May 30 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

How much ivermectin?

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Hi @S_Arney

Based on the transcript of the 2nd service available here, it would seem to be the NIV (New International Version) used for this teaching.

In Christ

No kidding… Jesus is the only answer to it all.

This just occurred to me… if they can target specific cells, like cancer to destroy via hyperthermia, why not cardiac cells? Or, brain cells, since the SPION’s can cross the blood brain barrier to kill glioblastomas?

Check out what’s going on in the 12-18 year old group with this bioweapon…


wow, that would explain so many of the adverse events we are seeing occur all over the place. The VAERS site claims only 40,000 adverse events and approx. 5,000 deaths to date from the jab. But the interview that Jason posted with Brian Gerrish estimates far more, as in nearly a million deaths, and 450,000 adverse events. As always they conceal the truth to foist the lie. The very fact that they are now pushing this experiment on children, who have a 99.9 Percent natural immunity to this flu virus, is an abomination. Lord Jesus please come soon.


Hi @CarolynK

Is it true that all nanoparticles can cross the blood-brain barrier? If it is, may explain a lot. Studies have shown that EMF causes permeability in that same barrier. A two hour exposure to 2G was even shown to kill beta cells in the pancreas. And one can only imagine what a cell phone next to the brain could do with thermal heating iron oxide. The jab also contains saponins (soap) rust, genetic splicing, antifreeze, and who knows what other neuro-toxins. Gates refused to disclose the “patented” full ingredient list. aka his operating system.


I see many replies on posts in the prophecy update as well as other parts of this forum of people saying they are tired of hearing about the vaccine, the virus, etc. Some in my own family have stopped listening because they said it stresses them out, or they don’t want to hear it anymore. I understand. I’m not going to pass some mass judgment.

But consider this.

Do we believe J.D. when he says that he is about to share what God laid on his heart? We must. We are still listening to him. So if God is prompting him to talk about these things over and over, and then we see posts on the forum saying “we get it, talk about something else” I have to wonder what itching ears look like.

“Tell me something else. I’m tired of hearing the same thing over and over.”

Would we say that to some of the OT prophets whom God used to repeat the same things to a stubborn people? Maybe the degree of stubbornness is revealed in how much God has his pastors and prophets preach the same message repeatedly. I don’t know.

Sure. Sometimes I think “you already said that” but I listen anyway. For whatever reason, God has told J. D. to talk about what he talks about, to the people he reaches. It’s a shame that we won’t listen, that we get annoyed because we want him to tell us something different or new or more relevant. If God is telling him to talk about it for the next five years, will we be willing to listen?

Apparently, God wants us to hear it. A lot. It’s uncomfortable. Open up your ears anyway, and ignore the itching. A pastor shouldn’t be reduced to apologizing for preaching what God told him to.


I’m saying this with kindness, but since I know you’ve been vaccinated I don’t understand your need to comment on those who have not and don’t intend to be.
Whether we choose to go out around vaxxed people or not is immaterial to singling out the unvaxed by making them wear a mask to which the original poster said is happening at her church.


They always use false conflations to yoke the psy op (Q) they formed, with the groups they want targeted for hatred and extinction. In this case, Christians. The plant in the picture likely installed and paid for by cia. They like it when their plants make the whole target group look as rediculous as possible. And even more when the group is oblivious to blantant plants.


They might also be tracking people who don’t agree to participate in the survey. Just a thought. This is called research. Why not agree and answer honestly. They already know a lot about us because of technology.

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So you think we the unvaxxed should shun our friends and families who have been vaccinated? What kind of faith is that?

What kind of Christians would that make us? My faith is in God and Him alone.


You can have any discussion you’d like., however, I’ll not be a part of this one any longer :blush:


I actually ripped it up and binned it , it did not rest well with me especially the £20 incentive :scream:


Read somewhere bibi will do 18 mths before Benny takes over last time: Edited April 2020 was unity government formed.

Maybe preparing new govt for coming Antichrist?


So Fauci has been found in emails to admit early on that masks were of no use in preventing virus transmission. This 2 min clip is of the biochemist who invented the PCR test. He questioned Fauci’s ability and wanted to debate him. He died unexpectedly in August 2019.


Hi @VickieV. Just have faith and love and embrace those close to you? Don’t succumb to man made divisions. Reach out and show your love regardless, like Jesus. Time is short and we will need to be able to share our peace and the good news despite their choices in the short time we have left. I’d rather be raptured but ready to rise up first if needs be?

The Lord has this and we need not live in fear, just faith. Go about your life and treat every day like it’s your last and be a blessing to all you meet xxx


Wow. This situation just keeps getting uglier and more sinister, and these are just the birth pains? Dear Lord, come quickly.

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I don’t know if you’ve already seen this video. It’s a long one, about 5 hours. It explains the demonic system that we live with here on earth and what their end game is. It’s packed with information that’s quite eye opening to say the least. It’s narrated by a man who won X Factor and went on to be initiated into this Freemason beast system, but he found Jesus and is exposing their secret society now instead. It’s most definitely worth the time to watch it in my opinion.


So here are the US numbers from VAERS

And Europe


Someone seems to have missed JamNL’s answer to that question in their own posted comment…

As others have said, you either trust men and the world, and avoid everyone, or, you trust God in all things, reach out and not isolate yourself, and share the Gospel and your witness and testimony and fellowship.

It’s like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego, full trust in God, full faith in His power and their deliverance.

And so it is for us in our fiery furnace of our times, be it Covid-19, 5G or whatever other evil assaults us.