May 2 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I love listening to Carter Conlon and David Wilkerson, I cant remember which, but he was talking about how bad it is to lie, he said, “some people say, I dont lie, there just embellishments,” then he said. “well it’s still a lie, it’s just a lie in a tuxedo” … x


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Has A.I. been given beta control in advance of the 7 years I say yes.


hahah!! laughed out loud on that one!


Much of both of these brothers ministries cross over each other.


@JackN My question to @Twi was, not being the sharpest knife in the Church. Does : Oops, there was something left in the Code of Conduct that wasn’t meant to be there! Our sincere apologies for any confusion this may have caused!

As an explanation, we decided not to disallow false doctrine/teachings on the forum that we couldn’t expressly define in the Code of Conduct (the already long list would then become a novel! lol). Although this was initially a rule, added in November, there were a few reasons it just didn’t do what we wanted it to…
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Does not to disallow = ALLOW ???

Just an old man’s inability to clearly read the instructions, life is very tricky these days, everywhere.


How is it possible anyone with sense can believe a “two state solution” is remotely possible? The PA does not want Israel to exist, period. What part of that does not reach the minds of those elevated to power? It is absolutely mind-boggling!


So biased its infuriating, and even if no one was killed, the news would find some from somewhere, they’ve been making up stories to sway the public opinion for years…

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All the governments, every one, are in lock step… everything is planned out


I will defer to @TWI for clarification. :slight_smile:

I’m not chicken to express my opinion of that, but it is not my place to clarify for Her or Jason or the Forum Team Admins.



She already has in this other thread. :slight_smile:


It was written, so it is. It’s all part of the plan.

Insanity, insanity…all is insanity!


:woman_facepalming:t2: Oh my

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Good grief! It is pure insanity. Sometimes I tell God I am so ready for Him to take me, not that I am not thankful and grateful for my life but it is so hard to be living with this absurdity and insanity. I feel like I am in a very bad nightmare and cannot wake up.


Satan was defeated at the cross and resurrection but he hasn’t been sentenced yet. He is still very much ruling over this fallen world and greatly deceiving it.


This is a long studied and debated subject with plenty of very good typology to discovery. As well as many hundreds of hours of good and not so good conjecture and lecture to listen too. If you would like to delve into some very high level commentary on the feasts and their prophetic implication may I recommend Dr. Chuck Missler and his commentary on you tube for free just as a sample. Just search Chuck Missler feasts on the Jews, that should pull up some old archives for you. Also Gary Stearman at prophecy watchers has good commentary as well as his partner the late JR. Church who did an incredible job on his presentation on Shavout and it’s “potential” final fulfillment.

And as a short response, yes Shavout / Pentecost is a very high watch time at the very least.

Happy hunting and may God bless the seeker as He promises…

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I do think Pentecost is a high time to watch. But the Jews celebrated Pentecost this past Monday…and the USA Pentecost would be this coming weekend…my understanding is that the Lord prophetic calendar would match that of Israel?


I agree with that as a standard of calibration. However there is a conflict this year (not uncommon though) even within Israel for when the spring feasts should have started and therefore even in Israel some Jews are celebrating one week late from the rest of the mainstream religious Jews. The calibration should be done according to the directives in Tonach / Leviticus ect. and not the way they have scheduled it according to some more literalist old estimates scholars.

In the end I just don’t know, but the earliness of the time of year is about 1 week earlier than any time sense I have watched from 2009. Shavout falls between last week of may to first week of June historically so I was very curious this February when I looked up the calendar of Israel and saw it so early this year. When I googled it I saw a little article somewhere online that there was a disagreement about the start times for this feast sequence this year.

Makes me wonder if this is by Devine Design somehow so I’m just watching and waiting. And again I’ve seen no definitive scriptures that indicates a feast day (Moed) is when the Harpazo occurs because that might contradict the scriptures that form the doctrine of immanency.

At any rate we are to be watching and I am grateful to be watching with you and our other brothers and sisters.!. Shalom and blessings…

P.S. One last thought …The bride is a gentile not a Jew…So maybe this ones by her schedule who knows…


My problem with hight watch days or dates is this one scripture!

Matthew 24:44

“Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.”


Ok but I’m just gonna jump in here for a second. This is right and honorably correct. I don’t think we should date set. But this sort of thing, this scripture you use, that we won’t really know. But have you not heard it said that all we have to do is know when the 7 year agreement comes and then 7 years later He comes? OR, when the beast demands worship we have 3.5 years. So just count down like that. But perhaps Jesus said that to say that in the midst of thinking that will be easy. I suppose there may be some who would not be deceived and count correctly. But it would seem after the strong delusion and then years of bowl judgements poured out…wow…it might not be as easy as we think it could be to counting days, weeks, and months. Or that most forget. And when the three frog spirits come that would be their suicide. So maybe Jesus is saying this because in those days it won’t be easy like we think. BUT…

…as for the rapture…would it not be…dun dun dun…interesting if God would in a way want His saints to more or less know when? Not date setting and trying to be prophetically weird. Just talking about the heart of God. God might want us to know more or less maybe. John 15:15? Blessings.

PS – I like "be ye also ready.’