May 16 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I understand but at some point fighting over a few beans may not even be an option. I remember stories of believers setting at the table believing God to provide the impossible.

If it comes to that then I will ask and believe, it comes down to his will not mine. I know that sounds brave but its not its knowing that at some point if we are still here faith will be the only way forward.

That said it would be more than foolish not to prepare a storm that has a good chance of coming our way.

While I believe this speaks to the second coming I think we should also have a show of a little faith at the rapture also.

Luke 18:8
I tell you that He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?”



I don’t eat meat, but I have plenty of other long lasting food stored as well as critter food. BUT I live in the high desert where there is NO WATER except what is in the faucet or the aqueduct (which can be shut off). I have some stored up, as well as filters and stuff, but if the water goes out there’s no amount I could store would last long with all my critters in the kind of dry heat here.


Unless of course his opposition is the evil empire.

How do those two go together?

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If the voter audit gains momentum…they have to shut down the grid, don’t they? I think that would be some code of ethics among thieves or something.


Amen and Amen :slight_smile:

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Yes…I think we should prepare a storm too. Amen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can bet they know they have to do something to change the momentum. I wonder how they believe the people would go for another cyber attack without a rebellion or maybe that plays to the plan who knows.The people at the top only care about the people and their minions as to keep them loyal.

Its almost like they don’t really care if they get caught in some ways.
The idea is to put us in our place either way After all they are entitled because they are breed from the star people aren’t they?

Maybe they are looking to make an excuse to bring in marshal law?

It’s not just talk they have made their plan clear they want the whole world and we get nothing and will be drugged into liking it.



I have heard of this great rebellion. On Point Preparedness talks a lot about that. I like Mike over there. I don’t share his views much of the time. But he certainly does care about having a right spirit. And I can tell he is a conscientious thinker and believer. But he gets quite a bit of push back for being overly cooperative. But the principles he looks at biblically are lovely for the most part. And he is an inquisitive and thought provoking mind.

I see someone like Dr. Shiva who is not a believer, yet he has an excellent program for America to step up and not just let it go to waste, as another aspect of weight and consideration in our day. I adore him for that. But I don’t think the man has a greater vision of who he is really messing with. He got spanked by both the deep state and republican machinery trying to run for the the senate. Here is another man whose ideas (some) I honor with disagreeing with some rather core elements. Dr. Shiva does not want a rebellion but a planned republic take back. And I am glad it is catching fire.

I don’t think there is going to be a great rebellion though personally Dan. I could be wrong of course. Who knows how this all plays out. But from what I understand, it is mechanics through the constitution that would be the game changer. Us little people doing all we can legally is only a piece of the puzzle. Instead of a rebellion I would imagine, should America regain stature, it would flow through high levels committed to the constitution and a little bit of grit (US / Australia style)…

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But what is the Deep State shooting for is the question, what is the normal process they via G Sorus use in his long history of taking down countries. I believe Sorus and Kissinger were created from the same mud they seem to have the same spirit of a traitor and self worship.

There is nothing new under the sun so I would say put that in your equation of thought?

The Mormons do along with others, even the 3 kings rebel against AC and are then subdued to make him even stronger.

I see our leader or tech leaders maybe Black Rock that is within the walls of the WH now setting the stage.

I don’t see AC destroying the USA just taking control to keep the “hammer” of the earth.

I personally believe every believer that would rebel is also being tempted to fall from the faith.

Maybe but I only see the constitution as now corrupted and clearly by passed by high powers already assigned to the UN I see it as check mated very possibly.

But I also see that as the main legal mechanism (secede) to divide the USA and even that shows we are going to lose control. Imagine before its over the true USA will be a few states standing against the world rulers of darkness kinda reminds me of Israel or the Alamo.

Shalom Brother,
If you have the faith to hold on to it.
Its all in his will not ours so be it.


Teren I believe you should take a little Deeper Look this also lines up with a Christian researcher that picked up the story around the end of WW2.

I believe to much of this is true even if its the Communists only sharing the truth they want us to see. Its still full of facts we know is true and still see now you know why they brought Nazi’s back to US soil and empowered them.

After all this was all designed to save the rich not us from the communists wasn’t it?

Who is protecting themselves now by stepping on all of us to save themselves for what is coming upon the earth?


This looks interesting, Dan. I may take a look at it, myself. (I quickly scanned through the comments and just keep shaking my head at the serious increase in expressed antiSemitism, these days. Seriously a sign of the times.)


Hi Dan. Thanks for the feedback. When I look upon these matters I typically ask what I consider to be two over arching questions:

  1. Even though things are moving in a tribulation direction, is there a difference in occurrences in the age of grace and in the the age of the tribulation?

  2. What the sovereignty of God might “still” look like in the age of grace approaching the tribulation.

Concerning number 1, I believe there is a major difference. When we look at the word of God, we know there is an Old Testament and a New Testament. We know there is a difference. It is often a bit of work to make proper distinctions. I reference this just as a matter of proper “categorical ethics.” In a similar way is there a difference between activity in the age of grace and activity in the age of tribulation? And if so, might God want us to distinguish these two for any reason? I think He at least “might” want that.

My reason would be Rev 12:5. Rev 15:1 is spelled out for us as the celestial symbol for bowls. So we know God uses celestial signs to at least emblemize a tribulation judgement cycle. The Rev 12 red dragon seems to match a trumpet judgement cycle emblem of sorts (see traces of 1/3 throughout those judgements). And if true, then the woman/child could very well be the seals sign emblem. If true, this celestial sign is different than the other two in that there is nothing ominous about it. Likely because it may well be presented to us during the age of grace (where God’s patience toward His creation is still very much alive and active). So I would see those signs as letting us know that God could well intend for us to make distinctions between events and theory upon the age of grace and the events and theory occurrences upon the age of tribulation. We tend, I believe, to overplay the tribulation hand onto our age of grace period. And thus conflate the two as one. God is about differences and distinctions (man/woman, adult/child, government & its people, the Old and New Testament just as a few). If we blend too much together, we can tend to lose reasonable continuity belonging to each “like term,” i.e. age of grace vs. age of tribulation.

Having said that, Soros and Kissinger and Gates and Fauci are not sovereign. Neither is the deep state nor the globalists. If we assign them the role as the god of this world as (for all intent practical purpose) the sovereigns of our age, I believe we can tend to leave out the Father. Which by our so doing would normally cause pause for, “is that a red flag in how we are thinking upon this?” But because it is so certainly close to the tribulation…please…this is meant as an iron sharpen iron motif and for polemic effect…not as unfriendly…but for import. I believe a certain amount of drunken tunnel vision is something good to at least keep in mind as a possibility of tendencies in how we might be looking upon things.

The narrative to conclude this is certainly on the rise today. But what America is now is under a totally different dispensation than the tribulation. Whatever rules apply distinguishing those two have much more magisterial authority than any of our takes on how they must blend at every point.

For example, I believe America stands a good chance of being the harlot during the tribulation. I could be wrong of course. But let’s just say for argument’s sake that’s true. Does that make her the harlot today? Is she riding the beast today? If God assigns one role to the USA or any country prior to the tribulation and another different role during the tribulation, it is His right to do that more than it is our right to conflate the two. To me its not a matter of being right or wrong on this. For we should have our convictions…amen. But I think the take away giving glory to God is our having the self awareness helpful to see the possibility of how two differing dispensations might have differences and where conflating the two might blur spiritual judgement in the believer.

If we have to see a great rebellion in anything that rubs shoulders with what is good for America as against God and is in fact rebellion, I would seriously ask for a forensic audit on that way of thinking. Personally I would disagree. And although rights are afforded to think as we may. I would have a huge red flag if forming that way of thinking gains further momentum. In my honest evaluation of it dear brother, it tends to suggest that our way of understanding how prophesy must seem to us negates any other aspect of how the true sovereign of the world feels about everything or anything. I mean in friendly terms, but it could be mistaken for: “Don’t worry, we got this all mapped out and covered.” But we know we are not His attorneys. Nor does He need one. And in as much as it is of benevolent error perhaps to do so (for we are all strving to understand), any lack of self awareness in that way of thinking, infers the aforementioned problem in mainting it. And I mean this on the friendliest of terms. For we know our prophetical senses are all challenged these days…and I may well be wrong even in where I believe arenas of Christian liberty do exist. But I believe it is good to keep in mind…for it could be the far right side of what we also don’t like about the far left…perhaps.

Yes brother and I understand your concern here. And I can even appreciate it. For it looks dark. And how can we really trust anything going on around us. Understood. But I believe to conclude that since the constitution has be marred therefor it must be unredeemable, even on a practical level, I would not say we know enough about how the constitution may or can actually function in the midst of its own demise (nor how its transformative edges might survive rough shoulder rubbing or amputations)–for even legal “scholars” on such issues would disagree. To conclude our insights upon the exact state and potential of the USA constitution in favor of our preferred view of how prophecy plays out is at minimal suspect. Add, “but God” to the equation and the previously mentioned is no argument at all. And the constitution can stand wholly unscathed. To not permit such possibility, although safer and resigned in not doing so, forces one into editing reality to one’s view of prophecy over and above perhaps the organic practicalities that are what might actually be occurring. I would think it wise to at least entertain such potential danger. Leaning not on our own understanding has always been a tension, no? Why would it not have a place at the table here? Just saying, that fact that in so many instances it has no invitation to our dinner, likely underscores exactly what we should likely otherwise consider. For those things that tend to fly under the radar are often the things to watch while we are distracted by what is effortlessly can be seen on the radar so easily (eye candy?)…kind of thing…if that makes sense?

I concede Dan that your secede observation may in fact succeed as you surmise. But if not, what might But God look like there? Blessings.

Not sure why most of my posts are so passionate and long today but here goes. Please don’t take me wrong I am not offended or taken a back. The last to days I put it out there like there was no tomorrow after all we are not given tomorrow and who knows when the net will be gone to believers and or conservatives.

Rightly dividing is a good place to start before you start taking notes :face_with_monocle:!

As I under stand you what does the transition look like when God decides to move into the next dispensation that is if you believe in Dispensationalism like me?

Well I see your point and find it interesting but tends to make the whole thing kinda messy for a simple guy?

Its another one of those two fold thingies again.
I don’t see the Rev. 12 signs as 1st to the Church but to Israel as a warning sign. A warning that the AC (false messiah) is coming soon seal a deal.The signs are not generally for gentiles But believers are to keep looking up and if we see the sign for israel we should know the purpose of it and take heed, and to me it points to the rapture if it points to the false messiah.

Well I am glad to see you are admitting to your weakness of the spirits :joy:

Think Q but more than that
Pretty sure I have been shouting from the roof tops that is what is going on. This type of thing happens during most any government take down.The rebellion and response is planned for to turn your enemy into an asset!

If you are trying nicely to say this is what I am thinking you are not hearing me very well friend. I certainly don’t have or think I have this mapped out but I do speed on down the tracks maybe a little to fast when things start flying by me maybe its time to slow a little bit.

No sir without God it can’t stand and if it does it will only stand until the appointed time as Yahweh has already committed to…

I believe your concern is with the fact I believe the USA is already turned over as a nation and under judgment.

Say Trump comes back I don’t see it as a time for a great awakening nor a revival at least not one that is blessed by Yahweh. We will see all the false prophets come running back and taking bows along with the militia and others I don’t blame them but I still believe its not where we should be looking for help…

Also tell me brother, will he not be on stage taking all the credit with a slight nod to the big guy upstairs?

That will be the time many might be seeing one of the kings onstage is my more concern.



Try as we might it seems to be the hardest part of studying the Prophecy isn’t it?
That’s why we seek the council of brother and sister in Christ just as we should.

I believe you share that wisdom?

No, your points are well taken I do not know how it plays out any more or much less than you but is that the issue?

I understand we are all bias in favor for our nation but unlike you I do believe I see past the curtain and the wizard is not the same as God and this looks a little to much like OZ not the USA we were taught to believe in.

God still loves the nation He still loves all the people even if some he may not like a lot right now and its possible I maybe one he needs to talk to may be even through you. But I suggest when He uses a person to waken another its also likely that person needs to see and learn something about himself in the process…

I understand where you are coming from and thank you for the wisdom you share.
I do see I should not hold to tight to what seems to be a more clear line in the sands of time than it use to be.

It’s not about the USA its about the people in the USA and specifically about the Christians that are doing their best to hear the Lord and do His will to expand the Kingdom at this late hour.

I don’t have that much pride in the USA as a country because we have been lied to from early on.

Its more about the Spirit of what the USA should be but not sure it really ever has been. Do you really think all those countries that don’t care for us that get money from us and we think that is enough don’t have a better understanding of this country than we might? We give them millions and take billions and trillions.

i don’t trust any country on the planet not even the one I love any more. That ship has sailed they want a NWO I want another world its that simple.

Seriously though, thank you for your heart felt input.
Its noted and received.

Shalom Brother


This is odd… I am at work and every time I come onto this site the radio plays “It’s the End of the World as We Know it” by R.E.M.
It’s happened to me 3 times in a row!!


Sounds like you saved the link where the video is playing. Try using another saved link to another page.

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But it’s not a video… it’s the local radio station playing at work!


Love it :slight_smile:

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That’s even a little to connected for me. Makes me want to turn on the radio wonder if its just some stations or all? Anybody had a jab around there you might ask?

Does make one wonder the CCP V jabs final run will basically make us like an radio antenna, nope not going there yet.

Wow check out the different station idea if you would and please let us know?



Very cute :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No. Don’t think you are saying that. But I guess if we lean too heavily limiting what the ranges of possibilities God might be capable of…well…its kind of like being the neighbor to his attorney. I consider concerns if I am wrong that Trump may indeed be the AC. Or some Luciferian Light creature. I don’t out right dismiss it. I don’t need convincing of its potential. There are some good arguments for it. I favor a different way of looking at it. But you tend to make statements that block out considering beyond a certain storyboard logic. Or at least that is how it comes across. Perhaps slowing down and bit is not unreasonable to :slight_smile:

Well, my point is not that Trump rises to rescue the world and God comes back to congratulate him. But your responses to my takes seem to keep you from considering what I am saying beyond that. My point was that if Trump is the 1st seal it…PLEASE ALISTEN BABE…drum roll palease…come on every one…we know this song already…ayodal…yahee…

It would be for a limited time…

[quote=“Decarlisle, post:951, topic:17948”]
only stand until the appointed time as Yahweh has already committed to…
[/quote] …

…yeah. Exactly Dan. What do you think i am saying? No. Trump will rule the kingdom and God will ask if its ok for him to come inside and do His homework…like any good 21st dad might? lol. Dan…this is making it a bit allusive to nail down a path of discussion if we are not understanding each other. I am trying. But did you have the sense that I think Trump is half human half angel and he will rule the world until he has had enough AND THEN ---- AND NOT BEFORE…he will give the steering wheel back over to God?

Yeah. I don’t honestly think that is a wise position, IMHO, 30 seconds from the tribulation. In 30 seconds my friend…the whole world is turned over. Does it matter even if the USA is if in 30 seconds the whole world is under His massive judgement for the next 7 years?

I see that as conflating the midtrib with the beginning. So we have NAR who don’t see any tribulation. And we have the other extreme…where the tribulation starts out with magic and the MOB. I see neither is correct. I don’t think either is biblical. I’m a biblical centrist…i tell ya…yuk yuk yuk (where’s a Groucho Marks emoji when you need one?).

My honest answer to that? People that see that are too much in the flesh. The reason is if Trump is the first seal it matters little how he comes across for the simple reason you nor I have ever seen a seal before.

I think we should pray. And I actually think we are being blessed. Its the deep state that wants us judged (and I don’t let them do my thinking for me)…and it doesn’t look like they’re getting their way. God is good. To me that notion sounds too Old Testament like. Especially 30 seconds before the tribulation. Honestly Dan it does not make sense for God to punish one nation like ours while there is so much evil in the world. Unless he is punishing all nations too…which we are on the verge of anyway. But as for America…I disagree brother. Yes pray and we should humble ourselves amen. But I see we are being blessed beyond belief. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but I would like dialogue in regards to my actual points of view.

I don’t either. We are having a discussion. The point is give and take in ideas on the merits of each. We don’t need to be on the same page. But brother it helps to be talking in the room. Maybe it would be helpful to hear you tell me what you think it is I’m thinking…lol. Because I know you Dan. I know you have heard my voice in the past. But I am not getting that same sense as much now. Your a nice man and a loving brother. But it seems like there is a somewhat of a disconnect. Not that you have to agree with me. But I would like to hear what you think it is i am saying. Please answer the following according to how you think I would answer. I have not been shy about my opinions. Have you been listening? Not that you have to…lol. I just want to converse on the merits of our points. Our posts can be lengthy and for them to matter to any one else on this forum…it is our responsibility to sharpen our content…which i believe is both of our aims…amen? Please proceed (warning…this is not a drill…this is not a test…this is a Quiz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. What is your understanding of my take on Trump as the 1st seal? What does that mean?
  2. How long does that last?
  3. Does that mean Trump is holy?
  4. Does that mean the tribulation does not come?
  5. Does that mean there’s a great awakening? And if so, does that even matter?
  6. What comes after the 1st seal? When?
  7. Is my take on Trump as 1st seal because I think he’d make an excellent world emperor? lol
  8. Is it possible Trump could reflect justice in an evil world? All things considered?
  9. Is it possible at all for the 1st seal not to be the AC?
  10. Is it possible the 1s seal is a bit longer than the others?


  1. Bonus question. Does Trump being the 1st seal means that God is blessing America because we have been so good? Cha cha cha :innocent:

I will get back to you on the quiz I have to study up to see if I really understand your questions as sometimes I have not given as much thought to a few that I might have. :sweat_smile:

Yep, I said no-way and moved on but I will re-evaluate your position on the matter overall could take till the day after the rapture I am slow you know.

But between now and then.

I have been considering the "other tree’s " (nations) concept.

I can see a two fold prophecy in that possible without a doubt for good reason.

I do believe what we see is Israel under the microscope and 2nd view a reflection that to many in the Church only view from 40,000 ft" 1st view is the 1st most important view to understand all thing and timing.

Meaning its possible that what we see outside of Israel as the world view, could be the other tree’s or nations. That is the 2nd view a result of what is going on in Israel. And a larger duplication of the events both on the world stage but if viewed separately it don’t add up or understood by only 2nd view.

Depends what your focus is on and how you react, how you are blessed by what you see or how you are to near a curse.

Both are running along two parallel tracks, but one is focused on Israel that view should “guide” the believers and the other is what “drives” the world. Again rightly dividing the word and world.

Rightly dividing to me means knowing what to focus on 1st view so you will know what you are really are seeing on the 2nd view. Or who is talking to who and when and has it really got something to do with you?

I will give you this the USA is being blessed right now in the midst of the transition into judgement that is coming upon the world not sure we are to expect more than that do you really.

I have to say your view seems to be through the eyes of a believing USA citizen not a believing world view.

You really can’t see just how big a monster the USA have been we feed the dragon virgins daily from other nations to have a bit of heaven on earth but now the dragon wants ours too. That story is not a fairy tell my friend most fairy tails have a dark truth.

You need to change glass’s you tend to forget the history is not what were were told we have not in the “halls of congress” hasn’t change that much since they were legislating genocide on the Indians.

You have keep looking at the 2nd view of the USA but the truth is in the 1st view. Sorry so sorry I knew but would not except we have always given a little for show but taken more than we should.

But in Judgment we see Gods mercy and grace. Its part of the last call the warnings and encourages us to know what tracks we are on and to show others the track to hit the mountain is a dead end.

I believe 2nd view is of a tunnel that takes them through the mountain but that tunnel doesn’t go all the way through does it?

The concept comes from this scripture:

1st view always playing out
Ezekiel 36:1
And you, son of man, prophesy to the mountains of Israel, and say, ‘O mountains of Israel, hear the word of the LORD!

2nd View most important in this generation
Genesis 12:3
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

I also understand Satan The Devil places both sides meaning all the bad stuff coming up about the USA surly comes from the dark side (communistism? but even that is expected the Rick Mans Trick has always been to protect the USA from communism but really is to protect his money and power. I guess the chickens are coming home to roost in many ways.

We are falling becuase the lie of the USA is being exposed because most of the so called church went along to get along with the Dragon.

Last question if Trump was good for Israel why did he lose power and all his good works be cast down and the USA with them? And do you really think it would be different if we do the same again? We know to repeat and expect a different out come is not science but?

Fool me once your fault fool me twice?