May 2 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I think the main point here is that this forum is -intended- for people who enjoy his sermons and want to discuss his videos and such. people who don’t care for his leadership, much like when you don’t care for a certain store, it’s expected that you just don’t come around. the common denominator is that we appreciate jd Farag. you have every right to be here, you are just different from pretty much all of us on that note.

I once went to a ribbon-cutting ceremony for planned parenthood, to expose my truth about abortion, basically to peacefully protest the new establishment there. inside the gate, the mass of people around me pressured me to leave, even though it was a public event. they demanded I leave, even though I hadn’t even spoken to anyone yet.

I won’t treat you that way at this forum. it was wrong for them to shove me away just because I disagreed with their reason for gathering.


hmmmm. I will have to consider that. one thing I like about farag is that he does teach the things that others don’t. his messages resonate with the way I view the world. so it’s easy for me to get on board. you are making sense on the revving thing.

good point on “giddy” being maybe not the best thing to say about these things. I agree with him, but it could certainly be taken as inappropriate.

thank you for taking time to explain your thoughts!! I’ve enjoyed the conversation and insights.


Sigh!..seems the discussion board has got sidetracked from JDs message.


Something to keep in mind is whether the post needs to be for the group or if it can be better served privately through the message function. It’s nice to have that option!


Blessed Mother’s Day!

Proverbs 31:28

Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her:


JD mentioned this coming for July 9 th



This report is from the Salk Institute. Some people are saying the spike protein is the bioweapon.


Thank you.

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Thank you, Jason.

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You owe me no apology. You said you had not viewed the video, so I explained my words. We’re good! :heart_eyes:

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I listened to it, not viewing the screen. I too almost shut it off because his voice occurred creepy to me. He doesn’t believe in pre tribulation rapture and at times I believe he twists scripture to fit his narrative. At times he comes across heretical.


Good to know!

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Thank you very much. I was shocked, that so many christians thought he is the antichrist, because just someone said that he was crowned. It was just ONE video and nothing else. And in the video Mr. Messias didnt looked very powerful. For me it was Fake News right away. But you dont believe it, even I explained it to others, most of them still think, he is the coming Antichrist. Be sober, the bible tells us. And that is what I am doing. The coming Antichrist will be known in the whole world. And we wont be here.


I agree…I just find it pretty very interesting about all the indoctrination the world has had through Hollywood, TV etc…


A brethren in Christ recently reminded me of the wisdom of:
2 Timothy 2:23

But avoid foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing that they generate strife

This is one verse so many of us forget to utilize and yet, so easy to exercise. I’m working diligently to exercise this, personally.


A lot of proverbs tell the same.


Hi Bruce. The tension I see in the church today is somewhat twofold. On one side most of the church today does not see end times in play. On the other side they do. There is always a danger on either side to be overly fixed on their views and convictions. This is something I have noticed over many years.

My belief is that we are in or moving toward end times. Even though I disagree let’s say with the reformation church in how they don’t see end times at play, I do admire much in what I had seen with their intense focus to be about the Fathers business, and have minds soberly fixed on the task at hand. Amen. And on those who do see end times I perceive too a good thing in warning (which you may not share so much). I have seen plenty of error in teaching and hermeneutics on the reformation side. Something most of the world or at least the Christian world has little push back or insight even to notice. So in some ways there is a wide sense of shortsightedness to go around.

A further tension of the role of Satan in the end times seems to also to be an issue of great concern for the church today. And in that, I do have concern as well. For many are preparing for mass deception thinking that the strong delusion in 2 Thes 2 is how the tribulation starts out. Whereas I see there and in Matt 24:24 that it belongs to a period where antichrist is demonstrating miracles at the midpoint. So I do see your concern, although as one seeing end times unfolding. My take is that CV will fade and things will likely be moving away from liberalism to conservative strength. My take is that I am open to the strong potential that the tribulation approaching starts off with an empathy from God of what is about to come upon the earth. A “revealing” more than a “deceiving.” Although deception today seems to be a rule of thumb rather as there is so much fake news about.

In all of that I do have concern that a sense of awe toward demonic deception is at a higher premium these days than a sense of awe in what God might also be doing in such a day as ours. So, even though I do not agree with Pastor JD Farag on all points, in a way, him seeing a sense of awe (that you see perverse) is perhaps something I would receive gratefully as at least Pastor JD sees the hand of God upon our context…which I think is far more what is going on than not. So what you might see as a perversion, I am grateful that at least in some senses the church may think upon the act of God our Father in all that is occurring.

I have a friend in the hospital from COViD. He almost lost his left leg due to blood clotting caused by the virus. He is doing well. Even though he sees America as finished (I would disagree there) and the end near, he did leave me a voicemail that was something in sentiment I share in as well. Here is that voicemail:

:diamonds: Praise him with everything we have. Serve him with every ounce of energy we have because He is so good. This [COVID] is really all about Him. This is really about God putting Himself on display. And to the church…this is a way for God to highlight the trinity. To actually give us the straight shot of God’s glory. God’s glory really should press on us…really should help us shake out the jams. God’s glory should help us think differently about ourselves in relation to God so that we can partake of His glory. This isn’t about kingdom politics. This is about kingdom glory. Its an amazing thing to have a glimpse of this. I have never had this glimpse before. I had never dug deep enough until the COVID isolation. But it really wasn’t until I saw my body being attacked aggressively by the disease that I wanted to press further and further toward the Lord.

When we get the real vision, when we get the real deal of how much the Lord loves us, how much the Lord loves His church, His bride, how much He loves His agency upon the earth—that I believe right there would bring Christians into deeper service because we see that it is all about Him. And he is overwhelmingly good/sovereign. That goodness is overwhelming. That goodness pervades into everything. That goodness is even more pervasive than COVID. The Lord, I believe, has orchestrated a move on all of us to highlight His church…to highlight His goodness…to put a big fat focus and stamp upon His sovereignty. And show everybody, believers and unbelievers alike, just how great God is. This is a wonderful time in church history, Teren. It’s a wonderful time to be a Christian. And I’m not saying its not hard. It’s very hard. But because the Lord is who He is, He’s gonna shine greater than any wonderful thought that we have of Him. :diamonds:

One final note I might add. Yes we have had pandemics before. But what is note worthy about this one is, we never saw the world economies shut down before like we had. Nor did we ever see worldwide tourist zones vacant. Omega Man-ish like. Including Mecca. Whatever that was, it kind of reminded me of a concept: The Day the Earth Stood Still.


The Lord Jesus bless you EllieMac, and welcome! :sparkling_heart: Sometimes, especially in these days we all find ourselves, I so need reminders every hour, sometimes every minute of God’s Word, and the Blessed Hope. Without Jesus I would have no hope at all. As each day passes by, He is showing me more and more His faithfulness, like a beam of guiding light through the darkness. And what a joy and privilege it will be to praise him for all eternity, and to have all eternity to learn and understand His Word in ways we can only imagine now. I’m thankful you are here, and hope we can exchange favorite verses all the time. :hugs:


When I open my bible
Where my troubles sleep
I abandon my worries
The Lord for to keep


It’s his teaching, and obvious joy of bringing the bible to life that brought me on here, someone described it on here, they said something like he has a childlike joy in giving his sermons, and he has, it’s a real blessing, and when you think, he really struggles with some of the stuff he knows, he holds back like he dosent want to hurt us with the bad news… but that’s what makes a good pastor gives the good with the bad… a lot of people have no idea what’s going on… they are going to be shell shocked when things get going… I pray for them…and I’m usually crying at the same time… . xx