May 23 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Video: Bible Prophecy Update


Pastor JD talks about everything we’re seeing in the world today being an indication of how it’s just a matter of time before it all snaps.

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  1. What’s happening in the middle east?
    Answer – Zach 12 : 1-3 Jerusalem is an obsession for the whole world
  2. What do you know about the global economic crisis and reset?
    Answer – Rev 6 : 5-6 money will become worthless
  3. What’s going on with the vaccine passports?
    Answer – Rev 13 : 16-17 although not the mark of the beast, it is preparing people and systems for it
  4. Is there any good news?
    Answer – 1 Cor 15 : 1-4 the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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I know this was briefly discussed previously but Is anyone else having an issue with the church they attend because they are not discussing end times or what is going on in the world? I am very discouraged that two churches we attend (in two different states) are not discussing end times nor what is going on in the world right now. This shocks me! I have to look online to find information and watch a few good pastors, like JD, to get the truth. I think it is a huge disservice to not be warning your church parishioners of what is happening! It literally floors me, especially with what has been happening the last two weeks in Israel!


Yes, me too…no one is speaking of this in the churches here either…but I have sensed for a very long time, that these are the last days churches…that are described in the Bible. They are full of tares…and a few that are wheat, who are starving and confused…I’m also beginning to see something in scripture I haven’t seen before…only because I read it through the lens of previous church teachings…and that is that we will most likely be here the first half of the tribulation, but we are not appointed to God’s wrath, so will be taken or protected during those plagues.
3 Reasons Why There Cannot Ba A Pre-Tribulation Rapture | NoPreTrib …God told us to study…so please no throwing rocks at me for doing so. I don’t claim to know for sure.


Haiz, that’s your belief then. No time to argue here.

If true, then Mr Paul has done the church injustice.

Why did Paul NEVER give any instructions to us to prepare for THE tribulation in all his 13 letters plus Hebrews?


Just before my husband and I watched today’s bible prophecy update we were talking about exactly the same thing. Like most of the world, we are not permitted to attend church in person but have been watching the services online. We have attended one church for many years and we noticed there is no mention whatsoever about the times we are living in. Basically each Sunday it is as if nothing is happening in Israel and the Middle East, not to mention all the other things that have been transpiring in our world each and every day for over the past year. Perhaps these Pastors are too fearful to tackle eschatology feeling ill equipped to discuss this crucial topic of our day and so they shy away from it and instead play it safe with sermons they are more familiar with. I simply don’t know for sure. We have recently stopped watching these Pastor’s online services and only tune into Pastor J.D. each Sunday. We have grown in our faith so much from his weekly teachings and are truly grateful.


My pastor has amped up the need to get saved in nearly ever sermon, now, has amped up offering us more opportunities at church for the studying of the bible (this is not a CC church nor a church that trends toward expository sermons), and has come to admit that he is pan millennial (he means that it will pan out as God sees fit), so that is the best I have. He DOES speak out against the lawlessness. No one talks about Israel or the Canadian pastors who have gone to prison. I am so thankful for HERE.


So I just can not get todays Bible Prophecy Update to play, it just starts and stops. I will keep trying various things. Just wondered if I was the only one having the problem?


Try going through DuckDuckGo. It works fine for me


I left the church we had been attending for over 5 years last year August.

The pastor would not teach on end times but rather began teaching a feel good kind of thing.

I could no longer sit under that so we started watching online and supporting online.


Our pastor was only in his early 30s when he came over 20 years ago, had pastored a smaller church for 5 years; he admitted he didn’t know much about it, so he studied… 3 years later he began preaching through REvelation on Sunday mornings, verse by verse for 2.5 years. (With of course breaks for missions conferences, etc.)

He is a gifted expository preacher, and will talk about End Times stuff; he preached through Philippians starting in A;ril of last year, and once Wednesday night services opened back up started through Revelation again; he’s done other End Times stuff, too.

Our church is definitely a breath of fresh air - he had a great sermon today ab out the evils of false teachers. It does feel like he is one of the few in this county who really do it right. That’s because he is teachable. He always was pre-tribulation and pre-millennial, it’s just that he wanted to make sure he understood why and how to really expound on it.I think part of the problem is that pastors aren’t wiling to learn and improve - and if they aren’t willing, how can the congregation be? Our pastor knows to lead by example.


You are blessed!



It’s been that way for a number of years. Not sure why. In general, we know that “end of the world” isn’t most people’s favorite conversation. It scares them. Is it because they’re not prepared? Is it because they really don’t know the Lord? The answers would probably vary. It’s a controversial topic because of a wide range of interpretations. We also can’t discount the expectant believers who feel like they’re being put in a tentative state of existence …a seemingly perpetual place of waiting, with the signs that seem more
like waves crashing in and then dissipating than escalating labor pains. It can be, in fact, a bit anticlimactic, ie, “false labor.” It discourages people. I think it’s everyone’s worst nightmare to declare the Lord’s return and then, 20 years later (assuming it hasn’t happened) have people look at you sideways with a sense of uncertainty.


Nope. You’re not. It did eventually play for me though.

I’m not on that page but I have no rocks to throw and promise not to try to school you. You should feel free to do all the exploring and investigating that you need to do. And guess what; if you’re wrong about the timing of the rapture, you’re still going with the rest of it whether you like it or not😁.


Excellent. So happy to hear that. Does he know about JD?

Some denominations dictate from the top down what topics to hone in on and which to avoid. It’s political. Not saying that’s the case with yours but, depending on the kind of church it is, it could be a partial answer. Maybe?

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Praise God, we are blessed here, but remember your churches “Lack of teaching” is evidence of the signs of the times.


Yep. :unamused: I had attended a church pre-C-19 that taught Biblical truth but the pastors never, ever addressed end-time events–the rapture, the Tribulation, or even the Millenial reign of Jesus. It wasn’t until I started listening to Jan Markell (who introduced me to Pastor J.D.) fairly recently that I realized I had been missing teaching on approximately 1/3 of the Bible! That was an eye-opener. Once that became clear, I just couldn’t overlook the lack. :woman_shrugging:t2: It bothered me so much. Once you learn about Bible prophecy, it’s hard to forget it. Then C-19 hit, and everything went sideways so I’ve been “attending” church online here. :blush: I have the opportunity to go to a micro-church here in my small city, so I’m going to try that.