May 2 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Silas is in many passages in Acts. So is Barnabas (your spelling is off which is maybe why not found if you were doing a search?)

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I think Billy Graham was freemason

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Thanks for your insight. Good points.

Your verse seems related but Paul was holy, not most people. Maybe with 5G and nanobots, metal in the vax. I saw a physician in a video, telling that microwave technology is an offensive weapon. They can already use to displace groups of people.

We have to look for 5G deployment dates worldwide.

As JD said in a previous video of marxism:

The message has to be very strong and repeated, repeated, repeated.


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This is a repeat post from nojabforme. Just in case some readers are “color blind” or eye challenge.



Have any of you seen this video about Daniel’s 70th week? It really is incredible how God gave this guy wisdom to figure out the numbers. It also coincides with what Jesus said of “the generation that will not pass away” who see Israel become a nation. End Times - Daniel UNSEALED! (2021 Great Tribulation) - YouTube

It’s so close as JD always says and we’ve known!!


I am looking for info on the media app Zap Que?. if i heard him right. collects media , downloads it, etc…i have a terrible time finding things!..i looked on the links page of the update but did not find anything for it. Does anyone know anything about it? thanks


I’ve faced this with my family. I told them I prefer to trust God and have faith in the amazingly wonderful working immune system He created to fight any virus or bacteria that may come along. (It hasn’t failed me yet.) In any event, if I am to die before the Rapture, I know where I am going, so there is no need to look to man for an “injection of hope” not to die when there is so much evidence of the harm it might cause. And not to forget, no virus is bigger than our God!


I find it quite interesting that Joe Biden states several times last fall 2020 that we were going to experience a very "Dark Winter’ over & over again. :thinking:


I saw that too and made the same connection


@Cara i posted a screenshot last time by Gen2434.

This is dropbox link to download a sample:

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Hi @Porky , Zap Q is a fictional company used in “scenario simulations” to discuss and plan amongst the globalists.

Thank you!.. but you bet if they thought, they have did it…


Am I surprised? :smiley:


Video is gone. Any reason?

The poster said youtube took it down bcos of mentioning vaccine.

Do we know if it is on any other platform like bitchute or brand new tube?