May 9 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Video: Bible Prophecy Update


Pastor JD talks about how it’s now just a matter of time before it gets considerably worse for the church of Jesus Christ.


Anyone having trouble playing this vid? It keeps stopping evey few seconds.
Not sure if it’s just my connection.

Have a Blessed day.

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no was good, just finished watching it


I’m having the same issue

I’m unable to watch the video as well.

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I downloaded the JD channel from Roku this week and it worked better than the internet has ever worked for me! Thank you team!
As always, a timely and needed message! Thank you JD and praise Jesus!


Love that there is now a JDFarag channel on ROKU :+1:

Was able to watch the entire Prophecy Update


Only freezed from min 57:00 onwards in JD Farag iOS app.

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Good teaching.
Unfortunately we often make the mistake of confusing the Tribulation period with the persecution of the church.
Persecution has been the norm for the church for most of the past 2,000 years. It always occurs in societies that don’t accept Jesus.
However the Tribulation period is the time that God will deal with Israel and the other unbelieving earth dwellers.
We can easily see persecution before the rapture and the subsequent Tribulation.


I had more trouble watching today, but keep trying! It worked eventually :revolving_hearts:

If you’re having a lot of trouble you can go to Resources > Support on the main site.


I find that going to the Forum area and clicking the link here works much better than trying it straight from the Prophesy Update area. My 2 cents.

JD should have put a tissue alert on this one. My son would say when he was little that his eyes “are sweating” when he would cry. :slightly_smiling_face: My eyes sweated some today. Clearly, we need the Lord’s strength in this very sobering time. Retellings, like JB’s, are so rich with God’s grace in action. Welcome sister!



I had trouble trying to get the video but was finally able to get sound only, no video. That was disappointing as Pastor JD indicated things he was showing during that time and I could not view any of it.

The following link is for a Christian Prophesy site where they post news articles every morning from all over the world that relates to Bible prophecy. I check this every morning and it gives me a good picture of what is really going on and where it’s all headed:

They also have a free newsletter they email twice a week. You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page:


The update keeps trying to load and shuts down. Probably too many people attempting to access the video at the same time from all over the world.

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One of the best sermons ever!!!

Goodies later, but some updates:

  1. On my internet patrol rounds I have come across the next stage; segregation of the vaxxed and unvaxxed and JD touched on that too. The new yellow star is the group that is unvaxxed. It is part of our road of the cross. Ironically I couldn’t care less about any of those events anyway!
    : D
  2. I heard about a tv program that aired last night called “vaxx” and reunite or something like that, with all the typical bratty harlot dolls on puppet strings doing the devil’s bidding, selling the vax to the public. The pitch was ‘then you can reunite.’ “Just get the vax, and you can unite, you can do this, that, be with them, …” etc. Of course unity was a key theme. It is like a precurser to what is coming with the mark. Oh, just accept the one world religion and take the mark to prove it, unite with us, and then it can all be yours again! Sayith the devil…
  3. On Now the End Begins and Rather Expose Them dot org they mention this too. There is also a video on the last one from yesterday where the health ranger talks about what he heard on CNN about calls for ‘shunning’ and ‘rounding up’ etc. of the unvaxed. The vax passports, it’s all moving fast.
  4. Like I said, I’m not pre trib and all the verses folks use can be interpreted another way. ‘Not under wrath,’ (neither was Noah, but he was still on the planet), ‘kept from the hour of temptation’ (yes, but where? Could be a farm, a bunker, a remote location in the wilderness, an early death, etc.) But there are enough others to indicate it’s later in the seven years. My only concern with those who hang on pre trib is that they are not prepared for any sort of persecution. I have seen this over the years. I used to believe it too. But then later every time there is mention of pending trouble, the parrots come out of the wood work and it’s ‘maranatha!’ ‘the rapture must be around the corner!’ But countless Christians have been persecuted and martyred throughout the church age all over the world. Now it’s coming to our soil. Oh, one pastor was arrested. Maranatha! Oh, two pastors were arrested. Maranatha! Oh, a whole church was shut down. Maranatha! And then it arrives on your doorstep. The police, not the rapture. Are we ready? We may be arrested and killed long before the rapture finally does occur. Yet most are not prepared for that situation. And that is the problem in the church today, one of many.

A vision.
My persecutors had strewn the ground with glass pebbles and pointy spikes. They had selected choice instruments. After holding me captive, the time for my death had arrived. They unbound me, knowing I had nowhere to run within the high security building, there was no chance of escape. Barbed wire was on top of the high wall, like a stretched out crown of thorns. They draped me in a raggedy robe and placed a crown of thistles and thorns on my head in mockery of my faith. Everything they had done in addition was designed for my affliction, my scorn and ridicule and defeat. As if an arena had opened, the door opened and they shoved me out to the big open room. As if transformed, all I heard was crowds cheering in a huge arena. I looked down at the ground and saw millions of dazzling and sparkling diamonds, gems, jewels, pearls, and other precious stones. I looked down and noticed I was robed in what appeared to be a royal garment, a long robe, pearly white with embroidered gold trimming and embroidery of different colors making for a very fine work of tapestry. It was like satin and velvet. Something tumbled from my head and what appeared to be a servant put it back on, it was a crown of gold, studded with many jewels. I had seen one in a fairytale book when I was a child, a poor woman who ended up marrying a prince wore it as a bridal princess crown on her wedding day. Where on earth did that come from? I wondered… as I marched forward. Then I saw rose petals on the floor falling beneath my feet as I walked. A bright light began to fill the arena. At the end and a little elevated… I saw someone waiting for me. A very glorious person. As I walked, it felt as if I was being pampered at a day spa resort with all kinds of beauty treatments. It was soothing like a massage. At last I reached the end of the path laid before me and these transparent golden stairs appeared and a light coming from above shone, and there was Jesus waiting for me. He received me and when I turned around at what I had left, I saw what I had seen earlier. I asked Jesus, what was I wearing, a crown of thistles, or a crown of gold? He told me it had been both. I had suffered all they had planned for me, only I had felt no pain. They saw a crown of thorns. Jesus saw a crown of gold as I did. They saw a raggedy gown. Jesus and I saw a royal robe. And so on it went. He told me that by wearing the crown of thorns for Him, to Him it was a crown of gold, and to me as well. The kingdom of heaven sees with eyes that are not of this world. I was honored to suffer for the namesake of Jesus and be counted among those persecuted and martyred for Him. All that we suffer for Him is like gold in heaven and a martyrs crown. The feeling alone of being identified with Christ and His reproach carries more glory with it than anything the world has to offer. The feelings in our heart are beyond all the treasures of this world!
It is coming, and what looks like the worst is actually turned into the best possible outcome. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!
Love to you all,
and God bless!


Check out this clip : BRACE FOR IMPACT: "About to get much worse." - YouTube

“Brace for Impact” is an accurate tittle. Lots of good info here on upcoming global food shortages… links included.

Tells me the Lord is soon to return! Come Lord Jesus!


while I am pre-tribulation, I do differ from Jd, in that it is not Chp 4: 1 from Revelation that is the Rapture; and many Christians also believe that the rapture occurs Chap 4 as there is no mention of the Church after this.
However I lean more towards Chapter 7 v 9: where John sees a great multitude. So we will see the beginning of troubles; we have already seen 2000 years of wars and famine etc- the 4 horses. However I truly believe that we will be the light and salt until God takes the like from the sky in the form of the stars etc


We are between a rock and a hard place. We had better fall on the Rock, Christ Jesus.


I just want to say regarding the pastor in Canada at the very beginning of the Update Pastor Farag said that name-calling was not good because it would not bring the law-enforcement authorities to Jesus. But I do remember Jesus telling the Pharisee authorities that they were sons of the devil. He also told the 70 that if they were not excepted into town to simply leave and shake the dust off their sandals. The idea of praying for every single bad guy is BS. Pearls before swine. I did not see the video and if he called him Nazis at Cetera and let’s remember that he was raised in communist Poland so I think he knows what he’s talking about. If he said worse than that I don’t know about it but I’ve seen the first two videos and I thought he was spot on. Biblically.


Just wanted to add that I had no problem viewing the video, Pastor. As usual, it was encouraging, informative and touching ( Polycarp story, tears came to my eyes as they did yours).
I watched the following video last night. It is lengthy, but eye-opening!
Love to see what you think of it:
X Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion