May 14, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- ⌛ Oh Lord, How Much Longer?

" The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them. The LORD watches over all who love him, but all the wicked he will destroy."
Psalms 145:18-20


I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised; So shall I be saved from my enemies. (Psalm 18:3 NKJV)


:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:Urgent Bible Prophecy Update- May 17, 2023
Watchman Chad Thomas


I could not make it without the Lord. I can’t make it a day without Him!
Why, why, can’t they see :pensive:



I just got back from walking at the nearby bike trail at Lake Hefner and at first i was feeling down so i just talk to God looking at the sky, something about the clouds, blue sky and sunshine that’s uplifting, the quietness, seeing butterflies, bees, and birds is comforting and i know the Lord is listening… i give it all to him and thank Him for my blessings. I feel much better now. God is in control! :cloud::sun_behind_small_cloud::cloud:


I am so glad you have this outlet where it’s just you and the Lord. I have my garden and that is where I spend most of my time with the Lord during the day. You are absolutely correct, God is in control and only He is in control. I entrusted my life to Him 60+ years ago and He has kept me safe and from harm all these years. I KNOW He will continue right up to the end.

Thank You Lord for Your Mercy,Your love, and watchful care for us. We ask that You keep all Your children in Your mighty Hand. Please come quickly Lord.
We ask only in Jesus precious name, Amen. :pray:t2:


God has blessed me with a holy guardian angel watching over me since the day i was born. My guardian angel will slay anyone that is an enemy. I’m extremely protected by my Lord and i’m extremely thankful with my whole heart. :yellow_heart: God keeps me hidden underneath his wings. Psalm 91.


This is what the Last Days looks like Put on Your Armor Now!

OK, Not my usual bible study information to share but while trying to see the Journey to Zion and missed the one day showing I decided to see the movie Nefarious its listed as a horror show but not because of a lot of blood and gore its the subject matter.

Most of the time I personally would say Christians shouldn’t even make movies others are saying they should not make Horror movies. And at 1st take that sounded right to me but after watching it I am glad that did make one that was a warning and not just a feel good movie that you forget next week.

I believe many believers and unbelievers need to see this movie because its a wake up call to many milk drinking believers that seem to not even know or believe we are in a war!

I also believe we should tell our unbelieving friends to go see it. This movie has much to tell people in general about the truth of what is going on in the World of Lawlessness!

The worst part of the movie is the coming movie trailers you have to watch before you see the movie.

This was well done and as far as I could tell very Biblical and done from the enemies point of view that you rarely here.


I understand if this gets removed but I also see this as important information for Believers to use Now! I already am sharing with family.


I’ve been watching Watchman on the wall 88 ( Chad ) and Brit Gillette recently and what I’m sensing is this :
Thank know Israel is the time lock but as the church , we are raptured so that God returns focus to Israel.
So yes, they are critical to end time prophetic understanding.
But for the church , one of the biggest indicators of how close we are is the planned banking collapse tied to this BRICS/ CBDC taking shape leading eventually to the cashless society that will be in full force when the Antichrist rules.


Letitia wrote: I just read that the requirement ended May 1, 2023.
Thanks so much for the update Letitia, so until the next plandemic.
I’m sure that it is still being mandated in other countries to maintain power and control.


It looks like Nefarious is designed to scare the masses again.
Evil in real life is much more subtle, and prefers to hide, showing only the desired effects.


Thanks for the response.

I can see that to a point but to be honest I believe there is much more to this if we use it as a part of our testimony or ministry.

When Jesus encountered Legion everybody in that area knew of the demon possessed men and how powerful he Legion was. So I don’t see this as just another scarry movie and should not be categorized as such. There is much more biblical truth than Hollywood normally would share I believe.

Satan in this age is so full of pride he is now spewing out his blaspheme and deceptive plans in full view with his followers buying in. Only usually he is the woke loving kind of guy. Not in this movie far from it.

Your summation of the movie was my 1st take on it until I put a little time and prayer into it. In some ways I did not want to go see it but then wondered if that was the spirit of fear and we know that is not of God.

I believe these guys may have had a good idea to reveal what is really behind the coming AC dressed to deceive the world in the subtle ways you speak of.



I always appreciate your input, Ken.
Yes, any ‘good news’ from gov. just makes me suspicious. However, I am thankful that some may at least feel like they have a choice in US for a little while. I’m still praying for a fed worker, family member, believer. My prayer is that the scales would be removed from his eyes and that the Lord would use him. Join me.


Ok the trailer scared me. I dont go to movies but it looks worth watching


When I walked in to the theater there was only one person there and I started talking to the only other guy there. Why not I though could be a Christian? Told him I came to learn more about Spiritual warfare since we are in the middle of a war. He laughed for a short moment then confirmed we were both thinking similar. Turns out he was there for basically the same reason as me. We talked a good while as we were early of course.

Its seemed like a God moment as we talked I found out like me, he had just recently lost his wives to cancer also and we both had gotten C19 fortunately his was not as serious as mine. He shared his story then I shared mine it was kind of hard for both of us.

We bonded as brothers in Christ very quickly and I shared the JD Farag Forum information with him. Dang, I am going to get some kind of info cards to share for times like that.

These two were kind of bold and funny.
There was two nice older ladies setting in front of me as there was only 4 total of us during the matinee. I said before it started I did not want to hear any screaming and yelling out of them.

Well they both started laughing and so did the other guy just in back of me. We all talked about why we came, we were all Christians’ and we wanted to see for ourselves if this was worth sharing or just what is was good or bad.

When it was over I stood up and commended the ladies for not screaming and then we chatted for a while and agreed believers and others need to see this movie.

That’s just 4 of us and yes it was intense for sure but realistic also.

Thank you Margaret,



Lawlessness has reached a whole new level. It is coming from satan possessed people. In New Orleans women are being gunned down in their cars with their babies strapped in the backseats. And these machine guns they are using are shooting the babies as well as the whole car. It is enough to make me throw up listening to our local news. This is nothing but demonic.
New Orleans women began drug pushing and now they are being mowed down just like the men. The mayor is pleading on our nightly news to stop this insanity.
Please Lord, come quickly!

*I guess I have my own real life horror movie but it is unbearable to watch


Its fantastic that you met a like minded brother in Christ, i love when the Lord engineers that. Through the forum i met a lovely sister who lives in n ireland. Its so lovely being able to talk about whats happening/the enemy’s attack the power of God / certainties of his victory and encourage each other.
Thank you for the recommendation was it a normal conema you were able to see the movie in? Will have to look out for it
Thank you and God bless you


I’m so thankful for this forum and like minded Christians being bereans and having understanding about what is happening in this world. It’s getting harder and harder to sit in a church, although truth telling, that will not talk about the elephant in the room. A church that is asleep about what time it is and what that means for all of humanity. It breaks my heart how asleep the church is . I want to shout it from the rooftops- Jesus is coming!!! Judgment/wrath of God is coming!!!

I appreciated Dr David Reagan sharing recently how Bible prophecy is what got his attention and helped make his life holy and purpose urgent.
How is it possible the church is missing the biggest event in history ? Just like His first coming the world is completely missing the boat. Nothing is new under the sun. History repeating itself… I realize that’s how it has to be. Only the wise will understand. Hard to wrap my head around it all the same. I also see what a responsibility we all bear knowing this.

I have only been able to listen to part of Britts video above from Stephmerm but early on I thought, wow, are they going to use the failure to pass the debt ceiling as a way to just start this whole economic reset?
I have always thought Scripture from days of Noah and Lot show it will be business as usual before the wrath of God. So could it be, are we that close???

I did share with a neighbor last night and a Muslim lady today that Jesus is coming soon (after the gospel). Each one thought I was crazy. The Muslim lady laughed when I said that and when I said america is dying …. Such a delusion on the world.

Please pray for Greta and Fathima.

We are in good company of those who believed the whole Bible and believed He was coming soon.



That’s because in Islam, hardly anything deals with end times in Koran. They are mostly religious and follow its laws from cradle to grave.

The so called Mahdi figure is mainly believed by Shia Muslims in Iran and Iraq. That’s why Iran likes to create chaos in Middle East to bring in their Mahdi saviour.

Britts is more on econs and finance prophecy update.


18 May 2023