May 23 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Brother Keegan,
You’ve outdone yourself by covering just about everything we need to know and am grateful for your time consuming approach to our soon departure.

The reality of there being so much evil and so many blinded by it is more than frightening. Complacency is a disease that is inflicting the masses. As you so aptly said, They do not recognize the urgency of the day in which they live and as a result they live solely for the things of this world without the necessary balance of an eternal perspective.
When I read the following words you wrote I shed tears of joy …The way things look around the world right now makes me think that the doorknob is turning and that trumpet is about to sound.

I pray that my dream of heaven will soon become our reality.
Maranatha Lord…PLEASE come quickly!


My church definitely in this category…my 2 children go as they are very involved on the youth ministry…aged 17 and 21…I myself and husband don’t go…I see pastor JD as my teacher and pastor…


Amen! God bless you! Please do share my articles if you can in these very final momemts!


Thanks Keegan…you are a voice in the wilderness. Praying for you as you continue to expose what is going on and are teaching on the Blessed Hope. Maranatha…Kariena


Thank you sister for all your encouragement! God bless you!


Excellent video, pastor JD

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I have believed and been living in anticipation of the rapture for as long as I have been a believer. I was joyful and happy to share that with others. We still prepared for disasters and shortages and knew if we didn’t use it someone else would.

Just recently I followed a link from another forum member and initially was excited to find in-depth bible studies that brought new insights on certain verses in Daniel and Revelation that made me think. But when he came to Rev 6, he began to list “false teachings” of the end and first on the list was the rapture. It has had me disturbed ever since. It came just at a point where God was doing some amazing things and moving in my life and blessing me. Opportunities to share with family ahead and this dark cloud of mid or post trib teaching has left me reeling.

All I know is we believers must be ever vigilant to know the Word for ourselves so we can be sensitive to false teachings, or recognize when some new teaching steals our joy. I will listen but discern, trusting the Holy Spirit to guide me, because not all of it was doctrinal; I can handle expository.

Idk why we have such a wide range of teaching within the body, from no mention of endtimes to nothing but endtimes, from rapture to wrath, but this I do know–WE must each study the Word, the only way to be discerning, and be ready, to explain the Gospel of Jesus, the cornerstone of our faith, the only source of hope, the reason for our joy and peace. Maranatha!!


You are in a Pre-Tribulation believers’ forum… Millions believe in the Pre-Tribulation rapture of the Church … past JD spends time on his knees with God and delivers sound, anointed teaching. The world is in a state on confusion and deception. Listen to past JD’s previous messages and his reasons for a pre-trib Rapture and lean not on your own understanding. This forum is not a place to voice different opinions than what past JD teaches. It is a place of rest and comfort from the world out there for so many. Thank you, thank you past JD and team … we so appreciate you … :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: we will soon see our Jesus!!! Love from New Zealand :two_hearts:


I really enjoy your posts!! Keep them coming!

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God bless you sister! Thank you so much for all your encouragement. All glory to our Lord!


Antisemitism on the rise globally like never before. Israel’s enemies are emboldened.


I have been looking into this magnetogenetics, because I believe there is some truth to these magnets sticking to some people’s arms. Maybe it wouldn’t work in everyone depending on how the injection dissipated throughout the tissue and into the body and in some it remains more concentrated in one area close to the skin.

I find some of the terms used, especially in the nih document below interesting, they specifically say it must be “injected” it also mentions nanoparticles and says “ Magneto‐thermo‐genetics relies on a principle known as thermal relaxation, whereby an alternating magnetic field, such as a radiofrequency field, is able to heat up small magnetic nanoparticles.” (5G)??? And then in one place the nih article also mentions polyethylene glycol which we know is also in the vaccine and experts have stated never used in vaccines before. The article states, “ A similar approach has subsequently been applied to vertebrate systems by the Anikeeva laboratory (Chen et al , 2015). They used untargeted polyethylene glycol‐coated synthetic magnetite nanoparticles (Fe3O4, 22 nm in diameter), a RF stimulus (500 kHz, 15 kA/m) and a TRPV1 transgene to induce calcium influx in HEK cells, action potentials in primary hippocampal neurons and neuronal activation in deep brain areas in vivo in mice”.

Has anyone seen the Netflix cartoon “smartmark”? Listen at the 3 min mark into the video (below), he states “your chip makes it possible to control everyone in Charter city whether they are marked or not”, then what really looks exactly like 5G is turned on and controls everyone… thoughts?


I’m pretty sure he knowsabout Pastor JD, I know a few members told him about JD a few years ago. Our pastor always remarks about how there is good stuff on Christian television and Youtube and such, but also lots of bad, so it’s important to look for yourself. I think he has a lot of respect for JD (becasue JD says this himself about being a Berean and looking for yourself) but he tries not to single out any particular one either way.


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Same here! Nothing said about Israel nor anything concerning prophecy. Good teaching on Philippians though. Thankful for ministries like JD’s and some others available on line. Waiting and watching for the Rapture of the church! Maranatha!:heart::pray:

I just read this quote from G.K. Chesterton and had to share:
Jesus promised his disciples these things: they would be completely fearless, absurdly happy, and in constant trouble.” Sounds good to me!


I have witnessed on many YT videos of Pastors talking about pre-trib, those who take on anyone who believes in pretrib and will argue and sadly shame or call names of anyone that does not agree with their mid or post trib beliefs. I honestly do not care what others choose to believe and not sure why it bothers anyone so much what I or others believe. We will all go up if we believe and follow Jesus and have confessed our sins. I really like your last paragraph.
I have to say my daughter and husband, who are true believers and Christians seem to be afraid and not want to discuss the rapture and it is impending timing. I am not sure why but she does not like when I try to discuss it. I think she wants to believe it is way off. I pray for her and ask Jesus to handle it because who better than He? I am ready and waiting!


Jesus is NOT an angel! I recommend you read Hebrews! JD just started a series yesterday second service. Please watch!

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"Don’t be a THEY ! They will not escape !

Be a WE ! We escape !

Be a WE !"

And all the French said “Wee Wee !”

(Meaning Yes yes!)


Because my dear friend, it is not a “Hope” for them.

Their interest is in correcting everyone else to conform to their “wisdom”. They don’t want to hear your words, they want to hear THEIR words coming out of your mouth.

It’s not always so much what is said, but HOW it is said.

Intent is betrayed by words, and out of the abundance of the heart come those words. :wink: