May 2 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I know :pray::heart::pray::heart::pray::heart::pray: how awesome is God!!!

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I have also wondered how this video is still up on YT, too, Kina. Honestly, I have. Haaa, I never thought about the hair over the eye—which is an interesting observation—I just know that I found it distracting. I do have to admit that I don’t feel completely settled on this video—even as interesting as all the information was—because it was new to me.

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I wondered I’d the hair over the eye may have been some demon, mocking what he was saying by trying to cover one eye, and take our attention away from him warning us?
Who knows, but it was odd… c

Thanks for directing to that youtube channel, which states above its comments section,

“Remember to keep comments respectful”.

However, within the first 9 minutes of the video “JD Farag has gone off the rails!” I heard from this commentator, “fool”, “What a moron!” and “by the way, did you notice his mocking tone?” (also said in a mocking tone, to mock the mocking tone).

I’ve heard enough. If JD, or anyone else, says something that makes me go hmmm I do what he suggests–be like the Bereans and search the scriptures with the Holy Spirit’s guidance–but disrespectful name calling? No place for that in this forum.


Yes, I noticed his mocking tone. It is part of his MO. You are right that there is no place for that in this forum, and I add any other Christian forums he frequents and causes harm, just as there is no place in the Christian life for backbiters and slanderers. He truly needs to repent, and that is my prayer for him.

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Me thinks, he doesn’t really want an answer…me thinks he’s just trolling for bait. :thinking:



Good point; however, regarding “at the last trump”: the trump of God could be the Lord’s trumpet blast, that might blow simultaneously with the final blowing of the shofar at Feast of Trumpets. Thus, if that happens, it then would be “at” the last trump, and would not actually be the last Feast of Trumpets trump itself. (Just sayin’ :thinking: )

Not a date setter, but, how could I not hope for this? :grin:


Me thinks sometimes God allows it to test our responses to trolls. I can respond badly at times, which says more about me than them. Doc

p.s. This one, the chum was to obvious to bite.
I did have to tell my ego, down boy :dog: a couple of times.



That is what he preys upon—people engaging in discussions thinking he would
be receptive to any idea other than his own.

He was here previously and was so abusive that many of us remember him.
Every time he is addressed it gives him a chance to continue his
condescension and confusion.

We dont tolerate attacks on members here, and we certainly shouldnt allow
words that are so contemptible of JD.
This is an online church fellowship. If someone is not happy here,
they should find another.


I get that. But, I have a pre-trib rapture view, therefore, although the church would be gone after (if) a pre-trib rapture occurs, (in my view), Israel would still be able to celebrate a couple of more Feast of Trumpets before the abomination of desolation occurs.
(one’s expectations will vary, depending on one’s rapture timing views)

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Bruce, I have a real problem with you.

I will now leave this thread and pray that it will be protected from those who come to
bring confusion which derails our discussions and mocks our pastor.


Enough is enough!!


Every FOT, every year, has it’s own “final” shofar blast
ending that year’s FOT. So, every year at that feast, there is a
“last trump” for that feast. I think they blow it about 100 times
at the end of the feast each year. Haven’t read up on it in a few years, but that’s how I recall it. The last trumpet of the tribulation
is blown by an angel … not by God.

Paul was a former devout follower of Hebrew laws and customs,
and so a possible context for his “at the last trump” phrase
can be found in the Old Testament. . . In Paul’s lingo, the “last trump” may have indicated that time when the entire Hebrew congregation moved out to another location, (Numbers ch. 10),
so, likewise the “last trump” at the time of the rapture was a
familiar phrase that could have been used by Paul to indicate that the entire CHURCH will be called up together. (“on the move”)
(1 Thessalonians 4:15-16).

Further, the Revelation judgement trumpet visions by John
would not be given for approximately 40 years after Paul wrote,
so how would Paul have known of any other future trumpets?
Here are four reasons why the “last trump” is unique:

  1.The church age trumpet is called the "trump of God" 
     The last trumpet of Revelation is the trumpet of the 7th angel.
  1. The “last trump” in Thessalonians calls the dead to life.
    The last (7th) trumpet of Revelation is blown AFTER the
    two witnesses are resurrected, and final wrath is coming.

  2. The trumpet ending the church age comes as a BLESSING.
    The last trumpet of Revelation is for JUDGEMENT (“the third

  3. The trump of the church age sounds in “a moment, in the
    twinkling of an eye”, but the 7th trumpet of Revelation
    sounds for “DAYS”. (Rev. 10:7)

I know, I could add a final [speculative] trumpet that might
occur after all that, to fit a post-trib narrative, but, the Paul
thing seems a better fit to me, because, while it’s too lengthy to
get into a discussion here, the “falling away” apostasy
definition thing has 2 similar meanings in Greek, depending on context . . . it’s an either/or . . . falling away from doctrine, OR,
the physical separation of one group from another.
Dr. Andy Woods does an excellent (although lengthy) explanation
of it in his Revelation and Rapture video series.


Trolls gonna be trolls. Best not to feed trolls.


Stones being thrown by the handfuls and it’s enough!


Btw…he also thinks Satan doesn’t rule this planet. :thinking::see_no_evil::woman_shrugging:t3:


Agreed. My spirit says to “abandon, abandon”…my flesh says “oh no he didn’t” :speak_no_evil: and I’m off and running :grimacing:


I’m sure we all wait with “baited” breath…and that last part made me laugh. (Not “trying” to make anything into an argument, uh huh)


Topic Temporarily Closed for Review whilst we attempt to sort out the wheat from the strawman…sorry I mean, tares.