May 2 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I nearly wrote it’s as if they knew what was going on… duh…

Nice one, TCC that’s another one ive never seen before, thankyou.


For anyone who has not watched that five hour video regarding Freemasonry, which is shown to be an international, Satan-worshipping cult, you might find it interesting that Fauci, Trump, Obama, Bush, Clintons, George Orwell (book-1984) and so many others, are/were quite likely in this cult. You know, the secret guilds are referenced in Revelation. It allllllll comes down to the battle in the heavenly places, when you get right down to it.


No problem on the joking. :hugs: We all would agree that there’s nothing funny about rocket warfare. But thanks to you, Jeanet, now I have a mental image of a cartoon rocket sticking out of someone’s house. And maybe impacting with the sound of a squeeze toy, like a rubber hammer. :grimacing: :sweat_smile: :laughing: It doesn’t take much to activate my rather fertile imagination. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol @TheNetherlandsJet

@Gracings Very good points, Grace. What we see is only a very, very small part of the heavenly battle that rages all around us. There are far more nefarious deeds than we can imagine occurring even now.


I don’t think its bizarre. I’m not 100% positive, but I believe I heard something similar said by Chuck Missler in his audiobooks. I’ve been listening to several of them lately. Anyone else?

I have a recent discovery for anyone interested that has seen this video. BTW, I am enjoying the video. It is extremely informative. However, I have reached a juncture of complex at the 3:59:00 minute marker (from 3:59:00 to 4:00:00 you can find what I am sharing). Up to this point I was completely onboard. I will continue to the end as it is very well done. But there is something fishy ya’ll…

3:59:00 to 4:00:00

Lucis Trust Website is being discussed – From an Article of Theirs Online…

(38) Two-Thirds of humanity…will stand upon the path at the close of this age and with that one third will be held over for later enrollment (14-xviii) [Page 7]

X-Factor Winner claims here as he reads it: “One third will die. That’s the Lucis Trust…who works hand in hand with the EU, stating that 2.5 billion humans will be killed off. All predicted by Jesus and only Jesus."


  1. Can anyone find for sure that “be held over for later enrollment” = “they will die?”
  2. “All predicted by Jesus?” Chapter / Verse?

Of the two, what is far more concerning here is #2. This man uses no backup reference. This statement is false. Unless he is referring to the 6th Trumpet…which is practically at the midpoint of tribulation by some scholarly measures.

I don’t take this offering lightly. When someone pulls a rabbit out of a hat like this…the whole thing is suspect. I believe the evidence he is showing is credible and accurate. But how can he see predictions Christ never made as fact? It’s one thing to think something might mean this or that. And quite another thing to equate that with biblical prophecy certain.

One of my concerns is that the church is far to ready to blend masonic prophecy or intent with biblical prophecy as though they agree. Just like the video created here just did. We need to be discerning. God did not write the word of God to comingle with freemasonry…as though they’d be the same in the end with slightly (or hugely) different endings.

I will watch the rest of this as it is well done and I want to see where he takes it. I have diligently watched closely 4 hours of this. Up till now it has been fine. But not at the 3:59:00 minute mark. “Warning Will Robinson.”

Trump may be a mason. It is possible. Some of his guards certainly were noticeably with flashing pins. Trumps use of “ok” is odd. The most troubling is his hand horn gesture with Jesse James. If any one has background info on Jesse James (from Trump’s apprentice show days–who recently built Trump a hand made gun while in office), please post it. Like is he a mason or into the occult? Otherwise, interviews with Jesse seem like he is a rocker. And Trump threw up horns as a concert “head” type in respect to his friend Jesse. I don’t think Trump really cares about horns or is a believer either. But that one photo is the most questionable.

From all reports about Trump, it does not look likely that he is a mason. There is only 1 photo i recall from the above video showing Trump. There seems to be far more about the man that separates him out from the mason’s than what shows him as a mason. Hand gestures are not enough. Unless he does the one eye thing or / and the hidden hand. This is a helpful video…but not a time to lose our minds. Blessings.

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PS – My research has discovered that Albert Pikes said dream of 3 world wars is not accurate although everywhere online. This dream showed up in the 1950’s making reference to another book written in 1925 that mentioned the 1st WW part…but not the second…and certainly not the third. Albert Pikes dream if a fake construct. Albert Pike, never had this dream. It is fabricated and there is no evidence of such a letter or dream ever produced concerning Albert Pike. Part of being played…could include our whole concept of the masonic order…lol. Just saying…good to be in the word and be discerning.


Thank you for pouring over this, Teren. I admit that I viewed mainly for trending, etc., and with that, a few puzzle pieces seem to fit better in the grand schemes. For instance, Orwell’s “predictive” book as it so often applies to today. I will agree with you that some evidences of hand signals are not always enough. Some of the hand shaking postures are a bit of a flag, if truly they are meant to signal. A variety of hand signals, and the eye signaling are better evidence, so with Trump (and a few others), the jury is probably out there. I’m NOT so sure that Ray Comfort is one! I would have to see more evidence, there. I sort of see the video as fairly well done, given the amateur means. I’d love to see it polished up and edited with the help of a strong Berean of our day. In that, I don’t suspect intentional foul play, at this point. I consider him to be yet immature in the faith to completely rightly handle this huge chunk of information…or something. Bottom line for me: there is far more evil in the world than I want to realize.


Wow…still going through your reply here, Teren, so forgive my hasty reply. I will read through it better, later, and try to pick back up with more discussion.

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Thanks Gracings for your gracious reply. I agree with you. He may just be new in the faith. This is always a possibility to keep in mind. Everything is not a conspiracy…lol. Amen. :slight_smile:

By the way…“You know, the secret guilds are referenced in Revelation” when you stated this…is there a verse or something you are referring to? Or is it just like “Mystery Babylon” you mean by that?

Gracings…you were perfect in your reply. But in whatever else you might come up with I am interested. We are all in this together. Helping each other get a sense of what is or might be going down. Blessings.


Quick idea, as I caught the “all predicted by Jesus Christ”…could he be referencing the massive deaths in the Tribulation (not necessarily with 1/3 remaining, which I would take as a bit careless if not specifically in scripture)… As for the guilds in Revelation, let me see. A couple of years ago, I started listening to Voddie Baucham’s series of teachings regarding Revelation. A Reformed friend really wanted me to take a look at amillenialism, which I toyed with but could not end up believing. If anyone could preach a case for it, though, Voddie surely could. In one of his sermons regarding the 7 churches, he explained the one that was situated in the city where all the trades were. (I will have to look it up, as I don’t know off the top of my head). The builders…(think of masonry, which I seem to think that he mentioned)… These workers were expected to join guilds, if they wanted to be able to trade. BUT, if I recall correctly, these guilds were rife with sexual sins. To me, it seems so synonymous with what seems to be in the underbelly of secret societies. I’m loosely explaining, I realize.


I like you Grace. You have an awesome heart. :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply. I like Vodie too. I came from that sect of Christianity (reformed). Although I am no longer reformed as I have found many problems with it (neither am I Arminian – for Arminius too was a Calvinist), I do see quite a bit of robust theology that did come from the reformation era (many things that are great theological depths…amen).

Perhaps you are thinking of the Nicolaitans? This is where the Catholic church got Santa Clause from. A story of Nikolas that left his beautiful wife to focus on God. Some say there were groups that slandered him or that he led a rebellious attitude toward the church. Others connect to the meaning of his name = to conquer the people. That view is that the church structure we have today is Nicolaitan in that the hierarchy of leadership is derived from leadership that oversaw the people. This view would understand that our church structure today does not comport with Jesus’s instructions:

Matt 20:25-26
But Jesus called them aside and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their superiors exercise authority over them. 26It shall not be this way among you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant,…

The best evidence I believe for Nicolaitans is Rev 2:14-15

But I have a few things against you, because you have some there who hold the teaching of Balaam, who kept teaching Balak to put a [h]stumbling block before the sons of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit sexual immorality. 15 So you too, have some who in the same way hold to the teaching of the Nicolaitans.

Although this could mean something else…it does see to connect it with sexual sin and debauchery. In contrast we do find the Nicolaitan view of authoritarian type churches to hold some weight. I am a believer of church discipline. But what I had noticed over the years is that there certainly has been a huge rise of authoritarian church trends. I contrast that with the X-factor winner video. Where he mentions that empathy for the weak is the greatest sin for the Freemason. I see that lack of empathy generally in the church (while perhaps others see the opposite–churches that have no moral grounding like Hillsong–which is a true concern–while the opposite problem area flies well under the radar of most). Certainly an interesting time to be alive.

I look forward to any updates you might have. Blessings.

I watched a little more than an hour. I had a good idea where it was headed. We know we are in the midst of spiritual warfare. Anyhow, I suddenly felt there was some peculiar reason the connection needed to be so long. It seemed to me it was unnecessarily drawn out. Seriously, when was the last time any video required that much time? And the way he kept stringing viewers along, like a salesman. Perhaps it is as innocent as ratings. Idk but decided it wasn’t worth it. I’d say watch with your discernment on.


On this one I would just say there is a bit of a problem. In the tribulation we have:

  1. Seal 4 – Over one 4th of the earth only – number of deaths not mentioned. Could be up to 2 billion. But are we to cosign this to the masons? This comes after massive war and famine. Is that what X-factor winner references these deaths to?
  2. Deaths by seal 5 (lots of persecution) – straight up persecution. Perhaps this is the Luciferian Light assault and “great falling away” heading (or inching) toward the midtrib.
  3. Seal 6 Great earthquake. But we are not told of deaths but fear.
  4. We do not see any mention of mass deaths until Trumpet 6 which is exactly 1/3 of the world population. But this is after Trumpet 5 when the abyss is opened and hell exposed upon the earth (certainly looking well 3 + years into the tribulation).

So what I find as mass deaths (at least early on in the tribulation) are the following:

  1. Seal 4
  2. Possibly seal 5 (but no mention of huge number).
  3. Trumpet 6 = 1/3 of the world killed

The bowls seem to do quite a bit of damage. But I would not assign the bowls or the trumpets to men. I would not assign the seals to man either (although arguments could be made up to the sixth seal…granted). But there is no clear path at all to match what happens in Revelation with this mans warning about the masons and the Georgia Guide Stones. This would be a false warning if stand alone…but still checking…blessings.

Amen. Actually he does the best job to tie things together. I have never seen so well an organized presentation as such. Lengthy videos are I think becoming a thing…lol. But good to use discernment…amen.

So just curious, is anyone else feeling (which I know “feeling” something could mean absolutely nothing) that the rapture is really, really close? I’ve been praying and trying to make important decisions but I feel the Lord really impressing on me to just trust him and he’s coming. Is anyone else feeling this? I would never set a date, I just feel it could be very, very soon and I feel that more the past week or so more than I ever have before…


In regards to a Chinese missile coming down, I will let you know if I see Slim Pickens riding it. Who knows, maybe he upgraded from a bomb to a missile?


I’ve only been on this forum since January this year. Since that time I’ve had some great discussions, even with those involved not agreeing on everything.

However, every now and then a person comes to the forums to “stir the pot” and it gets pretty old. When I reply to someone doing this, my aim is not strictly to change that persons mind (can’t be done but we try) but to show others on here that may be confused how the person is actually twisting Scripture so we need to be refuting it with actual Scripture.

Now, I admit I can get chatty! And in the flesh sometimes! :see_no_evil:
Apologies if I have offended anyone by doing so.


While not directed at me per se, I will say I haven’t been offended, I’ll be offended around the second Tuesday of next week.


It’s going to take that long? :joy:


it’s going to take that long?

I could consult one of those plastic 8 balls from Milton Bradley but so far outlook seems good lol