Massive Attacks

Dear Jason and Lizbabet: “Lord you know their struggles. We hold both dear saints up to you and ask for your special touch upon their lives as they navigate the currents in their lives. We ask you to provide them with great peace, strength, a deep sense of your care and presence, focus, hope, endurance, joy, and as you provide for your “friends” insight into what the Father is doing–at least to the point where they are excited much beyond the veneer of these temporal storms they are weathering. And that their greatest joy in how all of this demonstrates your great witness to a world in turmoil. And their Christian witness and purpose deepening to new levels provided much eternal wealth for themselves and all the lives they touch…populating eternity with brilliant rewards to be enjoyed forever to your great pleasure. What a privilege dear Lord. And thank you for the privilege of Jason’s great service to our forum. His wit in you, his care for doctrine, and his funloving caring ways to all you have entrusted to him and TWI in our precious and most unique forum. In Christ’s name, we pray…amen.”


So understand these attacks. I tol being hit hard. Praying for you. May God bless. Pray for me too. Thanks.


Someone posted this on another thread. I thought it might help here.


Thank you for reposting this, Catherine. I’ve now saved it. :two_hearts::pray:t3:

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Dear Father, you who knows ALL and are so loving and caring for all of us. . . The wounded and battle weary. The sick and the sore. . . Father, we long to lift our brother Jason and his dearest one before your throne of mercy and grace. May they find all they need as they linger there. May we, like Aaron and Hir once did for Moses, continue to remember them and hold them up to you. . . The God who fights for us . . . The God who IS for us!! May the victory be theirs as they trust and rest in you alone! Amen


And for you. Sandra. . . And for you. . . :pray:t3::two_hearts:


I am sorry I just saw this. I will pray for you and Elizabet for strength and protection. I came out of my bunker to the prayer thread. I see the battle is raging for many and Satan is attacking the front line.