March 7 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

yeah i dont know about the invalidating humanness thing. im pretty sure farag has explained that it does just that. i just dont see how God could be held back from any person even after their dna changing. God looks at our “hearts” which i dont think is literal. so i dont see how it would invalidate our humanness. i dont want my dna changed and i dont think good motives are put into the various vaccines. as for Biblical backing, i dont memorize what farag said but i think it comes down in some way to the fact that accepting the mark of the beast will be something that does separate you from God, and if accepting DNA change (which hasnt happened yet) happens to be that acceptance of the motb, then thats how the vaccine could “become” the motb. sorry if im off but thats the one explanation i can think of if i remember correctly from farag.

i remember the person that disappeared from the posts lol, and have seen your question re-posted a couple times since then but didnt really know what to say. as you can tell im not an expert but when i saw your question here, again, i suddenly tried really hard to come up with an answer and did my best lol.

i asked the forum a question some days or more ago that no one tried to answer so ill post it here and see if anyone has any ideas now:


Sure. Sorry. I thought I had the link.

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I have been quite thrilled with the studies I’ve seen concerning Genesis. However. To date. We are seeing the one try element that makes us who we are…being played with. We could talk about transhumanism. I’ve valued Chuck Midler as a top biblical scholar as many pastors have worldwide. He passed away not long after this video. Please watch and enjoy dear. God bless.


@Tina, I understand. To my knowledge, there is no argument here. I simply posted a message to the original poster of this forum who, as you probably already know is concerned because his wife is threatening a divorce over a vaccine which he already has reservations about. My response was meant to be an encouragement to him, when a certain person, with whom I have no qualms decided that I should not be allowed to voice said encouragement. My guess is that this is due to an apparent bias, assuming this person works in the medical profession. I can not fault her for that. We all make choices in life for various reasons.

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I absolutely agree @Tina. @VickieV, you and I obviously have had different life experiences. I understand your bias, I assume based on your statements that you work in the medical profession. Please understand that I am vaccine damaged- the resultant damage cost me years of my life. Therefore please understand that that dictates my bias (we all have them) and it is in direct opposition to yours. I bear you no Ill will. Please do not make claims that I am a liar, I would not be on here if I were, nor would I have been following pastor JD for as long as I have.


My understanding is that although aliens are thought to be to blame, we don’t know for sure. It could be and seems likely. The question I would add to that is: “How do you know it would be clear to the world that the dead will rise?” Will there be funerals where this happens in front of people? Visiting gravesites…will it be clear there? Perhaps. But we have no idea what that looks like. Or how noticeable.

My answer would be this: The age of Aquarius is on the rise with New Age (that mankind will advance into their next evolution). This could be or could not be blended with Aliens. We live in an era where we double knowledge every 24 hours per internet…also become famous and rich from our homes online. Also we can fly from Los Angeles to New York, have lunch and fly back again in the same day. This would seem supernatural to the ancient world. Plus we are able to counter 6 major news sources via social media and internet. So we are not bound by “the narrative,” anymore.

All of these point toward Daniel’s “knowledge will increase,” which could refer to the word but maybe also generally. If taken in this light, i propose another thing. Aliens maybe…but I think through the religious notion of New Age Occult thought. What if the explain = Those people have evolved to the next evolution of humankind. We are all in line next for that. And then they set up a hole line item reasoning to get us "updated’ for the “change,” or something (like with AI and adding technology making people into cyborgs or something)? Perhaps it seems improbable that something good be made out of the rapture. It is more likely it would seem negative to the world like it got rid of the trash. But the enemy made the virgin Mary (a blessed person and consideration of God) into an idol. Making the pope the vicar of Christ on earth. So it could be coopting the rapture just as perhaps Ez 38 noticed to be by God, coopted a piece down the road as the AC taking credit. Don’t know this to occur for sure…but perhaps a potential.

As to the gene change thing I was under the impression that JD inferred it would not change our genes. Maybe I am mistaken? In any case I believe your sentiment that we are not in danger of having our humanity altered so as not to be saved is correct. We believe the MOB would do gene change but we don’t know. Personally, I think it is great to consider these things, but to land too strictly into a line item of reasoning I do not deem as “most” helpful. I think seeing the vax as a path to MOB is relevant and helpful as a consideration. But I have a rather different school of thought. I don’t think it has to link for the reason that taking the mark at a time angels warned against it and people are given the supernaturally warned choice not to, to then turn from the truth and decide on worshipping the enemy as God would be considered blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and unpardonable–potentially, no?

In ancient times (during the 1st century) the Pharisees attributed Jesus’s miracles to the enemy. They could not be forgiven because they could not see the work of God convinced in their own heart WHEN SUPERNATURAL EVIDENCE with the MESSISAH was in their faces. This time, in the end times, there will be the supernatural work of the enemy posing as God. God will warn “supernaturally” with angels. So to see the enemy as God after that seems to = the 1st century blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. To turn from the truth “at a time” the enemy demands worship as God, is to be alive at a time, I believe, that comports with the 1st century ability to sin against God in a unique way like the first century…regardless if DNA has anything to do with that or not. Hope that makes sense and is in someway helpful. Blessing.


it was not in my heart to erase your message. I flagged it because saying that on its own, “wow I see the religious folk are still the most deaf,” with no smoothing it over in good spirits or good will, looked like nothing more than an insult toward another forum member. I don’t know how many flags it takes to hide a message. if I was wrong in my judgment I’m sorry. just trying to keep friendliness around here and I’m sorry if I misread you or if I was incorrect or too strict in my judgment.


No hard feelings @alllllz, apparently it only takes one to delete a post. The whole thing started when another with a contrary opinion flat out called me a liar, and deleted another of my posts… I have since revised this one of course… it was a bit blunt. :relaxed:

…just want to add, no hard feelings toward the person or persons who disagreed with me either. I simply believe it important that everyone have an equal opportunity to participate in the conversation here without fear of being canceled as is common these days.

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Where is this weeks video? I found one but it just plays musuc


I agree. Which leads me to another point. The scriptures do outline that there are those whose name was never written in the book of life. Could it be that there are non humans among us who are actively worshiping the dragon (reference to all that is coming to light concerning the sex trafficking perpetrators, child abductions, and the implicated Hollywood/DC atrocities)…?

Could it be that there are two marks? One that is on these evil people who do these evil acts (hand) and have evil (to deceive) in their hearts and mind continually?

Then the second mark is the one that describes a choice between buying/selling and ones redeemableness… hmm…? I have so many questions.

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Hmm… just want to offer another point of view here for discussion

This is what is going on in Israel

A Message of Desperation About mRNA Vaccine Coercion In Israel


I don’t think that is the case @VickieV. You are doing fine, besides an echo chamber where everyone agrees is pretty boring, right?!

Sooo, just going to jump in here. I live in a very small and very rural community where we all either know most people in the county or at least know of them. Sadly, I know too many who have gotten the jabs. Moderna seems the readily available one. I know a couple of people who definitely felt sick for a day or two, and one had skin rash. I don’t know of anyone who has become disabled or who has died. That said, I AM concerned for what may happen down the road as they become exposed to viruses and how their body may potentially hyper react. If so, and, sadly, most people will not blame this on what has been injected. No one will investigate. There ARE a lot of claims out there, but the main thing is, these shots are soooooooo new and the waters are so unchartered. I pray I will be able to bypass this, as well as my unsaved husband (who, so far, is not in any hurry to get the jab). When it becomes a bit overwhelming for me, I have to lean even harder on God, Who knows the beginning from the end.


Yes, Faith will be tested during this time. But you are in good company here.

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First @VickieV, please do not put words in my mouth. I never said nor implied you are going to hell. It is inappropriate for you to claim I did. Second, you did call me a liar with your response quote, “100% untrue”

However, I want to reaffirm to you that your opinions matter. Likewise, so do the opinions of everyone else here.

I would strongly encourage you to edit this last post accordingly. Let’s agree to treat each other with respect moving forward. This is important to promote unity, love and respect across this platform.

I am happy to engage in a friendly and respectful conversation with you either privately or publicly, but this string of accusations can not be allowed to continue.



My daughter showed me that this morning…it broke my heart to hear the fear in her voice …the one i saw was the same woman, but it showed her videoing things around her while speaking…it’s only a matter of time before it’s mandatory here, in the same way…


Lara, I don’t think so because as we study the passages that talk about the names in the book of life, well, i would ask you to gather each in their context and then after an overview ask this: Is it possible what we see is that the names in the book of life were “all of humanity” for whom Christ died? And then the ones who don’t end up in the that book were because they were erased? Love hopes all things, “written in the book” and erased confirmed they did not receive the atonement made for them by Christ?

Revelation 3:5 The one who overcomes will be clothed the same way, in white garments; and I will not erase his name from the book of life, and I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.

Please let me know as you look up the other references regarding names written in the book of life if this verse does not seem to be “the key?” Blessings.

Israel is practicing or rehearsing for coming MOTB in future…


I too have tried to tell people, who either get angry with me, call me a conspiracy theorist or just ignore the information. I work at a small church where a lot of people have gotten it. My parents, too. Its sad to think of losing so many people I dearly love! I guess all we can do is warn them and trust the Lord!