May 23 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I see this as the second coming where every knee will bow. When we are caught up, we have escaped and are happy to see Jesus

because sometimes it is good to remember…


I agree with you. I too, have had my doctors push and ask why. It is very crazy with HIPPA law forms. I don’t know about your health but to give you a little tid bit of info about me. I had been diagnosed with 2 different types of cancer back in 2018. I am now dealing with side effects of chemo and now they are trying to convince me to get the jab. I find this highly upsetting! Physicians take a Hippocratic oath and they are supposed to be my Advocate. I actually thought my doctors would basically say that I would not be a good candidate for this. I no longer trust my doctors because I am finding it hard to believe that putting more into my system would not be the best thing for me. My concern is that they may no longer treat me, due to the fact that I am not getting the jab. I personally feel that this is wrong. To coerce someone to get the so called vaccination especially if it has not yet been approved and the side effects are unknown. The pull is strong on both sides.

California giving $116 million to people who get virus shots

I laughed, then cried, because I am assuming the money will be paid by tax payers.

I will be praying for you that God gives you a direction. My husband and I talk, sometimes I wish God would just come down in a burning bush and tell us what is to come and what to do… But then it would not be Faith.

I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in feeling the way you do.

God Bless you



Hmmm. Okay…as far as the quote issue…You should have this


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If you were to change those last two funky sets of quotation marks to a right-hand square bracket, you would be good to go. :relaxed: That right there is the extent of my eensy-weensy measure of knowledge on such matters. :wink:

I will try to do this over, and erase the first one. Thank you.

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So beautifully said Sigrid!!!


I like to teach so I hope I haven’t discouraged you. :hugs: I would never say anything normally (or normal? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) because honestly it doesn’t bother me. :grin:

Well done :relaxed:


I made a typo and accidentally erased a digit. then I couldn’t find a square bracket to put there, so I tried to re-highlighted all and it wouldn’t go into a new box…oy! So then I placed the quotation marks …and it just went downhill from there. It has been one of those days dear Sigrid. Time for a cup of tea and a break. :relaxed:


:hugs::hugs::hugs: I’ve done all of those too. :grin: It’s so frustrating.

May I join you? My day has also been a sit-down-with-a-cup-of-tea-for-a-break kind of day. Now I’ve moved from that and am stressed out thinking about going to bed. lol

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Thank you for sharing that. I love it!


@wren , please watch this interview


@J.R.W Julie I’m deeply saddened to read that you’re feeling like this.

God’s word is for all people, always. This forum should strive to be a reflection of that.

Going to send you a PM.


:notes:One of my favorites!

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:heart:I do pray, it’s all I know, and 1 verse, John3:16… I dont know about praying on words in the bible, I’d never heard of it… I wish I could just sit on a hillside with flask of tea, and listen to Jesus, telling simple stories to simple people like me…:heart: or that satan had been slain first… and cut out all the need for the confusion… :dove: but God… only he knows, I’m just a simple servant, waiting for his call… :heart: but please be quick Lord, moneys short and times are hard, they’re coming soon to make their mark… and I’m so lonely…


Julie, I have been playing bible catch up over the last several years, and I STILL deal with holes in my comprehension to connect all the dots, all the time. My recall is also broken. Never feel intimidated. You are not alone. :hibiscus:


Boy do I identify with you on that sister. I’m glad your here :heavy_heart_exclamation:
The simplest I can say it, for me is.
this is my short form of the ABC’s, it sort of puts my self/ego/flesh in perspective.

HE loves you Julie more than anyone here can, more than you love yourself, more than your/my mind can imagine.
Your here your in the right place sister.
Love Doc :rose:


I just thought this was a joke to believe this article could be even remotely true.

Main things to know about unbiased news:

They are always honest: This not only means receiving and checking facts, but it also precisely and accurately defines the context.

Independence: Journalists should avoid being influenced by any source, including funds, personal or other forces.

Fair information: Should reflect both sides of the subject, and the background of the story should never be delayed to manipulate readers’ understanding of the subject.

Serving humanity: Is an obligation to use stories to have a positive impact on the world without causing harm.

Responsible: Good reporters can find and correct mistakes or correct unfair reports of problems.

*****My personal observation:
If you look at all the news org. the thing that ties these 10 together is not truth by any means its agenda.



The thing is Doc, I’ve never been in short supply of faith… I might not know the word, I dont have to believe because I always knew for certain… I have no doubt, not a single one…:heart:


I’m off out of the house now, 1st time in 4 + years, I’m going to a look for a place I found as a kid… hope it’s still there… I think it will be xx catch ya laterz x I’ve got some nature and praying to do… x


I have to wonder myself and I worked in healthcare for years!