about them, I just prayed for those who are lost, and I prayed for those who are Servants of the Most High God, that they can persevere in this time and spread the Good News to those who need to hear it. Thank you, Pastor. I will now view my actions through the Scriptures you gave us today. My heart is for the lost; your Message today spoke to my heart through the Lord our God. I pray you have a wonderful time off; God be with you and your family…



When you don’t know what to believe, there’s one sure place to return…

:headphones:Music @ 30 sec :arrow_up:


encouraging myself and others to take our sandals off . . .
And just be still . .


Same for me. The strength of the division regarding Russia-Ukraine was too much for me. I found myself angry and upset almost all the time, and stupidly looking online for more things to fuel my anger! This message from Pastor JD was just what I needed. I’ll be one of those joining you in your prayers for the lost and strength for those who are born again - minus the input of keyboard wars.


Ditto to all I have read. I, too, was watching too much news hour after hour, day after day since the war began. My heart is repentant and my spirit convicted that I have taken political sides saying I am right and they are wrong. I think of the scripture verse from Psalm 51:10 that says, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” I am so sorry Jesus. Against you only have I sinned.



Another spot on sermon today by Pastor JD. So looking forwards to the next two weeks and listening to JD’s other pastors while he takes a well deserved break. That’s if we are still here, keep looking UP!


I havent watched all sermon yet but am watching it as I type. I see people post about Ukraine on social media and have no clue what they are talking about because its from news I guess. Because I dont see it on social media. For me since covid im unsure whats really going on or even real. But its good to know Gods word is always :+1:true. Thankful for your forum Jd wherr we can speak freely and hear from one another and from God. Many ppl have prayed and helped me on here.

God bless



There is so much in the way of disinformation, and outright lies that we have to question everything, and verify everything especially as it pertains to the Ukraine.
The same with Covid, many lies have surrounded it.


Well, you certainly spoke to my heart today. Thank you for your message. I needed to hear every word of it. I am going to miss you Pastor JD while you are gone, but I do love to here Pastor Mack. I am glad you’re taking a much needed rest. How do I know you need it? We ALL need it! God Bless you and yours!


Every time I see someone posts something about how much better things were under Trump, I want to cry. Trump isn’t who we thought he was. And like Pastor JD said, it’s not “right” or “left”, it’s believer’s and unbeliever’s.


Understood what Pastor said and emphasied in today’s sermon. I am not exalting any man here. A day ago i saw a qanon fella posted a video a phone chat on trump saying he was good buddy with Putin. He was confident he can stop Putin on his tracks.

I think its too late to stop him since he is driven by a spiritual quest to be a “messiah/saviour/defender” using religion as a vehicle. Jesus warned us of false Christs in these last days.


Great update, pastor JD!!! I hope that you get enough rest when you have time off . Looking forward to pastor Macs messages (and the other pastor’s messages?) :heart_eyes:and looking forward to your return :heart_eyes:

So interesting that they mentioned ‘peace and security’ 8 times in that one meeting!!!

I’m just so excited about this moment:
"For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the voice of an archangel and with the sound of the trumpet of God. And the death in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air and so we will ALWAYS be with the Lord. Therefore encourage one another with these words."

I’m thinking it truly can’t be long now, especially not at you look at how everything is getting more expensive and that Ukraine is called the bread basket of the world, and that ‘hunger’ is looming on the horizon… , knowing that hunger will be massive during the tribulation. I pray we will be able to reach lots of people before the tribulation begins …



I had just come to Christ before the 2016 election and I thought the Clinton’s were great. Yep, that’s how deceived I was. I was going to vote for them and then some friends begged me to watch a documentary on them. I think I saw more than one. It was about some boys who were found dead on some RR tracks and a bunch of people associated with them ending up dead. And I think there was another one about money. Anyways, I watched them and I didn’t believe a word of it. I went back and wrote down every name in the documentary and looked each person up to see if it was true. I just couldn’t believe that anybody or the government could be so corrupt. After spending weeks on that, I voted for Trump, not because I liked him, but because I was horrified at what I had discovered about the Clintons.

Well, I became a big Trump fan. I followed “Q” and all of that. I believed it. I learned a lot, but I realize now what it was all about and I have Pastor JD to thank for that. Then I started looking into Trump. Boy, I wasn’t expecting to see what I found.

All the leaders are in on this. It’s all a game and they are playing their roles. If they don’t they end up dead.

I have finally learned about the Illuminati and Freemasons and the NWO and now I think I have a grasp on the whole thing. It’s Satan (Illuminati and Freemasons) against God. It’s just like the scriptures say. NWO and “end times” are the same thing, just different names.


Glad to see JD in the pulpit Sunday. I wasn’t sure exactly when his time off would be initiated.

After watching I Don’t Know What to Believe…..I was prompted with this thought about people, especially as it applies to today:

What do you want to believe?

What we want to believe dictates what we will allow ourselves to see and to have ears to hear. Our beliefs are a reflection of the innermost depths of our heart’s desires and an outward reflection which is manifested in our choices and determining our outcome. It’s how we are embracing or suppressing the truth in order to deal with our rebellious, sinful nature. It says everything about who we are, what we will do, what we will become, how we’ll affect others, and ultimately where we will spend eternity because some will reject the truth of The Gospel.

So anytime we “follow” someone in a ministry role, tune in to a news source or otherwise form an alliance with another individual or group, we have to closely examine our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us; not another fallible human.