May 2 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Hi Julie😁 I’m so glad you are here and so so happy that you found Jesus! As tension rises in this world, we will see it everywhere. There are very kind and loving people here who truly just love others and the word of God. I understand how you feel because I feel it to. When it gets hard, remember HIS love, mercy and grace. In the end, that’s all that truly matters. HE is the way, the truth and the life and we are to share this with everyone, even believers because sometimes we forget.
Have a blessed day and keep looking up my friend.


This morning, on our local news, it was reported that a fully vaccinated person died of covid. They were scrambling to explain it. Lol. This world…gotta NOT love it.


Well said JRW. :slight_smile: As this forum is open to Christians from all different levels, walks, and diverse doctrinal leanings, there will be views shared here at times that may conjure up differing opinions. This forum has actually come along way in this regard. And it seems, to me, to be primed to mature into a richer fellowship dynamic. It is a good thing that we have moderators now from among our ranks which will assist greatly in steering our forum in an edifying and encouraging environment.

I am actually glad you shared this. I am not glad at all that you have come to feel this though. I am glad you shared this because your inputs help to shape our forum. I am not glad that you have come to feel this because that was never the idea and design in the heart of Pastor JD for this forum.

Julie, I think you will see a lot of love here in the days to come. This forum has gone through a lot during the months I have been here. And from what I see, it is heading in a good direction. One really wonderful quality about this forum is that, as far as I can see, this is not like the direction social media is headed. In this forum, there is a respect and appreciation of and for differing opinions. Unfortunately that may come with its measure of fall out from time to time. But as one of those that has some rather strong differing views in places than the general consensus of this forum, although imperfectly, I always strive for maturing and strengthening levels of discourse and fellowship here. And I think this is a really great place for that with huge potential. We hope to share in your feeling the love. And thanks for sharing your heart with us. :slight_smile: Blessings.

PS – I just noticed that your post was a response to an earlier post on this thread. If you not had a chance to read my initial thoughts on that earlier post, please check out my response post (it kind of gives a little more flavor hopefully of our unique environment here).

Click Here For My Earlier Post On This Issue…


As I said, it wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular…its something that was happening, I could see and feel was becoming more than a discussion and just needed calming down… for everyone’s sake… I’m not one to step in never have been, I absolutely love seeing the discussions and hope it doesn’t stop… I’m sorry too if I’ve made anyone uncomfortable that wasn’t my intention… God bless x


And also this forum is unfortunately by nature open to those who claim to be Christians also, but are here for things other than Christian Fellowship.

The good thing though is that they usually self identify pretty quickly… :slight_smile:

Part of being in the world, but not of it. But by this we learn discernment, patience, and even love of our enemies. It’s not the person we battle, but the spirit behind them.

Best option for the new and the weak of faith is to avoid engagement. Tough hurdle sometimes coming out of the world I know. Been there myself, and am still there some days. :smiley:


Well we have @Twi and @jasonacts177 as moderators. You can always flag something, or private message them directly about something too. :wink:


Thanks :latin_cross:

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It comes in waves. People suddenly sprout up and we have discord. Some change their tune. Others leave. It’s a cycle that has been observed since the opening of this forum. Things will simmer down again, just to get your breath and deal with it again lol. Don’t let it discourage you and continue on observing all of us in here. The truth of one’s nature comes out eventually.


GOOD morning church team.

I wanted to thank you for all the work you have done behind the scenes to put together a rocking site !!!

It is easy to navigate.

I also love the past studies handily on a easy to use format .

I can tell you guys put in the hours and I for one, wanted to let you know, you are appreciated. You know who you are ( and Jesus knows and will reward you) .

Love to you all


Just a question Jon, recently JD mentioned prayer or meditation on a psalm… for prolonged time… do you know what he meant, how he does that… have you done that? What circumstances.?..

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Well, you have stepped into waters that I can only give you my understanding. To boil this down, to meditate on something within a biblical sense, to me, is to study it intensely. To think heavily on it. Weigh it amongst itself and the Bible. To research meanings of words to really get into that particular part of scripture. To be still and listen for that ever so quiet and gentle voice of the Holy Spirit talk to you about what you are reading.

I guess you could say, all of that COULD be what he means.

An example given to me was how a cow chews its cud. A cow has four stomachs and takes the food and consumes it; digests it, comes back up and digests it some more, and more till it is fully consumed.

We study the Word within the same way. Meditate is to digest it till fully consumed and understood. To me anyway.


found this interesting article. it was written 4 days ago. its someone who used to be a Christian. it appears this article is an attempt to discredit the Bible. it twists the truth about what the rapture is, etc. and sadly there are many biblically-illiterate people who will read this and agree with its messages, not understanding the truth for themselves, because the article says what they want to hear, and it keeps them from having to be accountable, fully believing they should not go to the Bible or the God it tells about.


I have also been similarily discouraged because I tried to support someone who was feeling discouraged. I’m not a new Christian but I am very sensitive and I don’t like to see people bullying others. I have been told by moderators not to intervene in these situations because that is their role.

I’m here for similar reasons. I enjoy the fellowship, and the discourse with like-minded people.

I find the conflict aspect rather painful and discouraging. As a result, I’ve stepped back, don’t share as much, and just choose to read. My voice has become somewhat silent in terms of offering opinions because I don’t need more stress.

I find that unfortunate, but this is a forum, it has rules, and there are people in charge. So in the sense, the conversations are not open. They are moderated and channelled.

I suppose that is the nature of online social platforms. Whoever runs the platform decides whose voice is allowed and who gets censored. Look at what utube, twitter, facebook etc. do.

I guess to be in here, is to choose to put full trust in the moderators as they control the conversations.


Let your words be heartfelt and thoughtful through wisdom. May they pour like a fountain of kindness and joy. May they merge within the body of water that is this body of the church online. May they be dipped into but never taken back. May they be left there to flow as they need, no longer navigated by ourselves but the Holy Spirit be their guide to the hearts and minds who need them.

Let not the discouragement you see or feel be a muzzle and let while rules enforced, not be straps upon your back. Respond in love through wisdom of choice of interactions and may the moderators take upon your heart due diligence in prayer for them for heavy laden is their brow but God led them to their position through counsel and advice to Farag’s team and now, instead of us having to take their responsibility, their responsibility is theirs for a reason.

Rejoice therefor in the understanding of love and kindness with an eased mind and heart of any matters presented and enjoy the time to expand, share, and guide others to the same destination we so urgently desire.

In Jesus’ name


Wow, Alison, looks like this a fairly recent flip. The author captures nuances like fear of end times and rapture to America rules the world by becoming a Christian superpower. For the author it seemed that they were tired of being afraid. Someone like this, I believe could still come to Christ. Although they seem to think that Climate Change and economic doom are ensuing (for me Climate Change is a cult and the reset may have an extenuated timing factor that moves it out a decade or so…but inflation will hit and is hitting even now…so yeah that’s not good).

In some ways it almost feels like CNN put this out with CRT themes and such. When I read something like this i try to understand what I might say to a person like that if given the chance. Wow…that is a bag of cats (to use a previous forum members vernacular). If there were something you could say to that person…what might it be?


I’m gonna borrow this sometime, if you don’t mind :grin:

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This is 5 hours long but the information is shocking to say the least…We know who won at the Cross, unfortunately, many don’t believe this and have backed the wrong horse!


Feel free! Lol I probably wouldn’t remember I wrote it anyway🤣


I guess those of us who prefer quiet life will just get along fine, I’m still finding my feet as a Christian, a lot of questions, I listen to Bible study, make notes, I dont recognize myself from 2019 to now, I’m totally changed not by me, but by God, I hate what I was, I’m sad the years I’ve missed, when I could have been reading and learning, I’ve never felt loved in my life, if never had a friend, but, I’m so happy to listen or read about scripture … I think I reacted because I love what is here, and to see it slide, even slightly scared me, I dont want to lose this… I think that’s why I spoke up… xx I’ve never been brave enough or loved something so much to have the nerve to speak out… xxxxxx


Bruce, why not be transparent here and direct people to your YouTube site. In YT’s search bar, they can just put in your name. You use the same avatar there as you do here, the open Bible, but you also use your picture from time to time as you have done here in a couple of earlier posts.

You have made comments there on your channel such as Pastor JD is “no longer a verifiable teacher of God’s word” and called him a false teacher. In fact, some of your videos go back at least a year. You have also said the same things about Pastor Jack Hibbs and Jan Markell among others.

I know you, Bruce, from another site. You’ve been banned from one repeatedly because you keep coming back under different aliases spewing your hatred out to those on the site but particularly the site owner. I prayerfully ask that you do not use this site in the same manner to air your real grudges/dislikes and even hatred against godly pastors and teachers. Stick to YouTube and those of like-mind that follow you. I can assure anyone who goes to YouTube and looks for you that they will be shocked when they discover who the real Bruce Peters is.

Moderators, I do sincerely apologize if I cause any upset here by telling the truth about Mr. Peters, but it is obvious he is not going to let up until he accomplishes his purpose of being here, of tearing down instead of building up.