May 2 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

The false prophet is the 1st beast and the antichrist the second

Are you a KJV ONLY person ?

The KJV, NKJV, NASB have different strengths and weaknesses on getting Scripture correct.

Personally, I use all three simultaneously.

I could point out verses that the NKJV and the NASB are much more accurate and better presented than the KJV, however, I won’t as its always a fruitless debate with the KJV ONLY crowd. That is up for you to do.

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I don’t know you.

I was referring to Redeemed’s question which was a generality.

It’s not about you, but about the large influx of trolls and troublemakers in the last few months that come in here to simply sow discord and argue. This is what I meant by “Darkness”. I would never say that about someone, but I will label the spirit behind it all.


Yes it was…


(2 Corinthians 4:4) comes to mind. And this was written by Paul years after Christ’s crucifixion and Resurrection and Ascension.

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

Others to consider are:

  • John 12:31
  • John 14:30
  • John 16:11
  • Ephesians 2:2

Hi Redeemed. Perhaps some of what this is is that social media has clamped down on dissenting opinions and people find places to contrasts in spite of that trend. Pastor JD has a lot of strong views. We can see the spirit of God in the man. I think in part the attraction is that he is lovely to listen to, in his child like wonder of our dear Savior.

There seems to be a shortage too of Christian forums that permit discussion and disagreement. At least this is what I have been told and seem to have gathered over the months. This may be one of few or perhaps the only website where that sort of free speech may exists currently. In that, I believe it is a very welcomed thing. They are doing a great job of that on this forum.

God attracting those with differing views that are not here to cause trouble have found a place. And that is an awesome thing. In some senses, contrast has been good for the church over the years. I go to a church that holds to a 6th seal rapture. I am pretrib rapture. And in our differences we find unity in Christ. And the excellence of His spirit reigns over our differences, amen. :slight_smile:

Although it is true that some just like to argue…but even those, if they find the beauty of fellowship deeper than even a need to argue, won on this forum…how blessed a thing that too is, I believe. I have differing views and share them at times. Views of contrast in hopes that it sharpens us (of course, including me). This forum has helped me work through the most difficult of challenges I have come across concerning the pretrib rapture stance. And without the freedom to do such a thing, I would still likely have too many questions. Whereas now, the Lord has seen fit to use this forum to mature my understanding leaving no real questions in my wake.

I would hope where I weigh-in here to be of edification in light of where disagreement may occur…a thing of value in our body dynamic i would hope and pray for. Blessings.


this is going to be a long comment, as an opportunity for me to just search my mind and put my beliefs into words, so im sorry if its too much.

thanks for taking time to respond!! i now understand on your sarcasm, lol i have now re-read it with that in mind on what you said about Keegan. i think it is fine for him to copy and paste anywhere, though, because this is a forum and in my mind that makes it the perfect place to post any relevant thing you want. but i appreciate you explaining your sarcasm, it definitely lightens your note there! and about you being direct, that is awesome.

as for your answers to my questions. you say you dont subscribe to the notion of satan and his minions ruling the earth etc. but i didnt mention any of that. i only asked why you think people dont have the type of power to have planned this whole covid shindig. ?

the reason i ask is because i definitely think people can have that kind of power if it is planned out and tested throughout generations until they find what seems to be the perfect formula to become the rulers of this earth. some people have billions of dollars, aka pretty-much-unlimited resources, passed down for decades through the family and other social connections, and if they want to take over the world, and have wanted to for hundreds/thousands/dozens of years, i do see it being possible to get as far as they have with these lies, especially with today’s technology. i am not well-versed on what defines a minion, or what exactly satan rules.

as for my other question. i am highly skeptical of what it has meant to be the “U.S. president.” so i dont trust that Trump was even a real president. i think its more about elite selection and not an election, and has been for a long time. i think there are many distractions used to keep us from knowing the truth, and the election process is one of them, in my mind. to believe we have a choice when we really dont. many disagree with me on this mindset and i dont know where you stand on that. but im just trying to convey that Trump’s pres term, NWO, or any other specific entity dont weigh heavily (by themselves) on the evidence i see that shows “elitists” planned this whole thing. its the big picture that influences me to believe it. the way its talked about in the media, etc. i dont trust many people on tv. actually, i dont trust any of them. free media is the only way i feel im able to find someone who tells the truth, and JD Farag’s site is one of those few places where i trust what im hearing most of the time. because it aligns with the corruption and lies that i already saw.

i do see many holes in the supposed efforts to control the world- the fact that, as humans, these people’s plans can be thwarted- but i do believe that their years upon years of private (and public) research do serve to make this a really “good” attempt to accomplish their goals “finally.” so its not that i think they really DO have all this power to take over the world in the end- i see them as TRYING to do it and that the Bible states they are going to fail in the end because God rules ultimately. they can work very well to deceive us, which why i say they do have the power to have come THIS far at least. i just dont think they will ultimately succeed, and that it will take some more time for the truth to be completely exposed.

so regarding your own good questions, i dont know how to answer your question about trump getting elected- other than saying, i feel some “failures” along the way can serve to keep us distracted from their plans, which are in full-swing even when it seems they dont really have the power to keep doing this. (for example, i question, is Trump actually allied with NWO or other evil entities? who knows the truth? he seems like someone placed there to make us believe theres a president who stands up for us, when in reality as a billionaire its more than likely he is in bed with our enemies.)

all the lies my family believes- like, they think abortion is necessary in some cases- are evidence that big names have been brainwashing people. these same people, i cant trust when they report covid stats. if they want to say Planned Parenthood needs to stay open, then i know they are lying about other things, too. and they all support abortion. so thats one good clue that they will lie about other major issues, as well, and can get away with convincing others to believe them. masses of people. my whole family is deceived. thats how i know its possible to carry out this evil type of plan to an insane degree. how far this deception goes, is up to God.

you ask, where are all the dead people from covid or the vaccine? im not sure if there is any sarcasm in that question, ill do my best to answer what i think youre asking. i have seen many specific reports of people dying from the vaccine. no one in my area, no one i know, but if you do a search youll find many reports on that- and not really from the sources that i already distrust. as for dying from covid, i dont trust those stories, because i hear counter-arguments stating that hospitals were paid to list covid as the reason for death even if it was completely unrelated. that to me is completely believable. so i dont know where all people who died from covid are, i dont know any personally and i only see untrustworthy sources citing covid deaths.

as for the “worst mass murder plot ever,” i see it as, first of all there has been a huge uptick in suicides and drug overdoses since this thing started. the major point i have here though is the fact that i dont think it is yet a sudden mass murder- i think its a slow roll, like the analogy about a frog being boiled in water: It starts with restricting our movement and freedoms, the stores that were allowed to be open early on in this, etc… then the vaccines happen and not to kill many yet, but to get us to trust them when we see that most people survive the vaccines early on… and later on is when great numbers of deaths can occur. so yeah, i see it as a gradual thing. if they suddenly led us into a gas chamber, there would be uproar, they cant get away with that anymore. so it makes sense to me to consider that they are going about this in a VERY sneaky way- getting us all on board while things still look good, until we are past that point and then are killed, once we are all “corralled” in, so to speak. as an example, with the vaccines, they might not harm most takers at this point, but later on, the “booster shots” they will circulate, could eventually be the one that starts killing big numbers of people. just ideas. bottom line, i dont trust the people who i already KNOW are lying about very important issues.

if you read all this, thanks, this was a good opportunity for me to articulate what i am thinking.




@jasonacts177 bro this gonna be never ending …

@JackN thanks for the hint


Yeah, what Jack said. :grinning:


Hi Bruce.

I think the vax is a blend of good will intention, good faith efforts, deceived people, greedy people, and controlling manipulative people. I believe the vax on Trump’s part was meant to open up the economy and free America from the dread of globalist shutdown (I think globalists are weak because the devil in them is soooo confused). I see the vax as a political jockey ploy. A monkey wrench thrown into the globalist mix where it fractures the elite agenda. Some believe Trump is a globalist and just part of a massive movie drama. I disagree. I think Trump is their problem :slight_smile: But that’s just me. :popcorn:

I think when the internet of things gets up and running, it will double world knowledge from every 12 to 18 months to every 12 to 24 hours. Once that hits…things change. If the internet of things is up and running just one month prior to the MOB, that means that the world will know 500 million times more then than they did the month prior. One month might be the difference between what colonial America looked like and waking up the next morning to the 21th century. So what the MOB looks like at 500 million times the info we have now will likely be something rather unfathomable. This is how I see it.

However I think it is helpful for Pastor JD to share as he does because it makes people think. It places a link between our age and the one to come (the tribulation). And that link is wise (even if only metaphorically so – although perhaps Pastor JD might be more right than you or I figure). As we have our own convictions, it is good and wise to see also how God might be using even those we differ with, amen?

Just wondering your thoughts on how you perceive the AC when he is given authority over the earth to submit to him or be killed? To take the mark or be killed? Do you see that as merely isolated? Or perhaps a full measure of God permitting these spiritual principles play out completely for all eternity never to be again questioned?

What would be the point of Jesus locking Satan up for 1,000 years if he were not given a measure of authority while loose? In the event of Nazi Germany, Stalin, Lennon, Mussolini, this would be local effects of widespread evil influence, no? Given measures of dominion. Here in case and point…was not Satan given influence to do such atrocities? AND…what if God permitted this much “influence” in the days of COVID, for show? That is actually my deepest conviction on the issue…but i digress.

So what it sounds like to me is that you think that Satan is more powerful than he is? You are saying that Satan is the god of this age??? REALLY? But how can this be?

[Tongue-in-Cheek] Now why would God permit Satan to rule all things included under an “age” and not just merely some local dime store planet like the earth? Ephesians 2:1-3 also attests of this sort of vide. That he is the prince of the power of the air. So his domain must be more than “planet” apparently. But I think we take this to mean a certain governance over the affairs of men that God has granted because after all…mankind did bow the knee to him. His time is short. When Satan comes to earth in Rev 12:12 in great wrath…the world is warned of him doing so (being then kicked out of heaven), there would be a measure of presumed authority given him to do some destructive and hurtful stuff over all the earth.

There is no such things as other gods. Because of the fall…fallen man is susceptible to the blinding influence Satan has. These are men that live on the earth that are blinded here on the earth. Does it matter about the soil, the water, the oxen (whether Satan has power over that)? This age, this world in the lap of the evil one etc…it just means because of the fall he has been gained influence of power granted by God to operate therein, no? Scripture makes enough references to that sort of thing as it pertains to man being under some marginal to looming sense of a period of measure of reign. It is not rational, I believe, to say that the world has a bunch of gods and so what that proves = Satan is not the god of this world? No. I find that an irrational argument because 0 gods with 1 wannabe god = 1 wanna be god. That is the only left on the table. And that would be Satan. We know there is the devil who lies about all the gods. And all those lies move people away from trusting the one and true God…giving the god of this world victory (very limited…but very real) that the true God did not get worshipped. I think that is his goal, no? Commentaries to “did the devil ever have power over the government of this world?” These are briefs and interesting…and somewhat helpful nuances in short.

So I agree with you on where you have concerns or differences in how Pastor JD may inform or have his own convictions about the virus and vax. I have some wide differences there. But I am also grateful that he is helping people not take the vax (its experimental and dangerous and weird things are in it). I believe that the MOB will not be a vax form. But literally…I have no idea…lol. I don’t know what 500 million times (minimum) more info than we have today might look like during that age (if the internet of things becomes an actually thing…that is).

But I think it is healthy to consider that the heart of Pastor JD’s cry, the danger people are in today (spiritually and physically) concerning the vax, is good, helpful, and reasonable. Actually…a beautiful thing even. If taking the vax further moves someone into trusting sick government over Christ…that vax will damn them to hell. And for that, Pastor JD is holistically correct in every spiritual way to warn, warn, warn…even though I would say that boils in Rev 16 likely have nothing to do with a vax, even as a mirror image of said bowl type reflections of judgement appeared in the Old Testament with Egypt and was not a vax either…

Exodus 9:8-11 8 Then the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “Take handfuls of soot from a furnace and have Moses toss it into the air in the presence of Pharaoh. 9 It will become fine dust over the whole land of Egypt, and festering boils will break out on people and animals throughout the land.” 10 So they took soot from a furnace and stood before Pharaoh. Moses tossed it into the air, and festering boils broke out on people and animals. 11 The magicians could not stand before Moses because of the boils that were on them and on all the Egyptians.

…but even so…people are warned, and Christ is preached. Would you see some good in that though? Well, I am asking from a kindred perspective here…because you and I might share some measure of agreement regarding things related to COVID. I look forward to your reply…blessings brother :slight_smile:

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Vaccine concerns - are the vaccinated the bioweapons

The video midway down the page is very informative. I believe this video is also on the Americasfrontlinedoctors website too.

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I would say that we should not get the vaccine if we have conviction that it is bad for us, because we are role models. If we choose to resist getting the vaccination we are being bold, courageous role models. If we get the vaccine even though we are convicted that there is something wrong with it just because we believe we will be raptured, that behaviour would be misleading others who trust us to think it would be ok to get the vaccine. That would be my perspective.

In a sense getting a vaccine that we believe can potentially cause harm would in essence be encouraging other people to harm themselves.


Having said all that, I would be very careful about judging anyone who chooses to get vaccinated. As some in here have stated, there is a lot of pressure on some people in terms of keeping their jobs for example.

Also, as Christian witnesses, we should be praying, and be kind to others.


I wish I could share something I found the other day, but I have no clue how to do that yet. Look up the Nazi trial of 1947, Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation. All doctors involved were tried, convicted and executed. Knowing the law may help to keep you safe.


Not recently no, but you do seem vaguely familiar. Were you on these forums before? Like at the end of last year, before all the changes occurred?

In any case, clearly we do not agree on what is meant by these verses of scripture.

I had offered them because of your request to Redeemed777 about “show me where” but see that you do not accept them as such.

So no need to go further. Have a good day.


This is why I love this forum. We are able to “go here,” and honest questions come alive. This is awesome :slight_smile:


I enjoyed (again) watching the prophecy update. However, I am wondering, when hearing about the cyber threat, how we can prepare. I am not afraid but being aware I would like to know some practical ways of preparing.


And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehends it not.

John 1:5