May 16 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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@JFelts8031 Thank you for the clear explanation! And ouuu I will read Job with that in mind. I agree that scripture is super layered–precept upon precept, line upon line–I think that is Isaiah?

Yes, the first horse is definitely deception. Which would make total sense if he’s also Satan who is the father of lies. Mmhmm.

Oh and yes, looked it up, it is Isaiah.


In January 2018, Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House

Keep in mind though Casey, you said “after the rapture.” With what might be coming, we may be tempted to say…ok…“before the rapture.”

As for Toxon, it is not the same as toxin.

Strong’s Greek: 5115. τόξον (toxon) – a bow (


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I would concur indeed Casey that the word is layered. I have had many conversations with James. Great brother with interesting insights. As I look online at commentaries regarding that verse, it does seem to be one that brings quite an array of meaning to it. Isaiah 28:10 Commentaries: "For He says, 'Order on order, order on order, Line on line, line on line, A little here, a little there.'"

Although I have several issues with the reformation church, there are some things that had been rather helpful over the years. In 1 Cor. 14: 21-22 we see the echo and fulfillment of this prophecy (Isaiah 28:11), which appears to be the correct implication of the meaning of “line upon line…” Commentaries view it as drunkards making fun of how the prophet Isaiah teaches. But when we look at the context and flow of what God is saying in chapter 28, we come to understand the meaning of “line upon line…” to actually be a judgement against the unbelieving leadership of Israel. Isaiah 28:12-13 clarify the Lord’s words to indeed be a harsh statement fulfilled by the gifting of languages at Pentecost in Acts 2. Its like God is saying to them: “Since you are going to be drunk all the time, and in your speech you stammer in drunkenness, I will speak to you “line upon line…” because your fleshy infant minds cannot receive clear words…therefor I will speak to you through foreigners…”

I agree the word is nuanced and layered, for in a way this passage in Isaiah too is an example of that. In a way, I suppose that even though it is not as even commentators have thought in helps to be a good working reference to how the word is layered in the words stated in verse 10, it certainly is layered nonetheless. Blessings.

Proverbs 29:25

The fear of man is a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is set securely on high.



Not sure you understood my meaning.
I was saying don’t underestimate God by over estimating Trump or the Deep State so now I agree with your last comment of course God is only limited by Himself.

Oh by the way if Trump was such a blessing for Israel. I keep asking myself why Trump lost and the USA is not being smacked down by the NWO? Would that be some kind of Blessing we just don’t understand yet, or in the making?



I don’t think Trump lost.

I know Dan you were saying not to underestimate the plans of the evil one…like take heed less we fall…amen. And I appreciate that brother. :slight_smile: Thanks.

I don’t believe I am overestimating Trump. Although I can understand why it might look like that. If Trump peters out it is kind of good. It means we likely have more time. If Trump is used by God to return to office…its gonna be intense. I’m ok with things chilling out…living a quite life until the rapture in maybe 2024? Or later.

I see it more that Trump is likely whom God will use in this. Beyond Qanon or Trump worshippers, or false prophets, it just makes sense that God would with everything that happened and everything we are looking at now. The false prophets are seeing that Trump will bring the world into new heights and mankind will be living phat. Yeah…sorry…that’s not the future. That pesky thing called the tribulation has a way of raining on a parade like that every time.

So yeah…I see if God uses Trump its gonna be intense. And means, to me, tribulation is alot closer…maybe closer than 2024. But I see that way because:

a) political climate
b) church attitude
c) false expectations galore
d) the only ones expecting it are goofs on the far right
e) the media fell for the game theory
f) 2 states are now in forensic voter fraud investigation
g) Trump rallies, social media upstart, suing Face, Twit, Goog
h) Trump not relenting on voter fraud claims
i) If voter system is not cleaned up before 2022, its over (and there is interest to cleanup)
j) The thinking world knows Biden sucks and this is not a real presidency
k) The deep state is obvious and thick and people are getting tired of the BS
l) God loves His creation
m) We are still in the age of grace


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Me to except I am good with flying today. I see no reason to wait here. :thinking:

But its getting harder to hold them back I can feel the wall behind us just like everybody else. Keep Looking Up!

When Jesus left there was a great earth quake think about what could happen if the same thing happens when we fly?


This time its going to be loud as we leave the planet.



If we are on a road walking West and there is a moving walkway (like the kind we have at the airport that inhances our walk speed in the direction we are going) that is moving East, it may feel like we are getting closer to our goal in the West. Yet all the while the speed of the moving walkway may actually keep us in the same place, be faster than our pace (unnoticed) and have us moving East while our intent is set on West, or we get to West much later than we thought.

I kind of see Trump’s presidency like that. If Trump never got elected, we would have had Hillary. How hard would it be to hold them back had Hillary been president for the last 4 years…and set for the current 4 now until 2024? Would you notice? What kind of wars would we have been in? What would have a pandemic look like with her in charge of the free world? Today, would there be anything to hold back?

The way I see it is that a Trump interrupt gave the world a chance to see what time it is. I find that as God’s mercy upon His creation. I know we feel like we are a frog in a frying pan, but that is because we know we are in a frying pan. The frog that dies there never realizes what is going on.

So when we say they are getting harder to hold back, I hear “We see them so much better now.” Which are two different things. Blessings.

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Until he that hinders is removed. I always saw Trump as a speedbump with these becomes another one that’s fine too good or bad how much is I want to leave now like Paul said it’s better that I stay for a while. shalom brother

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I’ve heard that also…but I see they are trying to fast track the FDA approval…which is not surprising at all. No doubt they will have it fully approved within a month or two.