May 9 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Amir Tsarfati and Eric Steckelbeck (sp) have had updates all day. Amir is on Telegram, Eric on YouTube.
The fire was a tree started by fireworks. Missiles fired towards Jerusalem and back at Gaza. Ugly scene. Israel needs us to pray for them.


This is the link for a full interview plus the testimony of Pastor Artur P. Redirecting...

However, Chapter 4:1 where John is called to ‘come up here’, is not the Rapture. This is for John specifically for an advantageous viewing point and to see things from Jesus’ perspective. While Chapter 4 may, somewhere, have the Rapture occurring, it is not an important doctrinal point overall so I don’t worry too much about it.

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I saw one of your posts late last week, Vickie, yes.:+1: Thank you.

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I would say it is potentially a picture of the rapture. But I understand it could be something believers see in it too as well and perhaps overstated the case. However, either way it is an interesting sense of timing to consider. I see Rev 12 mother/child sign as the sign for seals. And I see it is non-ominous. I also see Rev 6:2 as the only non-ominous judgment cycle of all 21 judgments during the tribulation. Perhaps those two in some way (as non-ominous) match up highlighting a timing of the rapture. And perhaps not. But in any case, it would appear that per the Rev 12 sign we would be raptured somewhere prior to or at least during the seals. And it would seem to be well before seal 5. Blessings.

I have to also say in Pastor Pawloski’s defense that both John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus called the authorities a “brood of snakes”. It was name-calling but it was also extremely accurate!


That was fast.


As Canada grapples with a third wave of COVID-19, with some provinces reporting a surge in new cases, Furness said more needs to be done to discourage domestic travel, including a negative test requirement, heavy testing and mandatory quarantine.

A temporary COVID-19 tax on every seat sold can also help deter people from getting on a plane, he said.

That plan is coming true

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Dear pastor, I am from the Netherlands, I am following you for months, I am so much blessed from the services all the times. Very few in our country are preaching like this. Thank you so much that you are so much open for the Holy Spirit to conduct what He is speaking to you.
I am always looking forwards for a new service. May God bless you abundantly. Thanks again and connected in Christ our Saviour
Jan Koning


I had great results using the new app and streaming my phone to the chromecast plugged into the tv.


I have been watching Amir and Eric all afternoon and evening while the ATF was sounding alerts. I saw the video of the tree burning and fire fighters got it out.

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Sounds like @Jon to me:

" Paul was a writer. Epaphras wrote nothing; he was a praying man. It is not said that he had visions, or that he was used to write with inspiration the Word of God. His responsibility was to pray for others. He was not like Paul who wrote letters that would give us a great portion of the New Testament. This is not to say that Epaphras was weak in other areas of God’s work, but he had a “special call” from God to pray; and he worked hard and consistently in his called area of responsibility."


I am being serious. Are you aware of what is happening to unvaccinated women who are around those who have been vaccinated? It’s not good. There’s a school in Florida who sent out a letter that basically said if you’re vaccinated, they don’t want you working there because of these concerns. There are some gyms and other stores I’ve seen post signs in which they don’t want the vaccinated in the building. There’s even a video of a doctor who is asking the vaccinated to not schedule an appointment for his office until 30 days after the last shot, to stay in their car until called in, because he is concerned about what is happening and also had a pregnant receptionist whom he doesn’t want around the vaccinated due to what is being reported. Obviously that’s the minority approach, and I don’t love seeing division, but I don’t want to be around the freshly vaccinated. I’m wary of it. You can find all of this, reported by doctors and others with related experience, concerned about it.


This forum does worse censorship than Twitter and FB.

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When we read the whole New Testament and we see what Jesus taught His disciples and how they behaved as they matured (after the resurrection basically) we see them as new creations. We are called to be in the Spirit we are not called to anger, etc… We are not called to win or fight back in a fleshly way; this is not our home. The disciples served others-always having others’ needs before themselves because they were serving the Lord. When we are in the Spirit we are trying to show Jesus-in truth and compassion. It is completely counter to the flesh and counter to our worldly , human ways to not put up a fight. Its radical. I have to constantly remind myself of this and be in prayer and for wisdom. Yes, we still need to be salt and light, but that is done in the Spirit. Compassionate truth. Grace and truth always, balanced. We can’t have one without the other. I would say our dear brother in Calgary missed the grace part which I easily do all the time. He is under intense persecution and has no doubt had life experiences that are challenging him greatly now with the enemy coming to destroy our freedoms, etc. He is trying to fight this however in the flesh and that will not provide fruit.

The verses quoted with the righteous anger were Jesus speaking. The apostles spoke boldly but respectfully, recognizing authority that God placed over them. They knew who their master was.

I feel Pastor JD is a brother who is in Spirit more often than not (moreso than me I know) and if we tend to feel the flesh in our lives more we may have a hard time with his assessment of this situation or other situations where we want a different result. For me, all I need to do is remind myself of that whole NT and its crystal clear, serve the Lord, always, in His ways, not mine. Die to self. Trust me, I would love to sometimes break out and do it my way. But God.
Praise God for His Word. Lord, please help this Pastor in Calgary, be with him, watch over him and protect him and give him wisdom in the days ahead. Please remove his fear, help him know what time it is and what your will is for him. Please give him your unfailing love Oh God. May he continue to be bold, yet full of grace seasoned with salt for the glory of your name. In Jesus name, amen.


I have seen this as well. We have no idea what the extent of the problems will be for the vaccinated and how that will impact the rest of us.

Amen. :heart:

My heart goes out to the pastor in Calgary. His previous experiences will be traumatic. What Alberta law enforcement is doing to him must be even more terrible for him than for the average person.

Heavenly father, I pray with @Blessed that you will guide the pastor that preaches your word. Please grant him increased faith in You and Your ways. Help him to release his hold on the control that he may think will grant safety in this situation. Our safety and well-being is ultimately in Your hands. Please grant him wisdom and trust in You. As your servant Blessed says

In Your name we pray. Amen.


Thank you and God bless you, Pastor JD.


I follow the IceAgeFarmer too. I really appreciate his reviews of news stories that we’re not going to see reported. He does extensive coverage on the impact of The Great Reset and 4th Industrial Revolution as well.