May 30 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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From a 50 year old booklet Titled: “A Day Worth While”

By Grace E. Easley

“Judge not thy brother’s failings,

Nor ever be the one

To hurl a stone at anything

That he has ever done.

Scorn not his humble efforts,

Nor cast him to the ground

He may have just discovered

What thou has never found.

Harden not thy heart to tears

That often flow unbidden,

From Lonely hearts within whose depths

So much of love is hidden.

Set not thyself as model,

Above they fellowman,

For charity can open doors,

That pride’s key never can.

Be not so self-righteous,

Thy foot can also fall….

No man who lives is blameless,

For sin has touched us all.

And God alone must judge us,

No man has been assigned.

Because the Lord alone can see

Within your heart……and mine.

This little booklet was found in my mother’s nightstand drawer along with bible tracts after she passed away over 20 years ago. Someone had been witnessing to her. An answered prayer. I’ve missed her so much. I so long to see her again in the Blessed Hope.

Pastor JD’s message in bible study included an admonition that really hit home………

”Never give up on anyone!”

God can touch a heart and bring people to Jesus in ways that we cannot even imagine.



This scientific paper talks of vaccine shedding . . . and Potential for permanent incorporation of Spike Protein into human DNA. Even as far to say it may be passed on from generation to generation.

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Read the Book of Revelation the same as you would read Romans, even if it might be difficult for you. I refute the argument that Revelation is not literal so a literal method will not work. Why? Because in doing so the door is then opened for an allegorical interpretation which really seems to be what you are doing but correct me if I am wrong. First century readers of Revelation would most certainly have understood John’s writing, the same as those reading Paul’s writings would have understood his metaphorical use of the church as a “temple of the Holy Spirit."

Prophecy predicts literal events through symbolic language. I have already stated that this symbolic language can be found elsewhere within the scriptures. A chain reference Bible is a tremendous help here as well as having at least a basic understanding of world history. The symbols and images are easy to understand, and anyone should at least make an attempt at understanding them, particularly in light of understanding them in their original literary and historical context. I repeat. Revelation is not a book of allegory and it does NOT use allegory but rather metaphor and symbolism. You seem to be confused as to the use of symbolism and metaphors.

You have really gotten into the deep weeds here. I do not have the time to address each and every argument you make in this latest comment. I believe it is futile because it appears you have your mind set on at least a partly allegorical method of interpretation. Are you pretrib, mid-trib, or are you a post-toastie? I am pre-trib. One’s position on the Rapture has great bearing on how one interprets Revelation. If you have a pressing question that you would like answered, maybe you could put that question up for the community to answer. Have a blessed weekend.


Beautiful, amen, and thank you for such encouragement, dear @wren !:cherry_blossom:


I can see the attack from the student has ulterior motives. Given just a few pieces of info it is easy to put together that this is straight from our spiritual adversary the devil. You are an amazing teacher and God has placed you in a position of influence to counter the lies of the enemy. May you allow the Lord to fight your battles in the house of worship. The Lord’s live far outways the hate if the enemy.

Praying for you and your lawyer.



This is how genocide takes off, divide and conquer the romans knew that well until Jesus open their hearts and saw truth. Those who do not vaccinate will be persecuted just like the Jews in Nazi Germany times just like the Spanish inquisition and who is behind all this? SATAN children, their gates are open but is up to us to wake up!


Thank you for your prayers. The lawyer has written a good letter and HR is being supportive. The situation looks promising.


The timeframe of 2 Thes 2 and Matt 24:24 (verses demonstrating a strong delusion backed by God) is during Satan working false wonders. We may not know a lot about many nuances and theological aspects of those passages…but the timing seems to be helpfully supported in them. Would you think at the time of the rapture, or right after it, Satan performs false wonders through the AC right away?

Hi Bonnie. Again thanks for reading all that. You are correct, my bad. I got confused by the use of allegory. Like when we say something is “allegorious” of life (or the way life is–in the mere sense of its similar mirroring like quality–like “compared to”–but I realize that was not a correct use of the word). That doesn’t even seem to be a word found in the dictionary actually…lol. I stand corrected. You are right, there is no allegory in Revelation. I was meaning it as a synonym for symbolic and metaphor.

I am pretrib and see the book of Revelation as almost “hyper” literal. Like what happens will likely be more intense than we might make of it kind of thing.

I understand dear sister if you are short on time. If you are able to answer, I think your years of researching prophecy can be very helpful to this forum. If you might consider to do so, that would be awesome. Although I misused how I was thinking about the concept of “allegory,” I think you would find in any and all of my arguments no confusion whatsoever though. For my arguments or points of concern do not come from defending Revelation as allegory. That is not in my mind (nor has it been) and not the way I see the book of Revelation. I apologize for the misunderstanding. Which was 100% brought by me. :frowning:

You have a very solid grasp on things and I don’t think discourse would be futile from time to time on this forum. Having put my allegorical foot in my mouth did not help to shed light on the strength of the reasons where I would differ from some features of the historical or traditional view of Revelation. I would be in the category called “futurist.”

“The futurist approach to the book of Revelation regards the visions of chapters 4–22 as referring to events that lie in the future, events that will occur immediately prior to Christ’s second coming and the end of history. Many, though not all, futurists are premillennialists and dispensationalists.”

I am also a premillennialist and dispensationalist. As a futurist, I would tend to see the weight of the 7 headed dragon as a future time to come (like all 7 heads indicating kings around the time of AC revealing). I am open to the historical on that point. I think the historical/traditional view might be correct. But I am just hopeful to point out as to where (as every argument has some) the weak points on that might be. Like what did not fit necessarily (Persia as example or use of layering two analogies together).

Other than that thanks again for your kind replies and consideration. Have a great weekend as well Bonnie. :slight_smile: Blessings.


@TheLordIsYourShield, I think we definitely need to keep our eyes open, for certain.

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I would if I had Michael to take him down and all of heaven watch. “Look honey…isn’t that the accuser that was stalking you all those years?” That would be some revival. :slight_smile:

I understand what you are saying about timing James. But honestly brother, you I hope would agree, that does not grant us permission to write in things it means pertaining to our view right? I am just saying it seems that God is showing us in His word His timing. And that is just what it says. Anything beyond that is your’s or my thoughts upon regardless of our view of time, history, and structure of Revelation. I am merely desiring to point out that of the two: 1) What does the word say, and 2) What do we read into it, on this front…it falls into #1 category I believe.

satan is after your kids! next group is children for vaccine!

No hiding of deadlines…


Dear Grace,
It makes me so glad that you liked the poem and found it uplifting. Its author had the same name as yours…Grace. Thank you always, Grace for your kind words and encouragement. Indeed, you are very “gracious”, and thoughtful; I am thankful to God you are here. God Bless you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: :joy: :cherry_blossom:

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James, come on man , as Biden would say. I am not inferring you are a false prophet. First, you would have to show me signs and wonders that you are doing. My friend that is not what I am saying in the remotest. Please keep in mind, we have extremely different views of Revelation. Yet we are of the same spirit…striving to understand each other better.

And here I must say I have. For I was not aware that you were seeing the rapture so clearly in 2 Thes 2. We differ there in premise. I believe that 2 Thes 2 is talking about our gathering together with Him…but the concern they had was not that they might have to gather with Him at any moment. To me they would not be afraid of that. Their concern was “the day of the Lord” being upon them. So I see the concern for gathering together with the Lord as a benevolent encouragement opener from Paul. Regardless as to the exact discussion he had with them before on this…the fear they had was that they might be going into the day of the Lord. They would not fear gathering to Christ if that were the next thing to happen. So actually…I don’t officially see the rapture anywhere in 2 Thes 2. We differ there. But it helps me to know now why you make those connections.

Please see Matt 24:24 next to 2 Thes 2:9-10. You see…what matches is "signs and wonders.’ Also what matches is this:

For the reason of no love of truth so much so they embrace the supernatural lies of Satan–God gives them strong delusion

Signs and wonders so as to deceive if possible the elect.

So those two passages are showing us timing. A time when signs and wonders come will be the time when a) strong delusion comes, and b) almost the elect will be deceived.

What is good about Matthew is it shows you that time is after or just at the abomination of desolation for where it is in the flow of Matt 24. That to me shows you the timeframe signs and wonders is operator in 2 Thes 2. So on one hand we seen in Matt 24 when that happens. On the other hand we see in 2 Thes 2 why it happens as well as when it happens.

For false christs and false prophets will arise and will provide great [t]signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the [u]elect.

2 Thes 2:8-11

Then that lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will eliminate with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His [i]coming; 9 that is , the one whose [j]coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and false [k]signs and wonders, 10 and with [l]all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not accept the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11 For this reason God [m]will send upon them [n]a deluding influence so that they will believe [o]what is false,

You likely won’t agree, but I hope it helps in understanding what I meant. Blessings.

PS – We are all going to see what we see in scripture. It does not make either of us wrong or right for seeing it. My comment on saying that strong delusion going along with a timing of false miracles is what the word is approximating. The word, in my estimation, does not say the strong delusion comes at the rapture. But if you see day of the Lord as day of Christ, then from your perspective you would be seeing actually very closely to what i am saying with the rapture in it too. And so your answer would be “yes…that would also be the time of false signs and wonders,” then, yeah? I am asking.


I like David Jeremiah. But he believes that Babylon in Iraq will be revived. Is that your take too Ed? I don’t really see that though. Another example of where things might differ is Rev 12 woman/child. Most see it as Christ’s ascension. Even more, they go back to Joseph’s dream. True it is Israel and the 12 tribes. But it is a future vision of a sign. If the woman is Israel and the baby is future, I would think that Rev 2:27 implies the church rapture and then Israel, the woman, goes through the tribulation.

UPDATE on my prayer request

Shalom all. This prayer request was posted on 23 May 2021:

I would like to give thanks and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ that my mum has decided NOT to take the injection yesterday. I appreciate all your prayers for my mum and has been answered. cc: @alllllz , @K7

To put things in context, my mum went with my auntie to register for the shot around mid-April 2021. She has waited very long for at least 3 weeks till early May, my auntie’s husband got an appointment for the jab but as for her, no news of any appointment.

My mum start to ask me to re-register again for the jab thinking her name might not be recorded in the system at all. Maybe due to some system failure sort of. I was reluctant to do that as Pastor JD has warned us repeatedly about this vaccine dangers.

I did helped her to check, her name was inside the system and that status is “Pending” for a few weeks already and I informed her of the status. I even emailed the site contact to verify if she is in the system but I got no reply till today. She thought the mobile registration app might be the problem.

In late May, my younger cousin helped her to resolve the app issue and register again and it was successful. On May 23rd, as mentioned before she got an appointment for the jab on 6 June 2021. That’s why I posted in this forum for prayers. I kept on praying for her for God’s intervention in this situation.

On June 4 evening I decided to speak to her personally on the vaccine. I started with a prayer to Jesus to ask him to help me to speak the truth and ask the Holy Spirit to open our hearts to hear. I laid out out 7 reasons why this covid19 vaccines are UNSAFE to take. I use simple and common sense explanation, guided by Holy Spirit. I avoid medical jargon and complicated things in my conversation. I told her I wanted to show her Pastor JD’s last Sunday Prophecy Update on testimonies on vaccine deaths and injuries.

Saturday 5th June she asked me to play the sermon. I played the May 30 BP Update and I believe Pastor JD sharing opened her eyes to the truth about vaccines. On Sat evening she has decided NOT to go for jab. I also installed JD Farag app in her iPad so she can watch him during her free time.

Thank you Pastor JD for being brave to speak out the truth that Christians need to hear in these last days.

Here is a lesson:

Sometimes God will DELAY certain situations in our lives because:

  1. There is a DANGER ahead of us and we are not AWARE of it. Our loving Father is PROTECTING us from it.

  2. He has better plan/things for us.

All glory to Jesus Christ! Amen.