May 9 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Thanks Jack. From what I have researched over the years, some hold that Psalm 83 is not necessarily a prophecy but a prayer. I think we can see that sort of thing at the beginning of the Psalm as well as v.9, and 13-17. The way I might look upon that is through its intercessory nature. For these appear to be requests, whereas vs. 2-8 are where i think the core elements of the prophecy status would come from.

I have heard it said that Psalm 83 = Israel’s close neighbors and Ezekiel 38 highlights involvement from further away (not surrounding neighbors). However, that might be playing out or setting up today I guess we should wait and see. I’m not sure how those nations in Psalm 83 play out during the tribulation period. Does anyone have any details about what that might look like?


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is Iraq referenced in Isaiah 17? I’m trying to understand the prophecies.

thank you so much for all your help!! do you know where/how Iraq is referenced? you said it’s another “cog” so I was wondering if you meant it’s referred to in the Bible specifically somehow. @Saved-by-Grace had a good answer but since it was your original comment I want to see if you say the same. thanks:]


I don’t believe my support of Pawlowski is “overwhelming.” I do not belong to any particular denomination, and find most of the large ones including Calvary Chapels to have a lot of problems. CC varies by pastor, but since Chuck Smith left his son-in-law has taken it in a wrong direction. Others too like many of the Southern Baptists too have gone left. My problem with JD has come up lately after the election loss. Not the stressing of evangelism, but the total appeasement attitude toward any evil. Like we are now to hide out and not speak out or try and say anything against the blantant evil we see in public or life. Appeasement never works in life nor in a spiritual battle. God’s word says he hates cowards, And I do not think acting cowardly by not plainly identifying what is evil as evil is cowardly. We are the salt and light and we are not to stop being the “restrainer” in the world before God take us out. I don’t think the plain harsh truth drives people away from Christ either. I think the fearful attitude does. I never said we are perfect either. Ask yourself when the Church has grwon most. It is when we don’t back down and stand up for the truth of our God and the Bible in the face of persecution. Even if JD felt Pawlowski was too harsh, JD’s reaction was divisive and completely unnecessary. Kind of like RINOs/Never Trumpers did to Trump.

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Hi Gracings and @stillWaters
oops. Grace and Sarah.
Thanks for your replies on the ivermec issue. Out of curiosity, I went to go find the one we purchased years ago for the feather and fur babies. (we since switched to something more natural) But just wanted to share as a caveat so no one will consider this stuff without their own extensive research and/or consulting a qualified health care professional.

So I’m reading the outside label for the liquid pour-on, and it is called a “Parasiticide” It says it kills roundworms, brown stomach worm, lungworms, grubs, sucking lice, biting lice, mange mites, horn flies." The pour-on type or topical is not to be taken internally due to other ingredients (which are unfortunately not itemized but smells like rubbing alcohol —huge no-no for any internal use!)

Then the question dawned…how is it that an anti parasite treatment is wiping out “novel cv,”? What does that say about the nature of cv itself? Does it indicate that it is a virus…or …something wholly other? Hmmmmm. :thinking: Any thoughts?

Disclaimer: for educational and informational purposes only, not to be construed under any circumstances as medical advice or tx, nor to prevent, treat, diagnose, or mitigate any condition; all who read this should do their own extensive research and always consult their own chosen health care first before trying anything new.


I had the same thought. And I am thinking, maybe this ivermectin kills something they have created for us, thats why they are not using this medicine. In Europe you cannot buy this, no doctor would give you the recipe for the pharma store to get the medicine. But - you can buy it for horses. I am thinking about doing it. Not for using it now. Just to have it here if my health declines. But I am not a doctor and this is not a medical advise. The Lord is my doctor and my trust is in him.

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Bill Salus for example has researched this heavily and is a part of his core focus in Prophetic terms. (which includes Psalm 83, Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 together, and Ezekiel 38-39).

I don’t dismiss or see Psalm 83 as just a wishful prayer myself. It was written by Asaph who is considered the “King’s Seer” (or a Prophet in his own right) during the time of King David.

We also know him from Psalm 82 just before regarding the Divine Assembly and “the sons of God”.

This is no mere musician… :slight_smile:


a’-saf ('acaph):

Is the name of three men in the Old Testament.

One of whom is the reputed author of Psalms 50 and 73-83.

Psalms 50 and 73—83 are called the “Psalms of Asaph” because his name appears in the superscription at the head of those psalms.

Asaph, son of Berachiah, of the family of Gershom, was one of these men in the Old Testament (1 Chronicles 6:39). Asaph’s duties are described in detail in (1 Chronicles 16).

He was one of David’s three chief musicians, the other two being Heman, and Ethan or Jeduthun, and we first hear of him when the ark was taken to Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 15:16-19). He conducted with cymbals the music performed in the tent where the ark was housed (1 Chronicles 16:4, 5, 7, 37), while his two coadjutors discharged the same office at Gibeon (1 Chronicles 16:41, 42).

According to (2 Chronicles 29:30), both Asaph and David were skilled singers and poets.

Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun (Ethan) were called the king’s seers (1 Chronicles 25 / 2 Chronicles 35:15).

Asaph is also singularly mentioned as a “seer” or prophet.

The style of Asaph is distinctive, forceful, and spiritual. He is referred to as a prophet and poet (2 Chronicles 29:30 / Nehemiah 12:46).

Regarding Asaph’s role as a prophet, of particular interest is the imprecatory Psalm 83, which deals with God’s judgment of Israel’s enemies:

  • Edom
  • Ishmaelites
  • Moab
  • Hagarites
  • Gebal
  • Ammon
  • Amalekites
  • Philistia
  • Tyre
  • Assyria.

If we examine the psalms written by Asaph, we can see that all of them have to do with the judgment of God, and many involve the prayers of the people at the prospect or moment of a particular event.

Meaning not necessarily at the time it was written, but fore-seeing in the role of a prophet.

A common notation is made when considering prophecy in that these state enemies in Psalm 83 are all around Israel, where in Ezekiel 38 they are not mentioned or heard of.

Another note of interest is that Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49 are sister prophecies that speak of Damascus, but Jeremiah 49 includes 4 other judgments of some of those mentioned in Psalm 83 at the same event in time as that of Damascus.


Damascus and the surrounding countryside has become Iran’s place for hiding their weapons. It could be a rocket misfired by the Houthis in Yemen or some other group attempting to fire into Israel. Israel has had a few missiles fired at her from Syria this past week, so if they continue that, the IDF will be forced to respond. If Israel happens to hit one of those hidden weapons, it will be a catastrophe, but as was the case with Beirut, Damascus can be destroyed with missiles, not necessarily nukes. In any event, it will be devastated and made uninhabitable for the first time since it came to be.

As for the mighty rushing waters, it could also be interpreted as the events happening quickly, like a flood.

What we do know is the UN Security Counsel is quickly coming against Israel, and she will be on her own. Russia, Iran and Turkey will be joining forces with all the Islamic Jihadi groups to strike as Ezekiel 38 describes.

What we can do is watch and pray. Maranatha!

I feel the same way Kristina. The Lord is my shepherd and my physician. He’s already put on the earth dozens of things that are far better than any man-made chemical, I’m just not allowed to share them or help anyone, as the demonic system of alleged health care demands the silencing of all voice of truth to sheild its lies and protect its monolithic monopolies. But God! He shall prevail for the saints soon and very soon, praise the Lord. :joy: :sparkling_heart: :pray:


And let us not forget Obidiah 16 and the “Palestinians” (Edom)…

I see what you are saying. I imagine after such enormous destruction though, that residents who have to flee, with disruption to all infrastructure, will not be going back with war raging on in the area. We will see – or not, hopefully!

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And if you look at the sister prophecy on that in Jeremiah 49 you see indication of a “consuming fire in the wall (fortified towers) of Damascus being kindled by the Lord” that consumes the Palace (Capital Buildings near the current borders of Damascus). The one other place this term is used is in the following two chapters for the “Daughter of Babylon” where a "Fire is kindled in her cities (plural) that consumes them, and the desolation is compared to that of Sodom and Gomorrah in effect, never to be inhabited again, but by wild beasts and fowl.

Jeremiah 49:23-27

Concerning Damascus:

“Hamath and Arpad are put to shame,
for they have heard a bad report;
they are agitated like the sea;
their anxiety cannot be calmed.

Damascus has become feeble;
she has turned to flee.

Panic has gripped her;
anguish and pain have seized her
like a woman in labor.

How is the city of praise not forsaken,
the town that brings Me joy?

For her young men will fall in the streets,
and all her warriors will be silenced in that day,”
declares the LORD of Hosts.

“I will set fire to the walls of Damascus;
it will consume the fortresses of Ben-hadad.”


I love your disclaimer, dear Wren! Haaa.:revolving_hearts:. Well, I have also wondered about the connection, because we never hear of anything that is of a parasite nature with the Rona, do we.p? Sorry to say, as this is probably just me, but my mind drifts to bats… I don’t know!! You know that they have not yet ever been able to isolate the virus in a lab, unless something has just happened recently.


So, when I was on Facebook (been off for 3 months, kinda know how an addict feels but without the seriousness of theirs) I used to go every once in a while to a page called “Signs of the End” to see the authors elaborate Signs and mathematical figuring for the rapture dates. (I told y’all I was curious by nature)

The sheer time spent on this was both astounding and I felt, useless. (Again, I’m curious) so I went today to Google the page and was shocked and saddened to read a message that the author passed away last month. As I shared with my daughter this news she asked “do you think when he got to Heaven he said, ‘awe man, I didn’t get to go in the rapture on the day I thought it’d happen’?”

My purpose for this story is twofold, we can’t know when God will call the church home and life is very short for all people. We can spend it worrying about the day, time or hour…or we can spend it being watchful and alert and obedient to His Word and showing people the way to Jesus.

My sympathies go with his family of course, and happiness that he no longer has to wait!


I’m so sorry about your friend’s passing.

The Lord brought this to mind. I pray it can be of comfort.
1 Thess 4:16-18
" For the Lord Himself shall descent from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and so shall we ever be with the Lord; Wherefore comfort one another with these words."

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That was my good friend Daniel Matson.

Most misunderstood what he was doing and called him a date setter or worse.

He had a gift, and he made an amazing contribution to the mathematical relationship between Creation, Events, Israel, the Word, and God our creator.

The fingerprint of God’s authorship is the Golden ratio relationship in Math. I understood some of it, but not all of it. He based his work off of the days and numbers given in the word in Daniel, Revelation, and other places.

I hope to see him soon. :slight_smile:

I miss him dearly already and it’s only been a little while.


I’m sorry for your loss, Jack :cry:

Please know I was in no way disparaging Daniel Matson. He had brilliant mind for mathematics! I could never grasp the “why” it was so important to extrapolate the PI signs. But I never commented on his page, I don’t hold with posting any negativity on someone else’s page. Especially, when I don’t know what I’m seeing !


I’m so sorry Jack. I Pray you meet him in the air soon, and very soon.


Didn’t take it as disparaging. :slight_smile:

It’s just that so many did, simply dismissed him off the cuff since they couldn’t get it (even a little bit).

Pi, Phi, Golden Spiral are all confirmations that reinforce God’s authorship…

The sheer amount of “coincidences” in the ratios from everything under the sun speaks to its authentication.

That’s what I got out of Dan’s work, and the beauty and benefit of his talent.
It was never about setting a date for the Rapture, or some such thing.

I’m not a mathematician, and I couldn’t spend the time he did in researching all those connections.