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Plz pray for me Im so heartbroken i thought i was finally leaving my husband with help of family told them about abusive issue said theyd help, but than also said hope we work it out

So now im going to tslk to chaplain again snd tell his job so i dont judt divorce him and let him abuse me or kids…someone says it could be revengful but i don’t see any other wsy and im losing my mind…

Plz pray for strength and dking right thing i cant take this anymore anf feel a man who doesn’t soend time with me and only plays video games and works isnt wirth this misery


Praying :pray: for you now , in agreement with @Jon, this still relevant prayer.

I am also praying that the Lord will raise up someone or some ones to assist you in practical ways in the days to come.

You don’t have to feel courageous to act courageously, @M777.


I don’t understand why you would tell his job. What good will that accomplish except to get him fired? Won’t getting him fired just make him more violent? Won’t getting him fired just eliminate any chance you have of getting spousal support or child support? I don’t see how telling his job helps you or him or the kids.

Statistically in domestic violence situations, most deaths occur when the woman tries to leave. If you are planning to leave, you need to be smart about it and have a plan. It is great that you have the support of your family and that they know what is going on. Your focus needs to be on getting out safely. Getting him fired might just be adding more fuel to the fire – making the situation even more dangerous and volatile than it already is. Unless your husband works as a public servant and poses some sort of danger to the general public, I don’t understand why you would pour fuel on the fire by telling his job.

Think of it this way. Would you rather:
(1) your husband have no job and tons of time on his hands to spend hating you and plotting his revenge? OR
(2) your husband be working as a productive member of society, too busy to stalk you, and able to pay the child support that you will desperately need as a single parent?

I am praying for you in this difficult situation.

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Thanks just his job will mske him get counseling or anger mngmt. Im unsure about fired ifbu drank too much they have programs, military can be different

Is he willing to seek those resources and get that help to save your marriage, without you reporting him to his boss?

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I should ask first at least

I have been married 31 years and also served in the military! I was diagnosed with PTSD and was abusive with my wife and kids. After going through therapy and counseling which neither helped me personally, it took Jesus to change my heart and mind. How could I have done so much evil to my own family I was given to love and protect.

It is a long process to heal the emotional wounds that I inflicted but Jesus is faithful. I will pray for your situation and my hope that if Jesus could change this old Paratrooper he can change anyone!


I texted my husband saying its not working out. I thought he knew i feel guilty because divorce is a sin but better for communicating, i know i can’t be with someone who has put hands on me and belittles, pray for me and family, if he changes this many yrs after being like this i would’ve trust it