May 2 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Amen. I think the tension of both positions is helpful to consider. Thanks for your kind words brother :slight_smile: God bless.

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Here is the calendar
And information on accuracy–very educational: Calendar Accuracy & Highlighted Dates

With all the unrest, I wonder how plans for celebrating Israel’s 73rd Birthday on Friday will be affected. Their Jerusalem Day was ruined, and now this…The enemy is working overtime.

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Hi Mike,

He uses a variety I believe…
For example… The King James Bible identifies Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12 In other translations it does not identify him. In the KJV it says in Daniel 3:25 the fourth looks like the Son of God… Other versions say son of the gods… Notice other versions take away the Deity of Christ.
Small “s” in the word son… and small “g” in the word god, plus they pluralized it. so many gods?

I know for some, other versions read easier, but there are changes and omissions.
1 John 5:7-9 for example… Some versions have omitted it, others have changed it.

I use the KJVB… I also will read the 1599 Geneva on-line.

Back in the 90’s I had so many versions… Living… MSG etc. Then I found out about the discrepancies, and I switched to King James. At the beginning it seemed like I would have a hard time, but I was wrong…

You know the King James Bible being poetic as it is; is easier to remember scriptures?
It’s like remembering words to a song… Much easier to memorize scripture imho with the King James Version.

Try you’ll see… It will flow out of you like a song


I’m fully with you about the KJV, it’s the only one I read actually. I know about all the changes and flaws in all the modern versions.

Thank you for your wise words, Saved-by-Grace. I think you have given the answer, straight from the Word, that fixes this issue.

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Oh brother

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You’re welcome.

Yessir. Perfect. Use discretion–the Bible says not to throw your pearls before swine for a reason. That is real. I lean toward responding kindly myself, but there is such a thing as being “played like a fiddle” and that’s not a good thing either.

Keep your peace, and be Godly, and yes, don’t take the bait of people who are sometimes just in it to argue fruitlessly. It’s not mean to respect yourself, and your time. Every situation is different, do what you are led to do by love. Sometimes it is loving to be silent–like Jesus was, and sometimes it’s loving to not respond, really.


@FearNot oh brother indeed, wow.

Biden pulls our troops out of Israel. God will show his power and USA is done, under judgement. This is not the America I grew up in. So sad. I am ready to see God work as Israel stands alone.


Biden to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by September

??? Israel

Yes. I got the message about an hour ago. Our embassy is in Jerusalem. Our people, all of them are being ordered back to the U.S.


Thank you Lenore.

Interesting, indeed.


Things are moving fast. It’s fascinating how quickly Bible prophecy is unfolding. Hold on to your seats!


I hope they are able to return safely to the U.S. I imagine they are not safe where they are. I just looked up some info about Canada. There are several travel advisories warning Canadians to avoid non-essential travel to parts of Israel and borders with some countries that surround Israel.


Thank you :+1: Doc


Not yet. Pfizer’s and Moderna were accepted for Emergency Use Authorization which means you still can say No Way. These are not licensed shots.

What goes into your body is your business not a college or a government. Try not to buy into the worry with these shots. Read Psalms 46 and 91 for protection.