May 8, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update

typo re 6 seals–should be 7 seals

Irving Baxter was completely off the mark concerning bible prophecy. I hope he is realizing that right now with Jesus :slight_smile:

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There are some on our forum that believes in extenuated or repeating and increasing birth pang occurrence of tribulation symbol judgments. I’m not one of them. But there are some here. I see WW1 and 2 as where Christ mentions nations against nation. The two world wars birthed Israel. WW1 dismantling the Ottoman Empire. WW2 leading directly to England and Arabian alliance to establish Israel proper. I have often heard many takes on various things that could be this or that. But I am of the belief that these events will be so massive we will not need to ask or wonder. So if I am correct about seal 1, NO ONE’s gonna miss it…lol. It won’t be long now. Guess will see. Blessings.

I just heard of this “nation against nation” being an expression meaning World War recently. I am in total agreement because bible prophecy advanced significantly during these wars…

Events remove “mysteries.” Perhaps “missing” the seals is actually bringing into the light the previously hidden evils like human trafficking & pedophilic satanic ritual abuse which is being exposed on a grand scale. I have no doubt the USA’s legalization & institutionalizing abortion & perversion agendas explain our current chaos & anarchy. God is faithful to His word. People often quote 2 Chronicles 7: 14; I always refer them to v. 19–Fail to turn from wickedness …& the wickedness being referenced is child sacrifices & idolatry. EXPECT persecution & some tribulation (1st half of last 7 yrs.) We are promised to be spared from God’s wrath–7 bowls of it !

My local school Board has authorized a “satan club” as part of its extra-curricular activities & rainbow flags for the marching band. 1 of those Bd members is a pastor of the church we attend & he was just reelected. He is but 1 voice & I suspect ignorance keeps him silent. I’m sure that the existence of a Christian school club explains the leadership’s acquiescence to permit the other club . One excuse is as good as another & none make LGA less angry. His wrath is building; He’s filling His bowls for the 7th trumpet.

This video is HORRIFYING; you may not want to watch but it’s been going on since Noah got off the boat:

I like to keep an eye on some of the secular news reports to see how it squares up with bible prophecy. Take a look at this.

I think you are suggesting we are in Tribulation and if you looked at my life I might privately agree with you but we are not in the 7 year tribulation that is after the rapture.

I am pretty sure this is a pre tribulation rapture church .


Ya it wont be some funny vaccine…

Yes it is and depending on how far someone pushes another doctrine or teaching, it may result in a post being flagged and removed.


Yep that is what I was thinking!


Please support that with scripture. I do think the last 7 yrs have begun (LAST SUMMER/FALL.)

I accept pre-trib rapture if that really means pre-GREAT trib.

He & that organization believe that church rapture happens when JC returns as King (based in Matthew 24: “after these things…” That suggests there is a rapture (2 witnesses) @ mid-last 7 yrs & another @ 7th trumpet. I cannot “buy” that theory.

If church rapture (THE ONLY REMAINING RAPTURE) is pre-last 7 yrs., then we & the 2 witnesses would be gone by now.

Indeed there is a point that can be reached and breached concerning dogmatic doctrine that runs contrary to the sound biblical exegesis of Pastor JD Farag/CCK Ministry thus presenting an infraction of the forum Code of Conduct:

That point is generally centred on Daniel 9:27a/Rev 6 which forms the crux of tribulation timing discourse.

Whilst many hypothesise are vehemently thrust forth concerning the contemporaneousness of the tribulation, seldom seen are discussions surrounding the following:

  • Purpose of the church/body being present for the first half of the one week (Dan 9:27)
  • Purpose of the seals/scroll openings whilst the body remains on earth (Rev 6)
  • Notwithstanding the acute view that the two witnesses of Rev 11 are allegorical, the scriptural silence regarding the harpazo during the trib (great or otherwise) of the body
  • Revelation 3:10. Christ promises the church to be kept from the hour of trial - not 33.333 recurring mins or any other fraction.

This is in response to Boris the blessed statement discussing the Covid vaccine, “it is the mark of the beast”.
How could it be? The purpose of the mark is to decide to worship the beast and live under his authority The purpose of the jab is to protect against Covid
Perhaps you are talking about the method used But please be aware that you are re confusing other believers with your statement

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Well, I can think of one that’s gotten some discussion…lol. Miss your wonderful way with words Jason. Blessings :slight_smile:

It is said that it did not rain during the daytime for the entire construction of Solomon’s Temple.

As for the two witnesses, I have heard that the second witness is the apostle John.
Here are the reasons why…

Hi. I didn;t know that about it not raining. Never heard that before. as regards the second witness being John, in my opinion, no way he would be the second witness.
I believe the two witnesses are Elijah and Moses and I believe that because Hal Lindsay lays it out very consicely. You should check out his videos on the study of the book of revelation. He is currently studying the Book of Revelation.
Hal Lindsey