May 16 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

The wilderness is believed to be Petra. The woman is the remnant of Israel. There they will be face an army that can’t be numbered, however God will slay their enemies at Armageddon.

The Church has been gone. The remaining humans are either Jewish, Gentiles who have escaped the Mark and are saved or the enemies of God.

The wedding feast doesn’t take place until the Millennium.
(I’m not TCC either, just trying to be helpful) :blush:


Oh… I wonder where we will be between the rapture and the millennium… time will be different though eh,… thankyou x

Friend we’ll be kings and priests in heaven learning our jobs duties for the millennium dispensation period.



I wanted to thank whoever recommended Pastor Lawson’s vids to me a while ago, as I watched a few yesterday and the Lord used them in a large way. I think it may have been you @TCC ? But I am not sure. It was not in this thread BTW, but some time back. It just took me a long time to get to it.

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I think it may have been @Gigi, @Violet :grin: I’m not entirely sure either. lol :wink:

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Thanks… it was actually a long time ago but I am slow. :slight_smile:

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Hardly slow :hugs: The post you are referring to caught my attention because I have also appreciated Pastor Lawson’s messages and I remembered because of that. I apologize if I’ve horned in on your conversation. I had to laugh at me tagging multiple people in the same sentence. Well, maybe I didn’t (have to laugh) but it made me laugh anyway. :grin: I’m trying to say in a very fumbling way that I am entirely laughing at myself. :wink: @Violet

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Thankyou , now I understand … I haven’t been reading long enough to know, what all the meanings are, it doesn’t mean I’m not interested, I like reading what everyone is talking about but the terminology completely loses me, … but thanks for a simple explanation. Its appreciated. X


Ah thankyou, Where abouts can I find those,? mind you at the rate this is all moving on, I might not have time… things seem to be moving along quickly… but I’ll take a look

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I have been wanting to get one of his hand painted timelines.

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I also listened to this one yesterday which talks about some of the same ideas around unity as well . Its not a new sermon (2018) but still very relevant IMHO. Fake Christians | Charles Lawson

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Hi Violet. It wasn’t me who recommended Lawson. I have heard him a few times. I think he is most memorable for his sermon on CERN. I’ve liked him when i listened to him. :slight_smile: Blessings.


We will be with Christ forever (wherever He is at any point, and this is the best part), Wedding (Chamber and Feast), Bema rewards judgment (Crowns and robes etc), but also in our Glorified bodies and eternal as well (also a great part).

While the world is going through the 7 years here on earth, we will be with Christ for that 7 years, and forever more through the Millennial Reign, and through out eternity.

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This prophecy is sometimes considered to have a two fold application.

1st The child was Yeshua Jesus the head
2nd This latest sign of Rev 12 is the rapture and he is coming for the child his the body made complete in him.

I don’t want to cause confusion but many believe the child is the body of Christ and Satan is there stop the rapture. That’s why the satan gives his power over to the AC “a man” for 3.5 years the 1st half of tribulation.

This teaching is very good and is very exciting even though many thought this was to happen then it was a sign for the near future. We are still waiting I see the Rev. 12 as a warning to Israel the AC is coming and to the Church the rapture is coming.



Revelation Poster and Revised Handbook - No Greater Joy Ministries You can order through this link if anyone is interested.


Israel is the women
The Church is the child coming out of Israel

The two part is pointing to the symbolic head and body being one as a bride and and groom become both signs point to one in this sense.

Satan is about to devour her child the Church the when he sees that the rapture about to take place, that’s why he gives his power over to the man AC. I can’t see any other reason Satan would share His power if he had a choice.

I believe the dragon is not in the kingdom of Heaven the battle takes place in the heaven outside of the Kingdom but yes he is not allowed back into the kingdom of heaven from then on.

Satan don’t take over the world system until the 2nd half and does go after the Jew but 1st in Israel that’s why she Israel the woman flees.

To the wilderness for protection from Michael the archangel I believe.

*** If you have time consider watching the video it will make more sense than I do.



I find this a legitimate interpretation myself. I know JD had dismissed it a few years back.

The problem wasn’t really that Sept 23rd was a fulfillment of Rev 12:1-2 (as the Sign in the heavens that John saw. The problem was the hype, disinformation, and division that some caused over it.

Date setters, et all…

Most people see Revelation as a sequential chronological order that must lock-step occur in sequence.

And it is chronological in most respects as a progression of events. the problem is that some parts deal with different aspects and characters of the same events.

There is also the “Chiastic” design of Revelation. A design that we find in Genesis and other books of the bible also.

A things about Revelation 12 are:

  • It is a parenthetical chapter that covers the full 7 years of tribulation (and some time before with the travail birth pains) and deals with specific characters. That being Israel (the woman), the man-child (Body of Christ), her “other” offspring, the Red Dragon (satan). Other chapters deal with the world at large, non-believers, ecology, economics, etc aside from these characters.

  • it is the center piece of the whole of Revelation contextually in this chiastic writing style (not by chapter, but by context. Chapter and verse came much later on for our benefit to relate to others reading the same text. The books of the bible were originally written as run-on paragraphs, and it is the context that defines what is grouped with what).

  • Key points are that Christ Jesus wasn’t raptured at birth, but ascended under His own power at His ascension. As to the Body of Christ (the Church, of which Jesus is the Head) being the man-child who will rule the nations with an Iron Scepter, Christ gave the Church authority and power until such time as it is removed from the earth. We will rule and reign with Him in the Millennium. As long as the Church is here with that Authority and Power, the gates of Hell can not prevail. All bets are off after we are removed, and indeed that is what we see will happen at the start of the Tribulation.

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Here I will differ from you as the word used for the catching away is the same word used by Paul in 1 Thess 4 and 1 Corinthians 15

Harpazo… :slight_smile:

But the Body of Christ is considered the male heir.

Remember that with marriage the two become one flesh. :slight_smile:


Yes sir, Satan did not want this to be understood and nearly overshadowed it because they missed the fact it was a sign post pointing ahead not a jump on the Plane sign.

Yep, I was amazed when I 1st saw a Chasm and I still am.

Anyway it’s very exciting and encouraging to study.
back the kept tell anyone that would listen its at a time you think not get over the date nonsense.