May 16 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

This is confusing why are they allowing this if they are trying to depopulate…


China is only interested in being the dominating super power, not in the globalists’ circle.


Thank you sometimes I read so much I get confused , appreciate your help :pray::heart:

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Thank you that makes sense , I appreciate your help , thank God for this forum :pray::heart:


Thankyou for that film, I sent it on to my niece, shed sent me a photo with a comparison of the earth surrounded by satellites and the coronavirus under microscope, they looked very similar… I told her it said to me that the earth was sick, and no man on earth could save it, only God could do that. Then I sent the video about the Jews who didn’t know about Jesus, and the forbidden scriptures in the old testament that they arent allowed to read… This film talked to me, the lengths that have been taken to cover up knowledge and divert us from Christ…
I also added this other film that shows God added scientific facts in the bible that our scientists only found out in relevantly recent times, … thought I’d share them, so that anyone else needing more proof for unbelievers might use …



I remember as a teenager in the hospital getting my tonsils removed. painful memory But had a silver lining one that I just now really appreciate.

Also I was not particularly spiritual and had only recently learned the part about Jews avoiding Isaiah 53 and didn’t know rabbis would falsely teach that was Israel not Jesus suffering.

The person next to me in the room was a 50 something a young man:-) and we talked while we both nervously waited what was next.

As we talked he told me he was Jewish. Out of no where (holy spirit) I immediately asked so what do you think of ISAIAH 53?

To my surprise he said he knew nothing about it. Not sure exactly what I said but I did asked haven’t you read that in your bible? Don’t you know who that is talking about?

I said that’s weird you don’t know? He said he never has studied it for some reason we don’t go there.

All I can remember is I said something like its about Jesus and you should.

We didn’t talk much after that and he was taken to surgery and then I was. I don’t remember him coming back as he was not there when I returned, and could talk or think about anything but pain and eating ice cream for the rest of the day.



Why Trump & Netanyahu Lost So Prophecy Can Be Fulfilled?

The Day of Rage Comes Tomorrow! I Wonder how Israel will respond?


love your story about being in the hospital!!

want to comment for fun… I agree on the “young” thing lol. it has been amazing to me that the older I get, the younger it seems “old” folks actually are. people in their 80s, I see their youthfulness behind all the aging. the exuberance they still hold onto. and they don’t even look so old to me like when I was a kid. I had a coworker a few years ago who was almost 60, and she told me, “when I turned 30, I was like, oh no I’m old! when I turned 40, I was like, why did I think I was old at 30? I was young! I’m old NOW! then when I turned 50, I was like, why did I think 40 was old? that was young, I’m old NOW! and now I’m almost 60, and missing the shape I was in at 50.” we agreed to do our best to not worry about getting old from then on.


While don’t agree that they have been released but here is a bible study that does. I don’t believe the Seals are open until the trib starts. until just a bit after the Rev 4 Rapture.


Amen to see our strength renewed.
Time to be a light in a dark place.

Sure hope we are all out of here before I am 70.



I love that #10 is proof of dinosaurs during Job’s time. Many years ago, my husband and I listened to some tapes recorded by Ken Hamm. He made it so practical and easy to understand God’s creation, going verse by verse through Genesis. He also talked about how dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark and then later mentioned in Job. We made sure to teach our boys that God is the Creator, even when their public school textbooks said otherwise. Ken has a website called Answers In Genesis. It’s a great resource as well.


Looks like they took that video down :frowning:

Thanks Dan. I kind of like this guy. I see things differently as you know. But his zeal for the word, and is honest heart are delightful. Thanks for sharing this. :slight_smile: From what it looks like in the news, the party apposing Bibi may fall apart if he can string them along for a minute. I guess we are at a crossroads to see how things unfold. I kind of look at things in an inverse way to how this gentlemen looks. Well, we are both starting with scripture. But he sees as America goes Israel. And I kind of see it more like, as Israel goes America. If Bibi does not stay, I’ll be surprised. But thanks for the alert. It is a good time to reflect in the event it goes down this path. Amen :slight_smile: Blessings.

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I am glad to see Pastor JD and I are seeing the setup by the Deep State using Trump as an insider to the right and to the Christians.

That is always how they work it, they just needed a more powerful and deceptive person to pull it off. But even then it was obvious if you didn’t believe the lie.

After all I don’t see him as the AC but it was enough to full many of our own. Stop looking at the worldly to bring back things that can’t go back.

I expect to see the evangelicals along with more Roman Catholics teaming up. Either way they both do not team up with Christ as the savior.


Hm… wouldn’t that be a great deception.

A multi-tiered deception! I do think Satan has been behind the globalists for many centuries and its part of his plan but what if the globalists are not Satan’s end game. What if he intended all the time to take them down so he could rise up his antichrist as the conquerer?

More has been coming out the last year than ever before because increasing numbers of people are listening to the Truthers (many the same folks who used to be called conspiracy theorists). It’s been mentioned in a few threads that most of the Truthers as well as the white hat doctors speaking out are New Age (or NAR, I think) and could be controlled opposition of some sort. Perhaps they are actually part of Satan’s plan.

Much of the white hat New Age camp is telling everyone to REBEL… and the word in 2 Thess. translated often as a “falling away” is sometimes translated as a rebellion (can also mean “a departure” I know). Even some pastors and churches are starting to sound that cry (and getting arrested).

Already the lab origin of Covid has out… something Truthers had maintained for a long time… maybe more comes out. Maybe a LOT more. And maybe out of the white hat, heavily New Age group rides the white horse to reveal, take down, and CONQUER the globalists.

If it all came out, many would be willing to follow the one who released the world from centuries of globalist’s slavery.

BUT the problem I see with that scenario is it would negate the ideas we have about the MOB being tied to the digital currency/vaccine.

Anyway, just some thoughts that ran through my head. Your posts always make me think @TCC

@DEC can you tell me what that video said? They have taken it down which must mean there was at least some truth in it that they didn’t want us to see?

I’m still not clear about if the white horse happens before or after the seventh week begins. I have always thought he came after but now I’m curious…


Looks like you and I agree on this for the most part, maybe together we can shine some light on the folks that want to save the hammer of the earth (USA) for Babylon.

Its not so hard to see if you look past what you want to see.
The S Douglas Woodward video I posed gets into the Deep Stat and the USA.

general revelation videos

Here is the video that leads up to the riders I believe they give a summary why they believe it started right after Yeshua ascended into heaven. You will see the white Horse video next in line here


Hi Violet. Glad this caught your interest. But I will start by speaking for Dan…lol. No I won’t. But I will answer your question directed at him. Normally yes, we can see the 1st seal starts at or just past the 70th week starts. The church is presumed gone. We see this from John in Rev 4 moving forward seems to be an analogy of church rapture. Although it is not stated. it is presumed a mirror of the rapture. Also, Violet, we discussed that the 24 Elders were presumed to be the church in chapters 4 & 5 of Rev. I used to think that. But after further study, I am leaning toward 12 patriarchs and 12 apostles. But of course, yes, it could also be the church. And in that case, it would be certain we rapture before definitely the 1st seal.

My take organically is that we rapture between the 1st and 2nd seal. I do not have any verses for that. That is based on 4 years of research as well as current trends. I would like to pose something for you to consider in respect to your post. Are you aware that for hundreds of years the church saw the 1st seal as good? Some saw it as Christ. Some as the word of God. Some as the Spirit and the church. We are talking 'hundreds of years" vs. our postmodern ideas about the 1st seal. We are prone to critique and see issues and problems and negative things interjected into a lot of things. It is kind of our skeptical human nature (the spirit of the age in our age). Granted the word may be saying in Rev 6:2 that that horse is deception. I challenge you though to find a white horse reference in the bible that supports you to come to that conclusion. Find where white is deceptive. You wont find it.

The best anyone can do is find 1) A deceptive bow, Jeremiahs 9:3. or, 2) “Above all do not be deceived” found in the beginning of Matt 24. There are several problems with #2. But one direct one is: which one is the white horse? Matt 24:5, 11, or 24? The bow reference is interesting but not conclusive enough to make a white horse deceptive. That 1st seal is not described as ominous. It could be…but it is not. Not like all the other 20 judgements in the 70th week. It is the only one that is not ominous. We live in a age that sees the 1st seal as deception. I believe it is the modern era that sees the 1st seal as evil. So you might want to research that. If that bears out to be true…we might be concerned why we have such a short attention span? Or what made us think it is now evil? I for one certainly don’t see the 1st seal as Christ…for that is a different horse. But to flip from good to evil…in my estimation…that might be subject to neurosis of an age. But research that out. See how far back you can find thinking the 1st seal as evil goes. I think it is a pretty dang young idea.

Also, please notice…it seems difficult for you to consider the notion of what I also put. That of course the world and the flesh will pervert any good thing. But if the 1st seal is not deception but the world use it as such…well…that would just be silly to label it evil and deception only right? I mean it is “seal” for crying out loud…lol. It might have values that transcend how we gauge how to look upon a judgement of this type. I think the 1st seal is God’s favor before destroying everything. But I am pretty lonely on that one over here Violet. Please consider what I’ve shared. I could be wrong and the whole leaning onto the 1st seal as AC making a deal with Israel be true and real. But I think that if the bow is the USA Constitution, it may be used in evil ways by some. But I would say since it meant liberty and justice for all for hundreds of years (not perfect…but could you imagine the world without it?) if God uses that as the 1st seal…its ok to see it through eyes as eyes of the pure to perhaps see God’s Character in that…while the rest the world only sees the devil. Just saying. Blessings.

I’m trying to consider and understand your ideas, but honestly you have a LOT more knowledge and years of study to draw from. And then there’s my lack of common sense thing. :frowning:

But in your scenario of the globalists conquered, even if by the constitution, wouldn’t that negate the ideas we have about the MOB being tied to the digital currency/vaccine.

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Violent I want you to know that I truly do adore you, my dear sister. We all lack common sense. I have never noticed though any such thing from you dear one. When it comes to the word and end times, we are yet still children (self most assuredly included). Thank you very much dear sister for caring to understand my ideas. They are not common, that is for sure. And it speaks a lot to your character to strive to understand another side.

I love Pastor JD and I love this forum and all our members. We are a very endearing family. We all have slightly different views and approaches…as we all gather together at the cross. I agree with a lot of things Pastor JD offers. To me, it is not how much I agree or don’t with the man. He is a Pastor and strives to honor God sincerely…and we can all see it. I have never met any pastor I 100% agree with. I gauge biblical authority not by how a Pastor lines up with my views…or my understanding of scripture (for I too will be wrong in places), but by his love for Christ and his character toward the church. We can plainly see this in Pastor JD.

I don’t exactly see the vaccine as tied to the MOB. That is something this forum leans to in the sense that it is a precursor of sorts. And I am just glad that Pastor JD can borrow the metaphor and warn the world with it of the age to come. Amen and Amen. I love the man. But I differ with the vaccine being exactly as a precursor. In one sense yes it is. And in the sense that Pastor JD uses it, he is warning the world of what the church won’t be able to after the rapture. So again I say, amen. However, please consider something.

There is something called IoT (the Internet of Things). Please look this term up. It is putting everything we use online. Once that is up and running to a reasonable degree, the world knowledge doubles rather quickly. In the past world knowledge use to double every 100 years. Then later every 25. Then later every 10 years. Now it doubles every 12 to 18 months (with the internet). It is projected to double every 12 to 24 hours once the IoT is up and running. As amazing as that might sounds…literally…that is not even the half of it.

If you factor out what knowledge doubling even just every 24 hours looks like, what would you guess that to be in a year? How about 6 months? How about 3 months? For simplicity, lets just use 30 days. What has to happen is what ever the amount was the day before it doubles. So like this: 2, 4, 8, 16 32, 64, 128, 256 (and that is just in the first week). But that does not mean that the world has gained 256 times the knowledge in one week. We need to get the cumulative effect to see the real impact. So at the end of 30 days (just 1 month) the world knowledge has double 500 million times (without the cumulative effect). 1 month is too hard to process for that. Let’s look at our one week model. What is the cumulative effect there? 256 + 128 + 64 + 32 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 = 510 times.

So imagine if that runs for a year. All we need is for IoT to be running the last whole year leading up to the MOB and you have an unfathomable number. Even after 1 month, it would be like going to bed in colonial times, and waking up a month later in the 21st century. Looking back on colonials times, how close could they see what things might look like in the 21st century. If that is true…we have no idea what the MOB will be like. That technology (and likely its concepts) are not known by our caveman world likely (comparatively speaking)…well…that is how I look at it.

I believe with Bitcoin that it is not something we should be looking at as the beast system. The use of biometrics and crypto are concerning, I grant you that. That is just freakish. But what I don’t think our age is in any short supply of is realizing more and more how much we are turning toward the beast system. For we are. And that is where it is all going. But we are living today. We are not living tomorrow. We are given grace for today…not for the beast system that isn’t here yet. On this side of the age of grace it is merely a system trending in the beast direction. What something means in the age of grace system will be different than what it means in the beast era. Apples and oranges. We should not be in too big of a hurry to get there. But rather the cares of today are enough according to Matt 6:34.

And today, Bitcoin is not the beast system. In fact, it is a free currency the central banks can’t get a hold on. Bitcoin well in fact may be the currency that takes down central banking and the deep state. We don’t know. But if true, focusing on it as the beast system won’t help clarify its value in the remaining days of the age of grace. In the age of grace America may mean good and a preservative to the world. In the tribulation, she may be the harlot. In algebra we gather like terms to solve more nuanced problems. That’s probably not only a good way to do math. Blessings.

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So if this is the elders and the rapture has not happened by then we then have 24 spirits beings, they will not be in their Glorified Bodies serving as the witness’s and we glorified believers would not be witnessing any of this as the body of Christ?

During this time I would expect the body would be with the head experiencing this one time cosmic moment?

Also Yeshua the Head of the Church suffered once and for all the Wrath of God so we would not have to.

So it stands to reason we the church his body, would not suffer the wrath of the Lamb our Christ during the Seal Judgments.

They are called Judgments correct?