May 28, 2023: 1 John 2:15-17 -- Why Loving The World Won’t End Well For You

:bible2: 1 John 2:15-17 – Why Loving The World Won’t End Well For You

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: provides 3-reasons as to why loving the world, and things in the world will in the end be dangerous and deadly.

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Pastor JD’s lessen stirred up a lot of thoughts. I will be pondering this week on the different areas that he brought up. Thank you.

One that I have thought on for years is the foreknowledge that satan would be back to temp Jesus. satan waited until Jesus was at the pinnacle of life and death in the desert. When is the other profound time in Jesus’s life where he is once again at this pinnacle? The garden of Gethsemane. My opinion is that as Jesus prayed, satan was right there throwing everything he had at Jesus. satan was coming up with every accusation he could pull from his bag of tricks as to why we were not worth God incarnate’s sacrifice. Think about the profuse drops of blood from distress. Tears of knowing what He will endure. Anticipation of unimaginable, both in the flesh and the spiritual, pain and humility.
He loves us so.
How reassuring it must have been for Jesus, Son of Man, to know that everyone that God gives him is his forever more. :heart:



Oh boy you hit a cord with what you wrote. How pitifull are the temptations we have compared to what He endured. Touches my heart to its core.