May 4, 2023: Ezekiel 8 -- The Counterfeit Authenticates the Genuine

:bible2: Ezekiel 8 – The Counterfeit Authenticates the Genuine

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: explains how Ezekiel’s visions reveal the counterfeit religion by going in-depth into the pagan origins of Christmas and Easter, then concludes with communion.

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This sermon was an answered prayer. I have been struggling with the pagan roots of Christmas and Easter and what the truth is for some time. I was wondering what the historical sources are that were mentioned that talks about this for further reading?


Hello Karen,
This is odd; Pastor JD usually provides resources. Maybe a moderator could help…

@JDForumTeam are there resources? Thanks!

@GR I’ll see what I can track down :slight_smile:


Thank you, Twi.

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The spiritual battle and struggle is real!!

I learned about Semiramis and Tammuz and the actual history of those icons of “ Mary” and
baby “ Jesus “ about 3 years ago from another teaching. It went through all the pagan practices and traditions and their actual origins. Most do not know the true history behind all these things that are presumed “ holy” and sacred.

Greek Orthodox has many of the same pagan Babylonian ties as Catholicism. Notice the sun burst forms around the figures in the icons are related to the Babylonian sun god. Most icons have these around the heads.

I’d throw these out in a heartbeat ….but my husband :cry::

And yes, in the one photo that is just water pretending to be “ holy” water :woman_facepalming:


Couldn’t find the transcript, for this study, to download. Not that y’all don’t have enough to do, but is it possible to place a link up where we can download the transcript? Such great information as always! Many thanks!!

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Hey Jessie @jessie,

The YT video has a transcript, but I don’t think you can copy or print it. Hope this helps.


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