May 9 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Yes, but he was very strong about, that is was a christian family. And I have to say that they were not christians, in fact they were satanists and they reap what they saw with doing occult practices. The documentary about them is very clear because you see footage from this family and about the regisseur who seems to be a sociopath. You hear an audio file in which he said how he want to trick his business partners to give him money for his film. Its a disturbing audio file. For me, I am only sorry for the little girl who had to live with these parents and was murdered by her own father. But she is in heaven. The parents I dont think so.

So for everyone - please view the documentary “A Grey State”.

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He was not one of them (the freemasons). Sorry for misunderstanding. He just was not a christian and he and his Wife fell for occult practices (they talk about it in the documentary). He did a great Trailer for a film and raised a lot of money. But I think he realised, that he could never finished it. And in his sick mind he twisted this end story to give his audience and his fans the last story that the Deep State killed him, by killing his family, his dog and himself. That would bring him the attention he always longed for.

He was a narcisst.

Not every Satanist is a Freemason. But every Freemason is a Satanist.

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AMEN, your post was beautifully put, Nobody knows what they will do beforehand in dire situations, you just think you do. It’s called “Monday morning quarterbacking”, but here, with a spiritual twist.
Peace Doc


In my case it is definitely the updated 5G, it started almost as soon as they started frantically installing 5G during the covid lockdowns. I think many people probably feel it too, but they just think it’s the mask or something else, it is subtle, and people believe 5G is safe and don’t do the research.

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That why reading all this will drive you crazy, without YOUR clear cut plan
ABOVE ** :point_up_2:**,


I have to interject here.

The pastor from Calgary and his brother; only Immigranten to Canada in 1990. They came from war torn Poland (just like my Daddy). These men were speaking from first hand experience and like me are mortified by the events unfolding before our eyes. I’d rather be in Israel and Tel-Dan right now then here in Winnipeg Canada. War of That nature is easier to comprehend and deal with.

Furthermore I know these men personally as the Lord had me give them a mobile home in 2011 to use as a halfway house (transition from addiction into regular society again). Their hearts are pure.

They have been used to reach the seemingly unreachable- those that many other Canadian believers are afraid of. They have been opposed and oppressed in Calgary ever since they opened “Calgary Street Church”, so I’m not surprised by their arrests or their words. Granted some things would better have left unsaid, but are we also not occasionally guilty of the same thing? I know it has happened to me in the past. Upon revelation of it, repentance follows. That’s the wonderful thing about Jesus you know, HE FORGIVES US. For which I am eternally grateful.

I’m saddened that the only thing that will be remembered now is the focus on their words rather than their hearts. It grieves me so deeply there just are not words.

Unlike the USA Canada is made up primarily of immigrants. Our leaders would be well advised to remember that many of us have had family members who were in Aschwitz and other concentration camps. I have seen the numbers on the arms of family members who have now gone to sleep the long sleep. I KNOW the Holocaust was real. My family came to Canada in 1874 from Chrotozitza colony of the Ukraine but then it was southern Russia.

I’m no one special, just a humble author and child of יהוה.


Yes, keep those lawsuits coming. My husband’s company is starting to transition from work-from-home to back in office at least a couple times a week. They went from a “we’re not requiring vaccines, for now” stance a month or so ago to “we strongly suggest you get vaccinated, but it will not be required”. My husband seemed to think the company lawyers probably had a hand in that decision. :wink: Small step for retaining personal freedom, we’re hoping it continues.

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Thank you for your reply on that topic and for your insight to these men. I think, it would be the best for JD to not talk to that incident. Yet, I have to say that the Pastor seems to think you have to fight back against this system. Which is not possible. I absolutely cheer on for that he opened his church and they were doing service normally. I loved to see how the christians sing and stand not distanced from each other. But again, if you think you can fight against the New World Order you will get under the rail. Wise as serpents, gentle as doves. I am still working on my gentle part.


Please don’t take this as an offence but rather to consider the words of our Lord on something like this. This is as much a conviction on my words as it is for anyone else, and does give me concern and pause for what I will have to answer to God for (though I am saved and know it to be true), I still face the consequences of all that I say or do.

It is perhaps wise to step back and think on this truth:

Luke 6:44-45

For each tree is known by its own fruit.

Indeed, figs are not gathered from thorn bushes, nor grapes from brambles.

The good man brings good things out of the good treasure of his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil treasure of his heart.

For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.


I am not upset with Pastor JD, not at all.

I must say that we in the west have gotten far too comfortable with the lack of persecution we have experienced. I’ve been sitting here remembering all the family stories and how we use to be hidden from the Nazi’s of Germany by non-Jews. I’m just grateful to be here to have this chat with anyone!

If grandma Wiebe had not been expecting my Mama Grandpa Wiebe would have had to go to war. In 1944 if a family had 5 or more children, the men were not “required” to go to war. That means I got to spend time with him until he was murdered by an impaired semi-truck driver who was so drunk he never should have had the keys. Grandpa died at the scene with his best friend - a Morris (Manitoba) police officer - saying, I want to go home. At first the officer didn’t understand until Grandpa’s eyes got bright and he smiled and said , “Thank you Lord for receiving me.”

All these things have been coming back to memory since our first lockdown here in March of 2020 & we are just into our THIRD lockdown.

Canada needs real men of God to step out of the shadows and start talking to us boldly.

One man’s boldness appears to be another man’s reason to call it something evil.

Our nation is 90-94% immigrants. If enough of us get mad enough we’ll just go make Alyah. I’m ready to go any time. Honestly I’d rather be in Israel :israel: right now. At least I’d know what to expect. What can I say, I like to be where the action is. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


On a different note…

I doubt that they will achieve this, though I could be wrong about that also. But this is an indication of their plans and how they think about the future.

Spooky stuff…

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Live footage from Israel NOW on PRESS TV on youtube!

You explained this so very well, and this has been in my pondering mind, lately. I have known various people who were in some of these groups, and they seemed to be pretty blah-blah-blah about it. My small town community’s Masonic organization actually seems to be disbanded. The little lodge building sits vacant.

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The lady Chaplin came in the room and said if he was a good man, he was with HER God. Didn’t ask if he knew Jesus or anything. I wanted to jump out of my chair and smack her. My loving side is being tested to the brink right now.

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In 50 minutes, Amir will be doing a live update on YouTube from Israel. That is noon central time.


Thanks for the heads up.

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You are welcome.


So I tried this on my brother-in-law, yesterday. No discernible magnetization on his arm. There “might” have felt like there was a slight repelling in one spot, but no one else detected it.
Maybe it is company brand-specific…I haven’t completely ruled it out. I just want more firsthand experiences. Welcome here!

Thanks Kris and James for going through that. Appreciate it.

Don’t you think most freemasons are lower level though and not aware of its ties to Satanism?