March 7 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Thank you it’s very frustrating how many people are still taking it.norway have also suspended vaccination according to bbc news. Thank you will read the articles you attached. God bless


Thank you so much for forward ing this information I am definitely not taking and will try talking to a friend who has booked but not yet had the vaccine. How can our own governments be motivated to kill us its insanity

Wasn’t pope Francis talking about retiring not too long ago? quick internet scan Looks like he said he didn’t feel he would be in place for very long. Nothing firm, rumours he’d retire after last Christmas, which obviously didn’t happen. But, it makes me wonder if the next pope is being prepared in the background, and what kind of person that might be.

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Welcome. Great info! Thanks and God Bless.

wow what a letdown!! how are you going to proceed? is there an alternate source for that license?

This is an excellent interview that I just received in an email.
Interview with Dr. sherri Tenpenny. Very educational. There is also some important insights on things happening in California from Reinette Senum who is doing the interview


I have to say, you took the words right out of my mouth, and my wife’s too. I think we should all be praying for JD. God Bless!!


Have you read Bill gates of hell ID2020? They are behind time. Eventually they want us get an ID from vaccination, hooked us up to central control online…

Thats why the fear keeps going on and double down this year because system aint ready yet.


@CN , the false prophet is given power by ha-satan to perform signs and wonders to deceive the world. That’s how he got prominence is world stage.

Current papa francis can’t do that unless ha-satan enable him to do so.

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That”s rumor i heard last year, i guess its fake news. He is busy doing one world religion, doubt he will retire early. Normally popes served until their death, exception is that previous pope was “forced to resign” by globalists.


Bad news for me here, new enhanced fake news law to supress truth about vaccines. Be aware this can happen in your country:

Third temple is heating up, be ready!

Bro Chooch’s quick sharing, he has to hide some sensitive words like covid19 to avoid being taken down:

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I will have to see if there is a different testing place that does not require me to consent to a palm vein scan. It is not necessary, as I have an SSN, a State Driver’s License, a Birth Certificate, mail from utilities in my name, bank accounts–why a palm vein scan? Definitely pre-cursers to end times, and Orwellian type totalitarian one world government. Sad times, and yet, as a Christian, time to put on the full armor and stand firm in the Lord and in His mighty power.

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Yes, that’s what I said, the fake news was that he was retiring after Christmas. But, he has stated in the past that he would retire (if he didn’t die first) and that he thought his time as pope would be short. He is putting things in place… there’s no doubt about that.

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Oh my gosh. I saw another video on the same page and it says that the TEST STRIPS have nano chips in them and more. Wow. Glad I haven’t been tested. I refused.


Hi Dennis,

Thanks for sharing the information. I had not read the article you referenced. I looked for it online and found lots of information about Bill gates of Hell 2020. But not the article itself. I knew about some of the information mentioned, but there is so much more involved. Wow! Who would have thought we would be on warp speed for the end times? So much has happened in this last year. If I didn’t have God’s presence during this time, I would be terrified. God gives us peace beyond understanding. He is our refuge and strength and an ever-present help in times of trouble. We can anticipate these things because He told us about them beforehand. Be strong and of good courage and fear not, for He is with us always!


Astra Z vaccine…only…all countries stopped using…and it’s not being used in America. Amen.

it’s always encouragement to meet those who concur!!! God bless you and your wife. I too am fortunate in that my husband sees these things the way I do. we got married just a few years ago and we feel like we got settled in as a couple right before this whole covid thing hit. in this season we have quickly learned how valuable it is to truly be one with a person. it makes a world of difference in weathering this mess at least for us. glad to hear you two have each other in this way too.


I’m praying you will find a good testing place!! I agree on the end-times signs here. and I’m very glad that you knew better than to consent to a palm scan. so many are falling for the lies and would just go with it and they’d even think it’s neat. clearly you have an eye for propaganda. just want to encourage you. glad you’ve shared!!

whattttt really?

I mean it’s entirely possible that you were on to something real without realizing it. that happens all the time in art/writing. it can be quite chilling, especially this account of yours