May 23 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Rapture Kit update: FROM generation 2434

:arrow_down: Hey guys, if you’re looking to download videos so that you can “leave them behind” on a thumb drive or hard drive… I want to recommend this app again (4k video downloader…it’s the one with the green icon) :arrow_right:

It works MUCH quicker than that website I showed you guys on the live stream. The FREE version will allow up to 30 video downloads per day which I’ve found to be plenty good. This app only works on a computer however, it is NOT a smartphone app.


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Hi Byron,

In conjunction with @dlcv’s kind provision of the video link, also below is a link to the transcript for that video:

You can search that doc for ‘Andy Woods’ or ‘Geneva’ to find the specific references.

In Christ


Cyber-pandemic will be used for stealing our $$$ and usher in digital currency…


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Dennis, what's the best way to crack an egg without splitting the yolk?


This is what will be arriving next. imho. They already had the technology in 2017. Should this become the motb, it would most likely be distributed by amzn or some Goliath company. One wonders why, if they wanted vast “compliance”, they wouldn’t start with this patch, instead of the jab. Perhaps the hydrogel was more amenable to the jab than the patch, and/or whatever magnetic component they have apparently added?

Oral pharmaceuticals contain similar nano technology and have for about ten years now. Certain devices can detect patient “compliance” based on that tech. The particles bio accumulate in the body, clog the tubules in the kidneys and can easily interact with wireless tech.

The filtration systems in many municipal water supplies are experiencing clogging issues from nano particles in a vast number of consumer products these days. Municipal water often contains trace to high levels of these and others pharmaceuticals, chemo drugs, psychotropics, heart meds, steroids, etc. Lovely.

Glass of water anyone?

The good news is during the millennial reign, the water and earth will be purified of man’s greed, and the disgusting toxins and chemicals by which the devil destroyed so much of God’s creation and people, will never again be permitted on earth. PTL!. :joy: :joy: :joy:


Hi wren,

I am not a USA citizen or residing in USA. What I read is Central Banks worldwide are experimenting digital currency using BlockChain technology. China tested the waters in 2020, and I guess will combine with Social Credit Score system in future.

As for cyber attack, i am guessing either they try to manufacture a crisis like covid19 in 2019 Event 201 sessions. Like robbing massive amounts of money or cripple critical infrastructures like what USA experienced recently the oil shortage.

The digital currency already been planned years ago, now they got the opportunity to attack.

Pastor JD mentioned about massive printing paper money will cause hyperinflation in future.


Thank you Pastor Farag for preaching bible prophecy.
“Our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.” —Philippians 3:20
The following words are from a recent, brief video that follows:
“Here is a staunch warning for those who have adopted modern American Christianity -
Your form of Christianity is coming to an end.”


Boil it first!


Very good video thanks for sharing


I remember being in an early Promise Keepers meeting in the Astrodome in Houston. When I was there I was all for it. But the days after came I started to sense something wrong and that this was not the direction we should go.

Glad I sensed that then and now even more becuase that is when i 1st walked away from the wests gospel system.



Yes, so true. Paul Washer said something very similar…persecution will be for other reasons than what we have often told ourselves. Defiance, disobeying, breaking their laws…


Edwin from Singapore, so far there is no pressure to take the vaccine. Don’t hear much about anti vax people. I will personally put my trust in the Lord, not something manmade.

Vaccine not helping because there has been a sharp spike in COVID cases, so much so that World Economic Forum meeting cancelled.


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was developed by Abraham Maslow in 1943 which he used to describe a pattern through which human motivation moves from the bottom up. The bottom layer is the basic motivator of man. As this is satisfied, he is motivated to satisfy the next higher level, working his way up, with “Self-actualization” as the highest motivator.
Well, guess what?
This plandemic is eating and destroying the bottom layer!
The effect of this is that it will keep people from developing into their fullest potential as persons and individuals. This is clearly a hellish ploy and is working among unbelievers. Sadly, some Christians are affected by it, too, and they’re beginning to shift their trust in the “goodness” of their government and the honesty of the health establishment (big farma).
God has warned us in Jer. 17:5 “Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.”


Lots of scams about. Keep those Red Flag feelings close. :slight_smile:


As I listened to Pastor JDs PUD this past Sunday I was struck by these words.
“We need to look at people as either Lost or Saved” no other “labels”.

While I understand that’s how God looks at humans, it’s a little tough for the humans to look at and determine.
In today’s society, you really can’t distinguish the lost and saved. Those who proclaim the name of Jesus, live like the world and some lost folks are more moral than those mentioned.

If I put 10 friends in a room with you and didn’t tell you if they were lost or saved, how would you determine it? By their speech? I dare say more Christians speak ugly words than what we realize.

Our mission is not to categorize people. Even lost or saved. Our mission is to tell the WHOLE World about Jesus. We can’t determine a persons heart, that’s Gods prerogative. We aren’t even qualified per se to know. Gods Word says, “…they will know you by your love for one another.” (paraphrased by me) Love is telling everyone about Jesus.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m getting at. The world IS filled with lost and saved people. My point is, it’s our mission to TELL them ALL. I mean, you can’t get a room full of people and think they are all saved. However, you can share the gospel to ALL in the room and God will then separate the wheat from the chaff.

I’m not disagreeing with Pastor JD at all, his words are true…people are either lost or saved. I’m just saying we should treat ALL people like they are lost and just proclaim Jesus and let Him sort it out.

P.S. after saying all this, I realized something. In today’s world, Christians get offended if you proclaim the Gospel and they already know Jesus as Savior…they are upset, like “how dare you judge me?”
Well, don’t you sit under a Pastor, whether online or in person who proclaims the gospel to the WHOLE congregation? Something to think about :blush:


I don’t think Pastor JD meant that we should judge another’s salvation, but to stop with the judging altogether, as in, the only thing that matters is if a person is saved or not, the perspective of salvation, rather than what political position they are, or color of their skin, or (ad a gazillion other classifications here).

Our work we are called to is the Gospel, our witness and testimony.

We share it, those that receive it we fellowship with, those that don’t are obviously unsaved and we don’t fellowship with them.


That’s what I was saying, although it was way more long winded than yours :speak_no_evil::joy:

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Man… this week has been tough on getting the right feeling and intent of others text.