May 30 2021: Bible Prophecy Update


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I agree MDLange82!
I look forward to each update from JD and amazing tech team. Also the insightful dialogue that follows in the forum. When you find someone speaking about things that resonate with you, and you’re not finding answers in too many other places other than God’s Word, it’s a lifeline of sorts to know I’m not alone in what I am seeing, hearing and watching unfold. God bless ya’ll.


I was checking out the above statement and came upon the first three recorded sightings in America, early 1600s in Boston MA and New Haven CT. Interestingly two were attributed to spiritual things. One was linked to a self professed necromancer and another was seen as an answer from God to the fervent prayers of many to know what happened to a ship lost at sea.

First UFO Sighting in America
Muddy River, 1639

In 1644, the first USO sighting occurred over Boston Harbor, and then a major UFO sighting took place at New Haven, CT, in 1647.

Respectfully - there are hundreds of people with dementia in nursing homes who are not given a choice and are at the mercy of their families or facility, depending on their personal situations. My 89 year old step-father is my 87 (88 this week) mother’s health care surrogate. My mother has dementia and is unable to make her own decisions. She chose my step-father as her health care surrogate and PoA years ago when she was well with me as secondary if something happened to him. I am her only child. My step-father was scared by all the gov’t/media info that targeted and bombarded senior citizens here in FL. He is not a believer. I shared my concerns with him about the vax, that he knows my mother never took a flu vaccine (he did tell the facility NOT to give that to her as he knew her wishes about it), and I am 99.99% sure she would not have voluntarily taken this, and, even in early January when they took the jabs, there were MSM reports of people dying shortly after the jabs, specifically two doctors in the Miami area, one in his 50’s, not sure the age of the other, no underlying conditions. He had heard of that and did listen respectfully to my concerns but kept saying, due to them being late 80’s, if either of them got Covid they would die. I tried to reason with him that he had been out and about - grocery shopping, running errands, me, his daughter, her roommate visited his home regularly (and his daughter goes out to eat & participates in a lot more social activities than) and he had not gotten sick in the past year. However, I had no legal grounds to stop my mother getting the vax whatsoever.

I was sick with worry. I visited her the day after the 2nd jab and she was off the wall with hallucinations and delusions as well as being angry and agitated. HOWEVER, one of the reasons we had to place Mother in memory care is that she refused to take her medications and, during one of her delusions, left the house (first time ever) while my step-father was napping and was found by police sitting in the middle of the road. The hallucinations after the jab were exactly like some she exhibited while home before that event. We discovered that the nurse case manager had taken my mother off the anti-hallucination meds WITHOUT TELLING US!! so that was most likely what caused the bizarre behavior as she was physically well otherwise. I do think my mother tried to resist the jab because she told me she had to take it or she would have been “evicted.” The vax is not mandatory in her facility & I told her that my step-father had instructed she have it. What broke my heart was when she almost wailed, “And I never even took the flu vaccine.” (My mother is a believer.) There is absolutely NOTHING my mother nor I could have done. My step-father is her legal guardian and I know he would never do anything to hurt her and truly thought he was doing the right thing. My mother did not choose the jabs and she literally would have been tied down if she had struggled so please think of other situations that are out there. When I took my mother out for mother’s day, she wasn’t even sure she’d had the vax so that memory is leaving her and, except for her memory issues, she is physically well.

I sent my observations to Pastor JD as well and was one of the 15 who reported absolutely no adverse effects whatsoever for one family member - my 89-year-old step-father. I am seriously wondering if he got a placebo as he said he did not feel the needle on his arm and it didn’t feel like “anything” went into his arm; not even like the flu shot he gets yearly. He has some underlying health issues; he’s a Stage IVa throat cancer survivor, has some narrowing arteries in his legs; and has a very rare illness called cataplexy where, with no warning, he loses control of his arms & legs for a few seconds. He does research and takes a lot of natural supplements to boost his immune system as well as address other issues. His arm was never sore at the injection site and, almost 5 months later, no effects at all.

Pretty sure my mother’s behavior was due to being taken off her meds without our knowing (that nurse no longer works at the facility & my mother’s file is flagged to make NO CHANGES to her meds without my step-father being advised first) and now, back on her meds, she is back to “her norm” - able to go out to lunch, dinner, shopping, have her nails done, etc. when we take her out. She now says she doesn’t know if she got the vax or not so that memory is fading. I have prayed daily for both of them and, especially with my mother having no choice in getting the vax, that they be shielded from harm.

Step-sister who is my age (67) is on daily dialysis. She had a sore arm & headache after 2nd jab and next day bled from lower part of her body. Supposedly it was due to some part of her dialysis equipment (she takes dialysis at home) but a month ago she woke up & her sheets were covered in blood - same issue - was in hospital two days. I heard all this from step-father & my step-sister tries to not scare him so I have no idea if the vax was the cause of that but it does seem suspicious.

Her roommate is mid-70’s. She fell while out gardening one day - broke a rib, had stitches above her eye BUT she does not recall falling. She remembers she was outside and the next thing she remembers is being on the ground bleeding. Sounds like she blacked out. I reported all those to Pastor JD. Last week I just learned that my neighbor (in hr 50’s) passed out at work a day or so after the first jab. She never had that happen before. Was taken to hospital. She is now refusing to take 2nd jab.


I believe that based on observing my 89-year-old stepfather. He went to one of the large “drive-through” stadiums in January. He said he never felt the needle at all and it didn’t feel like anything. He gets a yearly flu vaccine and said it didn’t even feel like that. The injection site was not red/sore, and he has had absolutely no side effects whatsoever. Especially given his age and some underlying issues, that really surprised me. His daughter drove him to get the 2nd jab…just in case he didn’t feel well. I do think he received saline.

I am so very sorry for the loss of your father-in-law. My heart and prayers go out to your family.


@J.R.W Julie, not that it is a perfect space, because I believe that at some point all communication will be compromised, but can you open up an email account at ProtonMail? It is encrypted and thereby (yet) more secure. It’s a Swiss company. Also, I do my own online surfing with Brave browser and search through Duck Duck Go. Maybe you already are familiar.


Yes I’ve tried proton, but you need an alternative email or phone number, so I dont get the confirmation…from what I can see, although they say they are safe, private, I think nothing is really private anymore. If they want to, they will. But thanks for the suggestion, I have 1 email left up my sleeve…just in case :joy: xx


Good morning everyone,
The scenario in Singapore is quite a different kettle of fish - nearly all my pals have taken the vaccine and strangely enough, none of them have any severe side effects. Strong gut feeling is that they took it out of fear. Recently, there was a spike in cases of COVID in the country which has stabilised at the end of last week. However, the situation with the immediate neighbour is very worrisome. Malaysia has just recently recorded over 9000 cases on a daily basis. The northern shores of the island nation are separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johore. You can actually see the skyline of Malaysia’s southernmost metropolis (Johor Baru) from this point.
There is about enough vaccine for everyone in Singapore but the situation is really worsening in the neighbouring South East Asian nations. Even Vietnam had to shut down its air links with the outside world only very recently. There is without a case of demand exceeding supply in these countries with almost runaway figures. There was a recent move by Pfizer with regard to making Singapore a regional hub for the production and distribution of the vaccine - fully operational in a couple of years time.



I forgot about that backup email. Argh, yeah…sigh… LOL at your humorous side. :grin:

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I agree this is occurring. However, I don’t think all of the truther movement is exposing is fake. I actually think a good majority of it is truth. So I believe Satan is using the revealing of truth to lead many into deception. So the vaccine being dangerous is truth. And the NWO is really trying to form, this is truth. But then people are pulled into deception which is new age and aliens etc. I’ve made several posts regarding this … see from previous post below:

Ok so I have something important to discuss. I’d say about 2019 sometime I became suddenly aware of the New Age movement infiltrating the Christian church. Especially churches like Bethel and Hillsong. Also became aware of New Apostolic Reformation. This is a huge problem in the church today. Focus is all on miracles, healing, prophecy from modern day apostles, extra biblical knowledge. NOT the gospel. Then I started noticing Trump connected to many of these churches. Even named Paula White his spiritual advisor which was shocking. I always felt like this all had end time implications and as I’ve said before I’ve often wondered if the real danger here isn’t so much the New World Order and the depopulation agenda (although I believe it’s real and is a threat) … but the biggest threat is the perceived “savior” from it. For example new world order, Bill Gates, covid lies, vaccine, etc all are the “black hats” and then comes along a saving movement that stands for medical freedom, freedom of speech, and unveils all the evil that has been occurring. We will call this group the “white hats”. And although just as evil as the black hats they appear good. They appear good because they unveil deception and lies, and in doing so they lead us right into biggest lie of all - that Jesus isn’t the Savior and that our “God consciousness” within ourselves is the real savior. I also believe alien disclosure will be part of this deception as well. Is it possible the antichrist comes out of this white hat group… not the black hat group like everyone thinks ??? Also Qanon often quoted new age theology as well… I think JD has hinted at this before… I noticed this guy Sasha Stone in a lot of the videos I watched about vaccine dangers, and although I think the vaccine danger is real… I believe them fighting against it could pull a lot of people into a much bigger deception down the road. We need to be on the look out!


@Ready2Fly22, yes. It (the New Agers and NAR folks being the vehicle for delivering some medical/health truths) is almost like what some people refer to as the controlled opposition. Controlled, because Satan has designs to sneak in New Age and NAR beliefs. Yes, there’s a huge twisting going on with everything in this world. It all glitters to those not discerning through the lens of the bible.

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I use proton and I wonder if it really even is safe lol. could have ties to Google for all I know. I just don’t know what else to bother trying and this was the best I could come up with. maybe I should take the plunge and just be done with email altogether. but you know how inconvenient that can be. thus I’m enslaved this way by choice. :[


[quote=“TheLordIsYourShield, post:117, topic:18361”]
Fact is if we think we know something and are free from deception-
Satan got you!
[/quote]. This needs restating and so I am!

ETA: …not sure why quote thingie failed me…

your stories are heartbreaking. please know I’m praying for your family affected like this. having no choice in the matter, is scary in itself, and then this is how it’s turned out for your mom. I am assuming your stepsister willingly chose the shot? but for your mom, she really is the exception.

as for what roselilly said, I too am put off when someone says they “had” to do it when really they just chose it unhappily. your mom is an exception, she never even got to SAY she has no choice, like these people try to claim. it’s sad that some have the freedom to choose not to and then blame their boss or whoever is pressing them for “having” to take it. that to me is an insult to people like your mom that were truly at the mercy of those in charge of their very lives. they could say they decided it was worth taking the shot for whatever reason, but to say “forced” is like they are trying to avoid the fact that they did have a choice they were too shy to take. I am grateful that God looks at our hearts when choosing how to handle our souls, and not what injections have been inserted into us or what others say about us. your mom is an innocent lamb who has no choice. as devastating as dementia is, I am in a way glad that she doesn’t even remmeber whether she had the shot. she is a little outside of everything going on. I am praying for her, and for your sister in law for her suffering, whether it was due to the shot or dialysis or what. I hope she will not have another episode like that. also prayers for her roommate. I’m glad you are someone in the family who knows the truth. I praise God that you are there in their lives as a light at this time, even if they aren’t latching onto the truth like you. thank you for sharing your side here. <3


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