May 27, 2021 – Topical Study - My Atheist Friend

Topical teaching regarding an approach on how to discuss some of our biblical beliefs to our atheist friends. This teaching will examine a few of the most pointed questions presented by our atheist friends, and attempt to provide a biblical roadmap in order to be able to consistently inject the word of God. Taught by Assistant Pastor Mac at Calvary Chapel Kaneohe Hawaii. link:

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Hi ,
I have talked to many atheist !!!
They put their faith in nothing . They believe
in nothing !!! They have faith , they choose
to use the faith to believe their is no God .
But it is still faith in something !!!



I so needed to hear this today. I just had another conversation with my younger sister this week. She claims to be a non believer, but she was raised different. She should know better. She’s new age, aliens, reincarnation, gays, legal abortion and so on. She’s not big enough to remember that God the Healer removed the tumors remaining in her kidneys at 22 months old. After several surgeries. A miracle.

But Pastor Mack’s sermon was from the Lord. I have a new outlook on her future, and my talks with her. I see it all in a different light. It blessed my heart. That talk this week just sucked the life right outta me. The Lord will finish what he started.


Hi @becky I’ve had these conversations as well, and I find they say “nothing” initially, but if I get into a deeper conversation they will admit they do put faith in many things. It’s impossible to do anything purposely without faith, that’s how we’re wired, it’s just so common (ex. drop a ball, faith it will fall) that it’s called “nothing.” Seems like such effort to deny God…

It was an awesome sermon, Pastor Mac does such a great job laying it all out. :heart: I’m going to have to rewatch with the family.


Superb sermon as ever from Pastor Mac - I particularly loved @ 1hr:

In response to that oft asked question about death and suffering: ‘Why does God allow it?’ what we should be asking is ‘Why did you Satan?! Why did you break communion with God? and thus bring sin to the world?’.

It’s a refreshing response and highly appropriate because the accuser (Rev 12:10) is in actual fact the accused and the accursed of God.


Hi ,
my sister is atheist and I get so frustrated
with her and how she tries to talk my parents
out of believing in Jesus Christ . I saw my sister , husband , and 14 year old nephew this weekend .I feel so heartbroken for them . Please pray for them . Bernadette , mark , and my nephew Evan . Pray they will open their eyes . They taught him to not believe in God . Pray for me that I do not dismiss people when they say they do not believe in God . Pray God will soften my heart .



@becky absolutely :heart: I know, it’s so difficult, they truly know not what they do. Just start, small but intentionally, have faith that the Lord will lead you. Our God is SO good, He’s calling out to them constantly and He wants you right there next to Him. *Hugs *