May 16 2021: Bible Prophecy Update


Thank you for the confirmation of my brain’s information (this just happened to rhyme LOL).

Yeah, I think I find him going back on his word pretty shady. And going like…completely the other way too. Fishy.

Maranatha…any day now please Lord.

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He knew what would bring “most” everybody from the right his mentors and their followers kept the momentum going.

We haven’t had any choices for years, Trump looked better because we had not seen any better in my life time. Even Reagan was not who we wanted to believe he was.

This day was coming the die was cast the scriptures have been written, we go with God and His word not by sight or emotional hopes from the hearts of men.



AGREED. My studies on Reagan…he’s the one that signed the bill (1986?) that makes gives vaccine companies zero responsibility for when their product harms someone…

Amen, Amen, Amen to that.

Peace to you also, and always.


We knew it was coming but where does it come from? We know what we are told but who should we believe its just what the Deep S could or would ask for.

I don’t think the Russians would be so obvious for so little. Looks like the play to create more trouble between the US and Russia. Who does that bring to mind if you look back over the last few years?

If they say go left go right if they say look down you should already be looking up.



I will say I am disappointed that Trump early on was said to want to champion vax safety with Robert Kennedy Jr. (a known critic of vax). Trump even campaigned on his concern for how vax’s contribute to down syndrome. Yet after promises, the safety commission never got off the ground. On one hand being new to the presidency, perhaps a boy that lost his way on the way in for a minute. But there does not seem to be any resurgence of said safety commission during his admin. That is disappointing :frowning: However I believe he went with Warp Speed to counter shutdowns. I don’t think he was misled by Fauci.

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My Post to Karyn

Nope, He kept the charade going on the CCP V and his push to the warp speed like he had a mandate from hell if you ask me.

Faucie is a bad liar and Trump played the fool or He was a fool after all the Deep State supposedly did to get rid of him he still fell for it? And still takes credit?

Trump let the Deep State tell him who to use and to appoint, if he was fooled then he was stupid because most of us knew after the 15 days this was a scam.

You keep hanging on to a dead limb my friend.



@TCC I have to agree with @DEC

It’s too shady. Also Fauci is a really bad liar, that’s another thing that blows my mind. People seem to more often believe what they WANT to believe; rather than the hard truth.

Maybe Trump had an opportunity to really stand up for America, and the world, but he definitely blew it. Whatever his motivations.


@DEC :cherry_blossom:

his push to the warp speed like he had a mandate from hell if you ask me.

WORD :facepunch:t3: !!!

“Mandate from Hell” is the best characterization I think I’ve ever heard…absolute perfect description :clap:t3: :clap:t3:.

Blessings & Maranatha :revolving_hearts:


I don’t view Trump as part of their system. What blows my mind is how so many are so sure of what we see not knowing. Either of us could be wrong. But I spent most of my life waiting for the other shoe to drop ending up with a life lived in wait of what was around the corner. I’m not doing that with end times. We know horror is coming. Well enough. We don’t have to “bring it on.” It will come on its own.

But I do understand blending left and right together as the two headed eagle. I don’t see that Trump was talked into by the vax. Common sense tells us that if the deep state is lying about the numbers and faking a pandemic, having a vax would weaken them. The way i see it is it was a necessary evil. Albeit Trump was a punk for not keeping on with his ideas about vax safety commission. Yeah that pretty much right there would be a sin for sure. But when I look at this, I am not looking for a savior. I am trying to make sense of game theory.

What I do see is that it does make sense if a regime is trying to shut down the world, you produce a vax. I get 0 sense the dems wanted that back them. Everyone was calling it foolish and it would never happen. Perhaps it would be better if our neighbors around us were killing themselves because the economy got so bad they’d rather do that than starve and wither away? And that is in a 1st world country…how much worse the world over. To me not seeing that for an ideology of how the deep state takes the place of God in the end times is not healthy. Last I checked…it was ok to use reason and include God in the backdrop. I don’t mean for that to sound so snarky. But when we are living on mean streets it is helpful to at least entertain how savage the real playing may be.

As for Fauci, lol…yeah whatever. I have seen Trump on stupid street. The man has stupid in him. But not Fauci stupid. We are talking like we know what its like to be calling the shots in making foreign policy, or how to govern a city, a state, a country, a world economic demonic attack. Has anyone here governed a city? Yet we tend to be clear on how that looks on governing a country. I just don’t think Fauci is a shot caller. How long ago was The Prince written? 1513? Machiavelliism has been around for over 500 years. Political strategy has nuance. I am just saying there are other factors. To me in all honesty saying all of government is a psyop is a bit short sited posing as wisdom. The world is bigger than that…especially knowing who created it is all I’m saying.

I know Casey you are not my disciple :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol. Well actually I am not looking for disciples…just being a bit of a jerk. Nice to see you around dear sister. I think you could be correct. But I came from the reformation movement of 20+ years and logic like you are using was basically my daily bread. In some ways I am rather immune to it. But I consider such things because…well…its you :slight_smile:
Actually my post to Karyn was empathiszing with her position.

See the mind that is seeing Trump’s radical sick flaws still does not automatically go with Trump as Fauci’s puppet. Fauci didn’t even believe a vax was possible. We were in the same movie though right? Think about this logically. I know its “hard” as you say because of the devastation inherent in the vax and Trump’s affirming his own constituents take it–I don’t think reasonable people will listen to that. But just because I remember historically how this unfolded does not mean I refuse to see deep shame poured upon Trump where deserved. Because I so do.

I know the concerns are real and we are doing the best we can to make sense of it. In a way Casey, I am kind of glad you see things the way Dan does. I love the brother and even though the two of us are often at odds, I sense it to be a refreshing thing that he has your support. Where I cannot, your lovely heart can. And that actually blesses me. Whatever happens happens and what will be will be. The way things go won’t be altered by what I or you or Dan thinks. I would take you comment about the hard truth more seriously though (for mostly I already do because of your heart) had you experience in public governance. There are those in that who may share you view, and even though theur heart may lean Christian, I don’t know their heart to be as lovely as yours to honor. Blessing.


Why do you say that, we are told to watch and that’s what many see so you don’t agree why do you think we are bringing it on. To do other wise would be to ignore what we see.

You do all you can to take to focus off what many see as obvious, all the things Trump did were all momentarily and set us all up for where we are now if he meant to or not. Yet do you believe his coming back will end better or worse?

I agree he was not fooled or he would have owned his failure but he did not the opposite is true. Your hope is that he will make things better until the rapture well that why most of us voted for him anyway.

That may have worked out well then but next time if there is a next time may not do anything but hasten our demise as a Nation! because if you are correct then the Deep State will have fewer options in shutting down the US resistance correct?



@TCC :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think it’s very possible Trump believes in “eugenics” he actually said that once, I believe, at a rally. He seems to sometimes speaking out of both sides of the mouth. When I see someone say one thing, and then do another, or say one thing, then say the opposite-- without a reasonable explanation (we are human we can change our minds on things), well I think of that person as being dishonest, and pretty much their whole character comes under my suspicion.

EDIT: Especially with politicians. And well, I don’t think I have to do this with everyday people in my life–it’s the fact that Trump and other politicians have power, and I think in these end times, that power has corrupted basically…most of our politicians and leaders. There are some good ones out there, but they are not calling the shots, at least it doesn’t look like they are.


Well said. Absolute power corrupts absolutely…or something like that. :wink:


That was a very keen observation, if so, @CLE. I hadn’t ever spotted that, but I DO remember his very early words against vaccinations. Then, of course, he switched!


What you are saying Dan is that if I speak against the right and left conspiring against us I am not watching? The notion we are seeing it differently and punting it back and forth implies I’m watching.

That’s a question for those who see left/right conspiracy. That answer is often ONLY bad, right? That alone should indicate logical fallacy MAY be at play.

This is not about my hope. Sure it would be nice. But if that occurs, I don’t think we comprehend what it might mean. People will likely commit suicide over such events. Mostly bad players but some really confused people who can’t make sense anymore. Plus blow back. It would have a lot of drama. Not just cotton candy. I am just trying to see game theory as it comports with my understanding of the word is all. It would be nice if things are better till the rapture. But who knows when Ez 38 hits. If it goes that direction, it would be more than better. It would likely become rather seductive. If there are enough weeks of it…lol. It would be hard to see a reasonable window of time even though i believe tribulation is 2024 ish possibly.

Which would mean harsher options. Yeah.

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Ok I’m gonna go here. But only because its you Casey :grin: After this, you can only imagine what I’m holding back. I think there are a number of reasons to distrust Trump. The military raise of 10% on Christmas that was not, the concern in dividing up Israel, the change on his direction with vax safety. And he did change. Yes fine reasons to see him as flawed and sinful. But I don’t think that is the standard I am looking at as it might relate to Trump if he remerges. And by the way…that is an “if.” If not, Arizona sucks and we all get buried in deep state mire…it was just wishful thinking and probably the medication I’m on.

I don’t think Trump’s trustworthiness corresponds to why he might remerge to power. When we think of righteous do we think of Lot? Do we think of Abraham when he lied about his wife as sister twice? Do we think of Cyrus as a Zoroastrian (one God called His shepherd…what is wrong with that picture?)? Or why does Esther marry a pagan king (forbidden by Tora) and God blesses it tremendously? Or even, how could God set up such a scenario like that? Especially in a book that also legally provided a day of celebration in it for Israel? Celebrate that time Esther broke the Tora and married into a foreign kingdom?

The reasons I bring up the last paragraph have nothing really to do with the Trump the man. I am just saying that if Trump does reemerge in my mind makes it all the more likely my take on him in Revelation. If that is true, God can make that horse any character He chooses. Our thoughts of how right and honorable would be secondary (although they would have to make sense somewhere of course). If a man robs a liquor store and causes a bad accident while escaping, and then flees to a different town where he inadvertently kills a great oppressor in another car accident…in that town…that robber would been seen somewhat as a hero. So if a womanizer, and pompous egotist just happens to be used in such a way to stay back the hands tyranny…we may not like him. We may not trust him. But his doing that would not be missed. Except if we are only looking at what other corruption might be coming from him…lol. If he does rise to power, it would not be a super long time i would reckon. But if it strays into something God is doing, our opinions would be secondary…and we would have to recognize it on some significant level. And if so, there would likely be blowback. Maybe even Ez 38. So with all that in the background, his flaws would not suggest to me whether or not he would be good for the country. If we cannot separate him from Fauci, the only thing we can think would be how fast he turns America into the beast system is about as far as we would likely be willing to see. THESE ARE BIG IFS…lol. But if it goes down as such, i believe the time of trying to get a grip will be for those who don’t know the Lord. The church would do well, I believe, to see what that closing window is for…and it would not really be for how we trust Trump or not. Blessings.

I think he said it like this “I believe in the good gene thing…you know good genes” something like that, if my memory serves. But who knows because I’m almost 7 weeks preggo, so the brain is not so stellar right now! Haha!

@TCC It’s true that many men were flawed in the Bible; but with the current “climate” in the “power stage” of the world–I really think Trump pushing the vaccine is really a baaaaaaaaad sign. Unless we are wrong about the vaccine being what it is, and it’s something else…possibly just as bad but “different”. But I don’t think so. Either way, the vax is incredibly evil, and Trump had to know that. He could have stood up for what was right, but I think he was like Saul–rejected because he consorted with the wrong people, and he chose poorly.

Aren’t some of the people in his advisors New Agers?

I really think he sold out. On something he may also believe–he may buy into eugenics. That’s really bad.

I do see your point that he could be used for some good purpose, but I don’t have any proof for that. I think it’s possible God has rejected Trump. If God wanted Trump in office, he would be in office. If he comes back and is in office and somehow flips this around and speaks truth, then by all means, let it be so.


According to most scholars I trust - ie, Scott, Ironsides, Chafer, Walvoord, Woodbridge, Pentecost, Larkin, J. McGee, Andy Woods and others - I believe that white horse rider to be the Anti Christ - an imitation of Christ pretending to be Christ who comes forth not appearing to be a villain and the world will acclaim him - just saying