May 16 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

From what I understood, during the fighting in Syria during the early Trump term there were many there wanting to “bring on the end times.” It is a thing these days. I believe it is a Muslim goal as well. So yeah, perhaps the deep state too (from like an occultist angle). But I don’t really pay too much attention to all the conspiracy within a conspiracy things. Keeping it simple, it is God who releases the seals.

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That’s why I see it as the Psalm 83 setting the stage for peace and safety with walls down. It’s said to be a war like Gideon fought.

To those that think they are looking for Ezekiel 38-39 Israel believes its still got walls up and from all reports the Iron dome and David’s sling was having a bit of a time up keeping up. If Hezbollah had been on board the Israeli fatality rate would have been much more unless God intervened.

We do know they are getting more weapons from US for defence we shall see.

You point to his legacy and like all presidents he had one and of course they must tear it down but I don’t see that as confirmation it was a type of setup for next time.
Also all presidents throw monkey wrenches into the system on their way out if they lose to the other side. But they still have the same evil goal they just want their side to win it.

I can believe its going to be bigger than you think considering all the players and Russia or Turkey will lose 5/6ths of their armies.

Sorry referring to Satan’s little helper the man of sin.

I never thought that Trump was AC , don’t fit the profile plus not charismatic or eloquent speaking enough. Jared neither AC is playing a lower profile.

I see those as distractions from the enemy and warning by God.

I don’t see Trump as Cyrus either another part of the west’s fake
last days deception. No more than the false Messiah Israel has intertains over the ages. The thing is these fools are setting the stage for the real Mccoy but won’t know it until it’s too late to stop.

We already know the powers that be wanted to take down most of the middle east thats why the republicans went into Iraq.


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There are Mystic False Jews at the top already on both sides likely.

It’s kind of like this when operation paperclip brought over all the Nazi scientist to nasa it was mainly run by Masons but the Nazis ended up in control and have never stopped with the same program they had as Nazi’s.



Here in Europe it’s 48 hrs before test, antibodies or vaccine

I’ve also heard the woman is the church or mary

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It looks like the wedding feast is at the end of the tribulation or the 1,000 year reign of Christ. It looks like it does not start until Armageddon timeframe at minimum. Good observation. :slight_smile:

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Yeah. I hear you Dan. It is interesting and helpful to see how things are unfolding, and how they are lining up for the beast system at some point. As we are still in the age of grace, even though there is so much wickedness around us, I try to see how God might be moving too as in the days of still the age of grace. It may be helpful to view in this way as well too because it might be needed to consider in order also to understand some things too we might be looking at. Blessings.


Thank you for taking time to respond appreciate your reply very much :pray::heart:

I am grateful for your response , I really love the way you have explained with the tempting of Jesus …thank you :pray::heart:

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I say both a two fold prophecy then and now!

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Thank you for your message , it has made me think deeply , it saddened me deeply to see such theatrics and how it’s happening everywhere I’ve left 2 churches because of this … Again thank you TCC :pray::heart:
I think JD said to die ( give your whole self to Christ) to self daily . Some days for me it’s hourly :pray::roll_eyes:

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I hope you are correct would love to see some kind of awakening before the 7.

This is where we would differ Dan. Because the 1st seal has historically been seen for centuries as far more good than evil, I would chalk thinking it is deception and AC to an age that might tend too see too much conspiracy as we certainly are prone to do. But I could be wrong. I am just saying I leave room for God in that equation. And I see God and the deep state players as two separate entities. I say that tongue-in-cheek of course. I know what you are saying. I just don’t think we leave much room for God in this. We just cosign our age to Satan practically. And he is not sovereign. And its still the age of grace. I understand the temptation. I am guilty in areas of this too. But it should concern us that we have not permitted God a place in much of this. We know how things go to a degree…and we fill in a lot of blanks presuming we are tracking with the spirit of prophecy. But it may come out differently. It is a reasonable danger to warn against…one specific to our age for sure at least is all.

Ok, my actual answer to your quote though is this: That would be true Dan if it were 1980. But are we not on the verge of completely losing the country and the constitution? The stakes are higher than you are sharing here. Now is the time. If Biden regime is not stopped…then Biden (not Trump) is the last president (ok Harris…but whatever…lol). In other words the dems will be the imperialistic ruling party and America is gone. So let’s just say someone in politics knew what time it was. If we see it now, could not some see it going into things a few years back…or certainly along the way? Or is our way of concluded more informed that what drama we see now play out before our eyes might infer? Just saying.

I’d buy that if Christians were aware there were four horses (one white) in Zachariah too. And the white being Cyrus. No one is talking about this. Not even NAR…they don’t study their bibles areal. So I seriously doubt they would use Trump to wink at that to a world that would not be able to see that in the bible. Like I mentioned before someone told me that COVID was the 1st seal and fake apocalypses. I don’t think the real apocalypses is a fake version of itself. I think its a fake pandemic, yes. But their famed messiah did not affirm Israel, nor broker the Abraham Accords, nor stare down China, nor stare down North Korea, nor brought the stock market to highest point ever, nor bring back manufacturing, nor challenge the deep state narrative. You are willing to go too many miles to see deception in a world where God in on the throne of a time of grace. You are far more a gambling man than eye brother. I go for risk extraordinaire. But I would find it far too risky to see everything as conspiracy. Man only lives 70 to 80 years. Just saying…i think that might be seeing a little too far into things we don’t know. There are things we can measure though. It is safer, not as risky, not as sexy. But conservative investments do pay often. Blessings.

Well, I agree but one can hope that father would give the US one last chance to draw near him He did use the US to send a lot of missionaries out. I know owes the US nothing but one can hope and pray he will.



Run dont walk from anything that sounds, smells or looks like an “awakening”.

Nowhere in scripture is anylike even closely spoken of as an endtime awakening,
rather massive overwhelming spiritual deception.
There will be a counterfeit revival or event to deceive even the elect if that were possible.

The coming “awakening” will be Luciferian even though it will use scripture, signs and
wonders, and be done in the name of God.


Of course he plays them like a fiddle. Until they have no way out but to follow the path and trap he has set.

Psalm 37:13
The Lord laughs at him [the wicked one—the one who oppresses the righteous], For He sees that his day [of defeat] is coming.

Oh yes I forgot about that, I haven’t heard that brought up in a long time and not sure with Trump in the conversation either.

I thought Trump would be the last never thought the left would get a chance to steal it.

Maybe so, but it has been against my will the whole time. I wanted to ignore the obvious issue.

I did not buy anything about who he was as far as a playboy or billionaire but when I found the info on the dark side of the moon.

I started to except there was more to the story. Including his uncle and Tesla, the Rothschilds bailing him out of bankruptcy and then his son-in-law and Soros dealing not to forget Bibi used to stay at Jared’s parents house when in town.

For the NAR and many christian conservative he was a messiah figure more than a Cyrus figure don’t you think, well you must you wondered yourself if he could be AC…

Anyway, I believe it’s always safer to bet to not trusting of either side.
I believe you are the gampler here.

But again I have not given any study the the White horse idea I guess it’s possible a Trump possibility. Not holding my breath either way on this one.

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It is happening now and many are running to what is termed the “Universal Christ.”


Thanks Dan. I don’t really see it like a chance for America as much though bro. I understand where you are coming from though. And it could go down wicked bad. Perhaps I have Pollyanna glasses on…but I really don’t mean it as a chance for America. I am not thinking in those terms. In ways America does not deserve it. As sinners no one does. I know God works with nations too though. We provide the world with adultery through its veins. Can’t go too well for us. But I am merely looking at it from what I would consider a practical standpoint. Like according to God’s character and just what all the noise and dirt and dust kicks up. Putting that together, it would seem to me that God’s character would want to be the first in the door. Not that America deserves though. If that makes sense. Blessings.

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Thanks so much for the articles.


Yes, that word has unfortunately become linked with the Q movement and the NAR beliefs, for starters. We have to be pretty watchful.