May 16 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

What you are saying Dan is that if I speak against the right and left conspiring against us I am not watching? The notion we are seeing it differently and punting it back and forth implies I’m watching.

That’s a question for those who see left/right conspiracy. That answer is often ONLY bad, right? That alone should indicate logical fallacy MAY be at play.

This is not about my hope. Sure it would be nice. But if that occurs, I don’t think we comprehend what it might mean. People will likely commit suicide over such events. Mostly bad players but some really confused people who can’t make sense anymore. Plus blow back. It would have a lot of drama. Not just cotton candy. I am just trying to see game theory as it comports with my understanding of the word is all. It would be nice if things are better till the rapture. But who knows when Ez 38 hits. If it goes that direction, it would be more than better. It would likely become rather seductive. If there are enough weeks of it…lol. It would be hard to see a reasonable window of time even though i believe tribulation is 2024 ish possibly.

Which would mean harsher options. Yeah.

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Ok I’m gonna go here. But only because its you Casey :grin: After this, you can only imagine what I’m holding back. I think there are a number of reasons to distrust Trump. The military raise of 10% on Christmas that was not, the concern in dividing up Israel, the change on his direction with vax safety. And he did change. Yes fine reasons to see him as flawed and sinful. But I don’t think that is the standard I am looking at as it might relate to Trump if he remerges. And by the way…that is an “if.” If not, Arizona sucks and we all get buried in deep state mire…it was just wishful thinking and probably the medication I’m on.

I don’t think Trump’s trustworthiness corresponds to why he might remerge to power. When we think of righteous do we think of Lot? Do we think of Abraham when he lied about his wife as sister twice? Do we think of Cyrus as a Zoroastrian (one God called His shepherd…what is wrong with that picture?)? Or why does Esther marry a pagan king (forbidden by Tora) and God blesses it tremendously? Or even, how could God set up such a scenario like that? Especially in a book that also legally provided a day of celebration in it for Israel? Celebrate that time Esther broke the Tora and married into a foreign kingdom?

The reasons I bring up the last paragraph have nothing really to do with the Trump the man. I am just saying that if Trump does reemerge in my mind makes it all the more likely my take on him in Revelation. If that is true, God can make that horse any character He chooses. Our thoughts of how right and honorable would be secondary (although they would have to make sense somewhere of course). If a man robs a liquor store and causes a bad accident while escaping, and then flees to a different town where he inadvertently kills a great oppressor in another car accident…in that town…that robber would been seen somewhat as a hero. So if a womanizer, and pompous egotist just happens to be used in such a way to stay back the hands tyranny…we may not like him. We may not trust him. But his doing that would not be missed. Except if we are only looking at what other corruption might be coming from him…lol. If he does rise to power, it would not be a super long time i would reckon. But if it strays into something God is doing, our opinions would be secondary…and we would have to recognize it on some significant level. And if so, there would likely be blowback. Maybe even Ez 38. So with all that in the background, his flaws would not suggest to me whether or not he would be good for the country. If we cannot separate him from Fauci, the only thing we can think would be how fast he turns America into the beast system is about as far as we would likely be willing to see. THESE ARE BIG IFS…lol. But if it goes down as such, i believe the time of trying to get a grip will be for those who don’t know the Lord. The church would do well, I believe, to see what that closing window is for…and it would not really be for how we trust Trump or not. Blessings.

I think he said it like this “I believe in the good gene thing…you know good genes” something like that, if my memory serves. But who knows because I’m almost 7 weeks preggo, so the brain is not so stellar right now! Haha!

@TCC It’s true that many men were flawed in the Bible; but with the current “climate” in the “power stage” of the world–I really think Trump pushing the vaccine is really a baaaaaaaaad sign. Unless we are wrong about the vaccine being what it is, and it’s something else…possibly just as bad but “different”. But I don’t think so. Either way, the vax is incredibly evil, and Trump had to know that. He could have stood up for what was right, but I think he was like Saul–rejected because he consorted with the wrong people, and he chose poorly.

Aren’t some of the people in his advisors New Agers?

I really think he sold out. On something he may also believe–he may buy into eugenics. That’s really bad.

I do see your point that he could be used for some good purpose, but I don’t have any proof for that. I think it’s possible God has rejected Trump. If God wanted Trump in office, he would be in office. If he comes back and is in office and somehow flips this around and speaks truth, then by all means, let it be so.


According to most scholars I trust - ie, Scott, Ironsides, Chafer, Walvoord, Woodbridge, Pentecost, Larkin, J. McGee, Andy Woods and others - I believe that white horse rider to be the Anti Christ - an imitation of Christ pretending to be Christ who comes forth not appearing to be a villain and the world will acclaim him - just saying


Everyone needs to share this like crazy.

Also this is the guy I follow on YouTube that referenced it; good channel

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@CLE, congratulations on your pregnancy!

Yes, btw, Trump had New Agers and New Apostolics among his religious advisors.


We don’t have to “bring it on.”

Come on man!!! :joy:
I am saying us watching and reporting don’t bring anything on. At least not any more then a brother theorizing that the 1st seal white horse is ridden by Donald Trump. And before the 7 years starts just to bring in a short little blessing to the earth??

Its possible but I believe my line of thinking actually has more merit when considering the biblical record and facts on the ground and the history of the NWO.



@CLE Casey that’s so exciting!! congratulations!! praying for you and bebe! <3 <3


This actually has nothing to do with Trump in many ways he his a tool, like I said its everything on the ground and in the book that says its all connected to the NWO.

Check out the video CLE shared its showing Trump still bragging on the Warp Speed CCP V.

If he comes back He will still be pushing it too.



reminds me I rode my bike past the skatepark yesterday and saw some graffiti on it said “new world order.” gotta wonder if it was just some random punk kid or if antifa type people rolled through. they did try starting a couple demonstrations in my town last year but I’m guessing they gained no traction here, our town just minds our own business and so we haven’t seen them around here in a long time. but people like that could have been the ones to tag the skatepark, who knows, just remembered it.


I love you dear sister. And congrats :slight_smile: Many Trump supporters were puzzled by his stance of 5g. He did issue safety initiatives though. But still, 5g is not green friendly to humans. But the way Trump would look at it is if we don’t, China will own us. And he’d be right about that. This is the world we live in. Thanks to Biden, he has taken care of that concern and just sold us outright.

In a similar way, his stance on any technology I would presume (as a New York businessman) would be to do it. Not from some evil scientist mindset that is in bed with the devil, but just because to the fleshly mind it makes good business sense. I am not here to defend Trump. I just wanted to say that. The reason for my recent breakout in Trump posts is because he is doing rallies and saying the same things…not backing down. And we have Arizona that in my estimation will find voter fraud that would have changed the results…with many other states to follow. As far as game theory, its time for that in our country. I could be wrong. If Arizona tanks, Trump is done. And we don’t need to talk about him much anymore. So before he goes away…i just wanted to plaster his mug all over town…just to get it out of my system :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Because after August, he’s a Toys Я Us stuff toy also out of business.

If you compare 5g with the vax, I think that is the way to understand it best. Most of the world sees the vax as good. Many countries that don’t have it want it (and I am talking about the village folk not the elite). Most are ok. But come on, its still in beta test and very risky. I don’t add all the drama about what else it might be. The fact that it is experimental is sad enough. I just drop it at that door step. In addition, we don’t know how evil or how not. We are saying now how evil it is. But I don’t think we have any idea what life would be like without it. Pastor JD has mentioned a lot about the global reset. For sure that ways the aim. How would you feel if the vax pushed the global reset back 5 years? How many more lives would be lost, imprisoned, enslaved, had the deep state gotten their reset? You may say it won’t be 5 years and they’ll just do this or that. And that’s fine. As long as we file that in the “opinions of the future” drawer.

To me, it makes perfect sense that if you have a deep state in bed with China that China would unleash a virus to crash Trumps economy and provide mass new opportunity for voter fraud. That is game theory 101. And that is exactly what it looks like. To make that in to 12 more plots does not bring helpful clarity to what seems rather obvious though, at least on the surface. Here is how I would understand it: Trump wanted to open up in a month. The deep state was playing mind games the whole time. Trump brought makeshift hospitals and 2 Navy ships they did not use because they were lying. Mask mandates and shut downs were increasing. They shut down Trump’s republican rally in Florida because COVID shot up in that areas just during the days he wanted to do the convention. China was losing too much to America. If we make it 6 feet, that is far enough not to be able to see much for vote monitors to tell accurately if inconsistencies occur in voter tally…so lets go with 6 feel social distancing. The vax was a reasonable way (because of all the big pharma and greed attached) to completely undermine the sociopolitical warfare of a global reset. What if God permitted the vax to buy people who needed to repent to come to Him more time? The tribulation could have started then. In that sense, how evil is the vax? As the vax is an unseemly hero against global reset, so perhaps may Trump be against the deep state. The important thing this far in the game is to protect America from total demise. Some think its too late, but perhaps, God.

We live in a day and age where POTUS blew up Twitter and got scolded and kicked off social media. We live in day and age where POTUS was a “Truther.” Well in some ways…Bill Barr never really permitted further investigation on 911 like he said he would. We live in a day and age when being politically incorrect in your face became popular…and actually politically rather needed. We live in a day and age when one of the dems presidential candidates was a new age teacher who wanted to heal the earth and unite in love (a Luciferian Light bearer who didn’t make it past the first round). We live in a day and age where pop Christianity is hip and even the discernment ministries run game on cornering the “discernment” market (let us be papa) as big slick church knows best business. And those are the good guys. :slight_smile:

If Trump is the 1st seal, we are getting a 2021 hero on steroids. Kind of what we produced. The church is in really bad shape if so many people ran after Q. We can look at how bad Q was. But the real systemic problem isn’t Q, its the Laodicean church age we live in. And God let us know what time it is…while we see Satan in everything. Trump fits right in at home, as our dearly beloved American McDonalds loving groovy hipster billionaire playboy (with his own porn star drama to boot) as new age Christians take his arm and anoint him as the king of religious freedom. If there was any one that fit what the 2021 hero looks like, he’s our guy. Fits too perfectly to both show God’s displeasure with the Laodicean church age and His mercy and majesty in spite of it…likely knowing the world will have hell to pay soon enough. There’s my Trump = kumbaya moment. Blessings.

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If Trump comes back and mandates the vax, he’ll run like a scared school girl to hide from his own people that tar, feather, and deep fry him.

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Yeah but it didin’t say, “Trump is the new world order!” :grin:

Isn’t that the same thinking that is creating Hybrid Warriors?

Its just a pattern that going along to get along creates.


indeed… sorry if I caused any confusion. I wasnt tying the two. I just saw decarlisle mentioned nwo and it reminded me of the skatepark.


Yep, this is not good and ends worse as you read on.

3And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth; for they proceed from evil to evil, and they know not me, saith the LORD.



Precious Alison, I was just throwing up more graffiti :slight_smile: Kind of like trolling Dan…lol. You’re so sweet my dear lady. You are such a delight…please don’t ever stop being you.

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Not sure what you are saying.

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Yes of course it was hyperbole. A reference to conjecture mongering. But you’d likely say that about me too…so like I said…hyperbole.

Although I do admire you looking into the 1st seal as the word of God. I think that is pretty cool. “just to bring a little short blessing on earth.” If God wants to end 2,000 years of an age of grace with bang a before He terrorizes it, it might not look so “just” to Him…but would show Him as “the justice to come.” What do I mean by that?

In a precession, lets say a king is going to a town in antiquity. Christ was not the only king that rode in on a donkey. Kings would do that (as far as I know…you are welcome to prove otherwise) too when coming in peace. So the scouts would arrive first to prepare the town. And then the king would come on a donkey. Well, if Christ is the one opening the seals…it would make processional sense that he would send not a donkey but a horse. Declaring war. But because He is so gracious, patient, kind, and majestic, even that (perhaps during the age of grace) could be a demonstration (in mini micro form) of the 1,000 year reign to come. His kingdom to come. And the scout leading the tribulation processional announcing the king via dramatic resemblance of His justice. That scene has far more to do with who the One is that is unsealing the scroll than peacefully playing paddy cake paddy cake bakers man by fireside at a beach barbeque before daddy goes off on the crowd with a machine gun.

Turn about is fair play my friend.

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