May 20, 2021 – Isaiah 17:1 - A Prophecy Against Damascus

A Prophecy Against Damascus

Pastor JD talks about the prophecy against Damascus, Syria in the verse-by-verse study through the book of Isaiah and how it relates to what’s happening today in the Middle East.


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Man this was good, and fun… Watched it this morning.

Have to watch it again.

JD Farag is a poet and didn’t know it… :smiley:

Have to say also I was quite happy that there was no CV19, Vaccine, etc in it at all. Heard enough about that stuff for a while now. just saying and my opinion. Not knocking JD at all by saying this.

It’s just that there is so much going on while we are all stirred up over a man made crisis.


I think it is important to keep that stuff to the prophecy update. It is very important to discuss world issues but ought to be kept out of verse by verse teaching as much as possible. The Lord could delay His coming and someone will be watching this 20 years from now.


Except that this was Isaiah 17 so… :slight_smile:


Right. So Covid19 probably should not be discussed

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:open_book:Isaiah 17:1
King James Version
17 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

**Weapons warehouse destroyed and three militiamen killed in strikes on Iranian-backed militias’ position in Damascus.

In a briefing to supporters of his party on Friday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Israel was taking action “almost weekly” to prevent Iranian entrenchment in Syria. Regional intelligence sources say Iran’s Quds Force and the militias it backs have spread in Syria in recent years, including a strong presence in a string of underground bases in the southern outskirts of Damascus.

At a moment international media and political leaders are focused on watching the mayhem unfolding on Capitol Hill, **Israel has again attacked Syria, hitting southern Damascus with a series of airstrikes Wednesday night.

This is the third such Israeli attack in three weeks, during which Syrian air defenses were active and said to have intercepted some of the inbound missiles.

Israel has been carrying out a campaign-between-the-wars since 2013 to prevent Iran and its proxies, including Hezbollah, from obtaining advanced weapons to use against the Jewish state and from entrenching themselves in Syria.The attacks have three main purposes.
They are:

  1. To diminish Iranian capabilities being shipped to Hezbollah and other Iranian militias working to open a low-intensity military front threatening Israel’s northern border;
  2. To maintain Israel’s freedom of action and air supremacy in its neighborhood and the Middle East in general by minimizing Syrian military capabilities, more specifically anti-aircraft missile sites and their support systems; and
  3. To send a message of deterrence to three main actors in the region: Assad’s regime, Iran and its emissaries, and Russia.

Damascus is the oldest continually-inhabited city in existence.** Many prophecy experts think that the sudden destruction of Damascus will be the catalyst that triggers the Ezekiel 38 war , or will occur in conjunction with the Ezekiel 38 war. These 2600+ year old prophecies have not been fulfilled as of yet. Damascus, though ravaged by the Syrian Civil War, still stands and still has people living there (perhaps Jeremiah 49:23-27 is occurring in our day as a lead up to the full destruction of Damascus). As we’ve see recently in the news, there are several Russian, Iranian, and Syrian military installations in and around Damascus , as well as chemical weapons and the headquarters of several terrorist groups.

Iran is setting up shop in Damascus and openly state their religiously-driven plans to destroy Israel. Airstrikes in 2017 and 2018 by Israel against weapons convoys (gifts from Iran to Hezbollah), and an Iranian built installments near Damascus makes one wonder how close we are to Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38. We’re not told who destroys Damascus or how it is destroyed, but surrounding verses suggest it’s during conflict with Israel. Recent events suggest it may be a preemptive strike by Israel necessary for her survival.

Some news headlines:
A Damascus-based network reported new details about the August-31 Israeli strikes on Iranian weapons depots near the Damascus International Airport and on Al-Hejana military base on the outskirts of the village of the same name.
Israel has said it attacked Iranian and Syrian military targets near Damascus in retaliation to Syrian rockets fired towards Israel the day before. Syria’s air defenses destroyed most of Israel’s missiles.
The Israel Defense Forces claimed responsibility for the airstrikes near Damascus on Saturday evening, saying it was necessary to thwart multiple attacks by what it called killer, or kamikaze, drones.
The Zionist regime had carried out aggression from occupied Golan Heights on Jabal al Mane area near the town of Kiswa in Damascus province.
A military source quoted by SANA said Israeli fighter planes over the Golan Heights fired rockets toward Damascus. The news agency said seven soldiers were hurt and damage was caused, but claimed that most of the missiles were shot down.

These headlines have Isaiah 17 written all over them!!..
:black_small_square:︎Report: Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Killed in Syria!
:black_small_square:︎ Iranian official: The end of Israel is near!:
:black_small_square:︎ Top Iran adviser vows ‘calculated and decisive’ response to nuke chief’s killing!
:black_small_square:︎ Iran’s army blames US along with Israel for Iranian nuclear scientist’s assassination!
:black_small_square:︎ Iran Threatens Revenge ‘Like a Thunderbolt’
:black_small_square:︎ Iran Accuses Israel Of Seeking To Provoke “Full-Blown War” With Brazen Assassination!
:black_small_square:︎ At Least 1 Killed, 3 Soldiers Injured After ‘Israeli Aggression’ in Damascus Airspace!**


With the stage being set, you need is what i call a CURTAIN RAISER that being ISAIAH 17 and it is on the verge!

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I am so thankful Pastor JD continues to talk about the vaccine. Many Christians are in total denial that the whole CV19, Vaccine, etc ordeal could lead to the mark of the beast system.


Oh I get it. I thought you meant not doing a prophecy update in the verse by verse teaching. Yeah, obviously. And my point was that this is a prophecy in progress.

What I meant also was that it was nice change of pace not to hear anything about the virus or the vaccine, as I am pretty much sick of hearing about it. Not that I would have expected him to say anything about it during Isaiah 17 study. :slight_smile:


That’s fine, but does it have to be every Bible Prophecy Update? All I am saying.

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Well, it is his prerogative of course. I am certainly not here to tell him what to speak on or direct it.

It’s just that the whole of Bible Prophecy that is going on is not limited to the Virus and Vaccine merry-go-round. As we have seen in the last couple of weeks, Israel is busy playing it’s role in Bible Prophecy, and it is the focus of it.


Covid 19, global warming, BLM, New World order, and liberalism promoting every abomination in the Bible needs to be discussed by the pulpit. Preachers who ignore these topics are guilty of not warning the sheep. They might as well be wolves themselves.


The covid, is just part of the progression, the constant news of pushing the injections… getting the “harm in the arms” will lessen as the reality of the damage will become the big news… I reckoned at between 6 to 12 months after the start of their genocidal programme (around june orJuly) things will start to become too big to sweep under the carpet…Theres a whole bunch of side effects …I wonder how that will play out? I cant see people sitting quietly by, when that hits the fan… I have a sneaky feeling that the pharmaceutical, Governments, big tech etc have been played just as much as us, their greed has trapped them. I wonder if they are going to be the scape goats, they might not get to spend their Ill gotten gains, remember this is satan, middle name devious. He has to somehow win people over, he requires worship, and he would get it, if, he sorted out the “bad guys” no more need for them, off to Guantanamo. He would personally kick out the stool from under them, Probably televise it…I think many people would go freedom crazy, compensation (digital of course) parties weddings getting drunk, At. Which point I’m praying for a flight 777 somewhere soon …the real players enter the stage. Then antivaxers will be blamed for continued spread or maybe Visa versa, but they need sifting out, … it’s just me thinking it through,… we’re supposed to be doing normal things, as in the days of Noah, cant do that in lockdown… what ya think, …?


The covid lie is beginning to have holes poked in it, I think it has served its purpose, it has shown how corrupt the worlds governments are. The world is crying out for a new kind of “leadership”, we are also entering a time of unprecedented racism, the pot is being stirred in every country it will change from a simmer to a boil soon, everything is right on track. Not exactly how the great reset was supposed to go, it’s being hi jacked. Even if it is all just made up nonsense. With racism comes religion, you cant separate the two. There is a new headline taking over covid. Or at least joined its side. Religious hatred and the war over Jerusalem is the fuse. Fighting protesting and riots will increase, fuelled of course by TV propaganda…(have you noticed how they are showing the Palestinian supporters protests, there have been clashes between them and Israeli supporters. Not long ago there were thousands in every country protesting lockdowns and passports, hardly any of it was shown on tv) This would start the conversation, “we should do away with religion, what is it good for? it just causes war, it would be better if there was no religion”…it could possibly be the public who begin that conversation…and from that the thought that, it would be better to have one religion, put an end to the division…

The people have no idea they are being played, “brainwashed” or “conditioned” to take sides, this “mindset” is crucial being divided, is essential, it will play a big part in the “mark of the beast” mentality. Scenes like this will overshadow other news, although the effects of vaccination will soon rise too… its interesting that the (are they orthodox Jews?) Pictured are supporting the Palestinians, I did find out why, but cant find the information , I’ve been keeping an eye on this stuff for ages, and have documentaries, documents and film to support all of this, … I did have a lot of stuff on the Papal involvement, but a lot of it has been deleted or censored there have been some scary things going on…

I dont know how much of this you’ve already seen, but I’ve been connecting information from different sources. On their own they often dont mean very much but when compiled a picture becomes apparent, check this out,…

Just to add some positivity watch this short film, made by two preachers, who report on weather and other signs happening, whenever I feel down, watching the videos they make, just reminds me God is indeed in charge .

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Everything is already in place, here in a leaked document, are the details of the “camps” and procedure for detaining “CIVILIANS”

The document can be downloaded, there is a link at the bottom of the page.


Exactly. That was my point earlier.

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The Lord, His eminency comes as he wishes in His own timing, not dependent upon our “ability” to delay His coming.

Isaiah 17 can be used both, verse by verse in our personal lives and is a world event prophesied.


***Back to the actual topic for this particular Bible study thread *** :open_book: Isaiah 17 and the future destruction of Damascus.

I was studying this passage today & went back to Pastor JD’s verse by verse teaching on this chapter.

His maps were helpful. His discussion of isalm as it relates to Is. 17 was insightful. Interesting to see how the stage set as of Feb 2023.

I had forgotten about how the Promised Land is the same area as what ISIS or ISIL calls the Lavant (see screenshot below) Lots of details to unpack (revisit) in this Bible Study teaching.

It was well worth revisiting this May 2021 study 20 months later. Thank you, Pastor JD!

Also… in this study he discussed a GOD miracle that led to reclaiming the Golan Heights. :butgod: woah!